Monday, November 25, 2013

a giggle filled monday walk...

 i think i'm packed...i'm not good at packing for non camping type trips.  what to wear?  i don't have much for what i'd call lower 48 clothes or shoes.  oh well, i got stuff in a bag and hopefully my bag and i both arrive safely in texas tomorrow sometime.  i could use a nap, but i'd prefer to make myself super tired and pop some benedryl.
 speedy and arika were out in force with their 3 cute kids.  so we had two sleds and the kids enjoyed their little runs down the downhill bits.  i think they all had a great time.
 saw a hilarious commercial the other night. my stretch of work i did adult icu, then i was on a 1:1 as a sitter the next night and the last night i was in the progressive care unit.  not sure i've worked there since i oriented several months ago.  had a good night and great co-workers.  anyway.  when i was on the 1:1 this commercial came on for beef jerky i think.  anyway.  these people pull up in a car and run up a hill to where a sasquatch is sleeping.  they paint his face with makeup then he wakes up and chases them back to their car.  cracked me up for some reason.
 the house is pretty quiet.  i miss the dogs already.  they are dropped off at their homes for the next week.  blossom went to lena's, she just took her from the dog walk.  i took rio to shells place after the walk.  i sat and visited until rio settled in which i hope will help make her week without me a bit easier.  she's very sensitive.
 katie is going to check in on the cats...hope she at least sees them once or twice.  katie is also being kind and getting me to the airport tonight...thanks to everyone for helping me out this next week.  there are many generous and kind people on this earth and i'm pretty lucky to know a good many of them.
 i'll have to look at my camera settings. these were coming out dark.  not sure what i did.  i do enjoy having a black and white day though.
 went back and forth about whether i should take the rebel at all on this trip...would have to not have it though and then be kicking myself.  chances are my little snapper will do fine, but it is nice to try and get some decent photo's of the family.
 i'm currently coughing after nearly choking on my english muffin...seems silly to be worried about flying, right?  i could just as easily go down in the comfort of my own house for swallowing incorrectly.
 watched several shows on JFK and the assassination on my night as a sitter.  never bad to watch tv and get paid for it.  interesting stuff.  i have been to the museum there in dallas before but we may hit it again with it being the  50th anniversary of this event.
 felt a bit better after i actually verbalized the ridiculous scenario that was circling my brain.   i tend to imagine these horrific events before i travel....i do always survive the events but somehow saying it out loud made it even more ridiculous.  still always nervous flying, in truth though, i think often my travel anxiety is more related to just leaving. i'm happy in my nest here with my dogs.  i miss being home when i'm away and i miss the dogs when i go.  so maybe the anxiety is more about leaving than traveling itself. i avoid packing and planning due to this anxiety.  once i start that process the anxiety seems to wane a bit.  i'm a strange human.
 would have liked to clean the house more, but there is only so much one can do.  my sheets will be clean for my return and house won't be a total mess.  emptied out the old crap from the fridge and even checked expiration dates in the pantry cabinets.  that is always a bother so that is done.  perhaps i can do a good wipe down when i get back and then restock everything.
 lots of the kids in the sleds...cute kids!!

 i think sasha may have been a baby the last time arika made it to the monday walk.  she's 4 now...and has a baby brother who is 2.
 a friend from the adult icu joined us today as well.  just got peeks at her new baby boy, liam. so happy she joined us.  it was a fun day to have all the kids.  rio even came. i kinda made her come as i wanted to wear her out a bit before i left her at shells.  anyway, liam is just 7 weeks old.  anna had him bundled up...only heard a few squeaks out of him.
 we had a good crew out at the coffee shop as well.  sandra and katie came and i was happy that anna joined us for a bit.  hopefully arika and anna come again.
 there was also lena, myself and karen.  haven't seen karen out much this winter...she has a lot going on with her folks.  that is always tough from several states away.  great that she could join us today as well.
 i think lena had fun with the little kids today.  she pulled one sled for a bit.
 not really sure where i'm staying in Texas.  sounds like there are several choices.  hopefully i can spend some time with my niece at the hotel.  haven't heard from my eldest brother yet to confirm that there is room for me there.  may end up there for part of the week.
 i think my lens got a dog nose print on this shot.  kinda funny.  i think we had 4 kids and 5 dogs. arika brought her little bull dog. i think it's a bull dog.
 blossom should be a bit tired, she chased her tennis ball most of the walk.
 guess we were going to slow for the bull dog.  thought he looked cute up there on the trail ahead.
 here he is...they have a hard time looking happy.
 arika got the big work out.
 i think karen or lena noted that she was able to squat with the kid on her back and then just pop back up...i do miss those days.
 more kids.
 some days i just take more photo's than others. i  think the kids got me snapping away.
 anna seemed to enjoy her day out there on the trail with us.  she's like me in that she walks alone a lot.  it's why i have come to really love the monday walks.  it gets me to socialize more, which is not always my most comfortable state.
 speedy and karen looking fine out there on the trails.
 we attempted a few group shots.  tough between adults, kids and dogs.  haha!!
 still fun though.
 a few from the other days...hit north bivouac a few times, different loops
 caught the cats snuggling together a few times as well.
 miss breezy chatterbug on the left and pogi on the right.
 took the dogs out in the field...did i take both, yes, i believe i did.  rio has bowed out a few more times this winter.
 it was a first that i actually slept in between shifts for two days in a row and skipped the walk.  felt guilty though.
 it's rare that i skip the walk at all, let alone two days in a row.  thankfully, dogs are super forgiving.
 hopefully, i have everything i need, a few gifts for the family and that the dogs and cats are set up for the week.
 at some point it's just out of your control anyway.
 i have my tickets, a have a blanket and pillow for the plane ride and stuff to do while flying.  still hoping i can just sleep this first part...i'm terrible at sleeping on planes usually though.  it's worth a try though i guess.
 syd shows off the hat that katie made for cute!!
 these are a few photo's of family that one brother posted on facebook today.  above are my three oldest brothers, jeff, ross and eric.  eric kinda looks like ellen degeneres in this shot?
 here is one of the seven of us.  top row eric, jeff and ross.  next row, joel, tom and linda, then there is little me in the yellow dress.  i'm guessing i'm around 2 years old here.
i'll see both these guys this week as well.  tom and joel, the brothers just older than myself.  they were both here this summer.  love their bow ties.  well, happy thanksgiving to all.  i'll sign off until i get back.  god willing as they say.

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