Tuesday, November 5, 2013

no snow yet...time to do a snow dance!!

 still not complaining to much about this extended fall.  the warmer weather isn't too terrible, but it is time for some snow and ice.  the monday walk was well attended.  a few regulars missing out there...but the monday walk is like a pick up game and you never know who will be showing up.
 this week Sharon came from North Carolina.  Lena is welcoming her below.  slightly crooked smile on this shot.   Lena really looks totally recovered post stroke.  such a blessing to have her out there walking with us.  i do laugh as since her stroke when she puts blossoms toy away in  my pack she puts it in the main pack and not the front pocket like she always used to.  is it related?  great to have Sharon back with us even if it's just for a week.  we are all still hoping she moves back to Alaska...i'm sure it's always in her heart.
 Blossom again led all the dogs to the mud...not frozen over yet. it was freezing up but thawed out.
 Sharon came with friends.  a few showed up to a Monday walk years ago but really they came to be with Sharon. always nice to have new faces out there.
 not many pictures today and most of them not very impressive, but i did like this one of Sharon.  i think she enjoyed her day with the Monday walk crew.
 Lena was with us til the tank trail and then she booked it home.  the dogs all seemed to get a good run.  Blossom was pretty tired tonight, though not enough to let me really trim up her hair and clean out her ear too much.
 Rio opted out and took a couch day.  she is again snoring behind me.  i'm convinced the stress she was under in the dream i had last night impacted her today and made her more sleepy.  last night i had a dream where i was at a friends house.  it was Amy's place but not the place she lives really. in the dream it was an apartment and she was on the third floor.  i went to leave but my car wasn't where i apparently expected it to be.  i eventually found the car but it was stacked up on top of a VW bug and poor Rio was on the roof of the element, quite unhappy.  the other folks in the apartment were mostly from the adult icu.  my dreams are usually a bit strange.  no idea what this dream would mean if it were analyzed.  nonetheless Rio is extra sleepy.
 no Rio meant i was closer to the front of the pack today.  with her it's the rear without, the front.
 a ted talks i was watching was comparing this trend toward violence with a disease outbreak and the speaker worked handling outbreaks of disease across the globe, he felt some of the same tactics could possible assist with some of the violence of our society.  interesting talk
 the speaker, Gary Slutkon?, anyway, he said treat violence like a contagious disease.  interrupt transmission, prevent spreak and shift the norms.  said it was helping in the places they were implementing it.  would be great if someone could get a handle on the increasing violence that seems to be spreading.  i must admit i'm a bit skeptical.  i have some pessimistic views of the world at this time.  i'd like to hope for things to improve but it doesn't look very possible.  it will no doubt get uglier before it gets better.  hold on..it's gonna be a wild ride i fear.
 i can see the mountains when i wake up in the morning from my bed...not much snow on them yet.  so odd for this late in the year.
 the dogs had a great time zooming around in the tall grasses.
 i made up some homemade egg noodles this evening and let them dry while i went to the pool for some laps.  guess i got in a half mile. the water felt a wee bit chilly right when i got there, but once i was in, it felt pretty good.  somewhere i dropped by ski hat and gloves.  thankfully i decided to go to the counter and see if anyone had turned them in.  i like my hat.
 the walking group today.  Maureen, Linda's daughter, Lena, Sharon, Karen and Linda.  it could be too that the monday walks have more people of late due to the warmer weather.  it does tend to start out that way.  by the spring it's more of the core regulars who stick it out.
 we also had a pretty large group at Kaladi's today.  miss syd had slept in so they just came for snacks. i guess this little gal was pretty bummed she'd missed the Monday walk.  she got pretty wired on sugar from my cookies i think.  sugar...gotta love it!!
 Katie, Gretchen and Margaurite also joined us. nice to catch up on some people i haven't seen for some time.
 the bell tolls and it's now after midnight. guess i should get myself ready for bed and read a bit.  started a book, not to into it yet.  keep falling asleep and not sure what i've missed.  when i get tired when i'm reading what often happens is that my brain keeps reading the book, but it's own way so it can be a bit confusing.

i think everyone had a good time today.  i know i did.  trying to decide whether i should write my Christmas letter before i leave for Texas or wait until after.  would be easier to have all the family stuff ready to hand out in Texas. i still have a few more weeks.  i need them...still some shopping to do and prepping.  don't think i've even told my brothers the dates i'll be there  yet.

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