Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 winter finally has come!!  some are less excited than others.  i guess i'm in the excited category.  surprised how many have not gotten their tires changed over.  so roads a mess and no doubt lots of cars in fender benders at the least through the day.  it was a holiday so that hopefully helped.  a few less folks on the road.  though schools were still open.  above is sunset from the bog.
 i took a nap in the afternoon post walk and kaladi's.  of course, i do have reason to be a bit sleepy and sore.  we got at least 6-7 inches of fresh snow and it was heavy.  i shoveled the back deck the front deck and the front driveway before the walk.  not many showed up today.  not that many out on the trails even....at least at noon.  i took my snow shoes but opted not to use them.  was wishing i had used them though...i was a fool.  oh well.  we all had fun.  speedy came with her husband and her outdoor girl.  syd didn't get too many miles in today.  we took the short cut anyway.
 lena also came.  haven't heard anything from tanya.  she's been a no show several weeks now.  bummer.  sandra and katie made it to the post kaladi's gathering.  sandra headed off after to get on her cross country ski's.  i still have to load mine in my yakima.  they are calling for warmer weather later this week..we shall see what happens to our beautiful snow.  i'm hoping it's a good base and we get more snow soon so we can play in our snow the rest of winter.
 syd rode in the sled most of the walk.
 rio stayed home for the monday walk so just blossom and mani.
 syd is back there pushing on the sled.
 blossom had a run in with a post right off the bat.  she was chasing her frisbee and so excited that she was totally focused on the frisbee running backwards.  then she went into the post.  that was one loud head whack...i joked that i could almost hear an echo.  she was a bit shaken and it took her a second to regather herself.  she came back without the frisbee.  she shook it off pretty quick and went back for her frisbee.  we did some neuro checks on her through the walk and i kept an eye  on her later.  her hips seem more sore than anything.  she is 8 now.  that snow is pretty rough on the joints.
 it was beautiful out there with all that fresh snow.
 we cruised back around through stumphenge...always lovely.
 no moose today.  didn't see any in the bog either later.
 i did crash for a bit.  i must have sacked out hard too.
 syd is fast asleep in the sled.  later she got her sugar fix at kaladi's and we all were cracking up.  that girl goes silly on the granulated white devil...hehe.
 blossom has to carry extra weight around as the snowballs form on her legs.
 watched a good movie last night, "the perks of being a wall flower".  strange name for the movie.  wasn't sure what the movie would be about.  had heard some good reviews so i put it on my netflix list. i did like it.  love the line, "you get the love you think you deserve".  of course, with that and myself being single perhaps i just never believed i deserved any love...or i believed i deserved a great love  and it hasn't happened.  go big or go home i guess.  anyway, like movies that develope characters.  don't want to give too much away but it was a movie i'd watch again.
 love how the snow clumps on the branches.
 cleared out the bird feeders and added more feed as there seemed to be birds hovering about looking for a bite to eat.  also saw a little vole chilling near the feeders. i do need to restock up on bird seed for the winter.  the cats do love watching the various feeders from their window perches.
 it's veterans day and though i didn't go to any events related to it, i did think frequently of those who have served and are serving.  my father was a navy guy.  they had a general of some sort i think, he was on dave letterman tonight.  the WWII vets are few, but it was nice to see on the various news programs that they were being honored.  i do appreciate all that the military and their families do and have done for our nation.  many have lost their lives and many more are injured and suffer years of pain and mental stress from their service.  i wish them well and am grateful for those who choose to serve our nation.
 it was a pleasant walk around the bog.  it's a pretty popular neighborhood stroll. i tend to just keep the dogs on leash.  there was a guy who pulled his dog on it's leash to the side so we could pass.  his dog was wanting to come after mine.  it's stressful to love a dog who has those issues.  it makes me realize that the leash laws help people like that be able to walk their dogs and feel safer.  they don't want their dogs to injure other dogs.  all was well and we passed safely.  there was also a woman with a small toddler and a baby...the little boy was walking pretty slow, but after i passed with the dogs he was running to keep up with the dogs.
 i think i've burned more than my usual calories today.  back to work tomorrow night.  gotta sit down and pay some bills too.  always fun.
 loved the pink in the sky today
 freeze up lakes...gotta watch where i take blossom until the lakes are more frozen and safe.

good night...

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