Tuesday, November 5, 2013

looking for something...

 i bought that kindle and put the power cord someplace safe...so safe i have no idea where i put it.  thankfully, my old kindle cord words with it.  hopefully one of these days i will figure out where i put the dang thing.  went to Kincaid for a walk around Little Campbell Lake.  saw this female and her calf back at the lake.  i scooted around them.  there is local debate about whether there are too many moose in Kincaid.  some want to kill off several of them.  personally, i've come there for years and i don't think there are really any more than there were.  my feeling is there are more people utilizing the park and they just put in new soccer fields a few years ago and tons of new bike trails that cut across previously more remote area's.
 they also cut a new bike path right through an area where the moose are known to go through their rut and then opened them to the public use during the rut.  pretty lame if you ask me.  it's going to take the moose some time to adjust to the new trail additions.  more importantly, it would be helpful to teach the humans some common sense...but that isn't very likely so my guess is a few more moose will be killed off....much easier for the humans to figure out.
 humans seem to believe they can control and manage wildlife better than wildlife and mother nature can.  mostly from what i see humans just fuck it all up most of the time they interfere.
 i finally made it to a popular little hole in the wall restaurant, "pho lena".  i was not impressed.  i bought a simple meal, a chow mein as i'm really not a spicy food person.  it was the blandest thing i think i've ever been served.  i mean no flavor at all.  the chicken seems to have just been boiled and not even with a dash of salt in the water.  will give them credit though as the waiter was upset that i hadn't eaten much and wasn't taking any home.  my friends said i'd found it extremely bland.  he gave me back my money.  the food there seemed to either look bland and be very spicy or look bland and was bland.  probably will be quite awhile before i go there again....but people do rave about it.
 i just went to see Sharon one more time before she heads back home.
 early day tomorrow, doctors appointment.  will get me up and moving so that is always good.
 i was chilly when i got home so i slipped under my electric throw and read for a bit.  the book i'm reading is starting to get interesting.
 this big moose was chilling on the side of the road before i got to kincaid park.
 saw another female right before i went in the park on the way in and on  the way out i saw a male in that same area.
 he's a pretty handsome moose i must say.

 after my walk i headed over to the Campbell Creek Estuary for a quick loop without the dogs...they aren't allowed.  a bit before sunset but still a nice view, under the clouds.  this is redoubt, a local volcano.
 this cute car was parked at the little Campbell Lake trailhead. i wouldn't be brave enough to paint my car like this but kinda fun.
 took this for my friend maureen...she's got a broken leg and seemed to think that i may be able to kicksledding at potters.  made me laugh as there isn't any ice to be found near sea level...haha.  i'd be swimming if i attempted to ice skate right now!
 just waiting for snow here in alaska
 a few decorations are up on the ski trail...again waiting for some snow.  i may as well enjoy these trails as long as i can since once that snow comes these trails become ski only.
 from the other side of the lake i could see my car in the park...often from this area you can see Denali,  not today.
 these last two were at the estuary.  there were a few kids there.  young males always make me a bit nervous.  not sure what they were up to, but they left pretty quickly.  figure it's probably good for me to just stop by after walks, the more people that make a quick loop here may make it undesirable for riff raff as it were.
 liked the colour of these trees against the new fence.
i'm running out of words again...and i'm out of pictures for the day.  enjoy your day...

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