Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Princess Monday!

 even blossom participated.  speedy brought us tiara's and wands and snacks for kaladi's.
 the temperatures were below 5 degrees so with 2 wee ones and us feeling wimpy anyway we did an abbreviated monday walk.  it was chilly out there.  i was fine, but it is a good idea to not spend too much time out there.  good day to finish the book i was last reading and read a bit of my latest nat geo and readers digest. as you can see the little creek we cross (there is a little bridge under the ice there) is frozen.  the water clearly washed over the top and froze on the bridge. we just walked up the tank trail and back.  the kids had red noses and cheeks but all were nice and warm.
 may head out to some area's with water with the other camera's out and see if i can find any cool ice to take pictures of.  gotta start getting ready for texas as well. i leave in the wee hours next monday night...yikes!!  i do everything so last minute.  i'll crash with my california  brother and his family at a hotel most of the week and try and crash in dallas area with the brother that was up here this summer the night i arrive and the night before i leave.  i'm sure we'll figure it out somehow.  i can crash anywhere really. i did buy some hockey tickets for the dallas stars on friday.  i like to hit a professional game of something when i head down south.  claire and i were always hockey fans so it will be fun to see a game with her.  2 other tickets so we'll see who comes with us.
 otherwise i mostly stayed inside today.  i'll really have to get some crap done tomorrow.  may write my christmas letter to add into the cards/gifts i take down to texas with me.  i can always update it when i get back to include texas trip.  been a busy year...always lots to say in the letter.  who knows if anyone really reads it...i know i do enjoy reading the letters i get at christmas. there are still some people who do the snail mail like  me though it's for sure less than it was 10-20 years ago.  keeping in touch is a much easier gig than it was back then
 must have been even tougher before the phones were invented.  letters had much more meaning back then.  probably much more romantic to get love notes rather than texts though.   modern isn't always better.
 amy with lucy.  those ski's are a bit wide for all the trails out there.  works great though and was perfect for trekking up the tank trail and back.  i think she's loving this toy, will be great all seasons.  great to have her out and about with us.  she looked lovely on the trails with her coat and hat...perfect colours for her!! i always envy those who can look stylish no matter what the weather conditions are!!
 syd is also pretty stylish in her purple and pink snow wear.  she was in a fleece bag in her sled.  she did walk some and even ran for a short bit...she noted that it was tough to run in snow boots.  funny as i heard her mom say the same thing a bit later when she was running a bit in her snow boots.
 there is a pond right by the trail that is all frozen, it was looking pretty out there today.
 not a cloud in the sky...of course, no clouds means colder.  it's supposed to warm up to nearly 20 again by the weekend.
 we turned around at the top of the hill.  another creek up there with more cool ice stuff.  maybe wander around a bit with the dogs both north/south bivouac.  Rio opted out of the princess walk.  she's not too keen on the colder temps.  i do have a new set of booties for her.  Syd seemed pretty excited by a few dogs she saw out there with booties.  blossom is against booties.
 here is the Monday walk crew for today.  Amy, speedy, Tanya and Lena.  just us regular folks.  Karen is still out of town and some who said they would come, didn't.  the cold weather seems to decrease those early fall numbers.
 you gotta have dedication to be a true Monday walker!!!
 we have a great group and it's always fun out there.  even when the temperatures drop.
 i clipped my fancy tiara onto my ski hat.
 back the other way
 amazing how fast the freeze happens
 we continued the fun in kaladi's.  the girls could both enjoy their tiara's and wands more when they weren't so bundled up.
 can't really see lucy, but i thought it was still cute...she was really waving her wands.
 here she is a bit more sedate with her tiara in place.  she left it alone.
 me with a few of my favorite princesses
 i donated my tiara to syd...she can add it to her dress up box...
 i think she's pretty happy with the addition.
well the bed is heating up and i'm chilled. the house is cold compared to outside, but this place does get a bit drafty.  can't believe it's after midnight.  i have putzed away another day...oh well, life plugs along anyway.  how often do you have a princess day...best to take advantage of my status of the day!!

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