Sunday, November 17, 2013

loving these winter sunsets!!

 lazy what else is new. i did eventually get out on the trails and i also eventually got some stuff accomplished.  i've lined up some stuff for tomorrow so i'll have to get more motivated in the morning.  i posted and texted to whoever that we are doing a sled and ski at russian jack.  we did this a few years back and i think we should try for a few more of these and the ski/skate down to westchester lagoon.  always fun to combine cool winter activities.  this way we should be sledding for tomorrows sunset.
 rio opted to join us so we headed to prospect heights for a loop there.  not too rough for rio but enough for a good walk for blossom and i.  i could tell blossom was wishing we'd take that second added on loop...another day.
 cold today and it's supposed to stay cold for a bit i guess.  i wore my down vest but i think it may be time to transition to the down jacket.  for sure i'm wearing the skhoop
 these are taken at various spots. initially i thought i may make a run for potters area to watch the sunset but as i was driving out some women that i had chatted with on the trail waved me over so i stopped.  they had a third woman there who they explained had ended up in this parking lot but her car was someplace else.  she wasn't sure which trail head name she was parked at.  i think they all looked a bit surprised when i told her to load up and we'd try a few trailheads and find her car.  turns out she was parked at the upper huffman trailhead.  she would have had quite the long walk back and she wasn't dressed for that or prepared to hike in the dark.  she's a travel occupational therapist i guess. she seemed nice enough.
 she had a dog with her, which is what she said when i told her to load i just said i had two dogs and one more in my car was fine.  hell, i need to fill up my good kharma bank so hopefully todays kind act puts me back in the good kharma.  that bear attack depleted my bank no doubt.
 so subsequently i ended up watching the sunset from a few different locations.
 as i left this afternoon for my walk i was slowed down my this mobile home on the move.  it took up the entire side of tudor.  of course, what cracked me up is that this didnt' stop people from trying to zip ahead of other what end?  people be crazy.
 saw several horses out and about today headed to/from trails.
 i've decided more and more that one day it will come out that there is a group of republicans covertly on a secret mission to sabotage  President Obama and the new healthcare system.  like  watergate but healthcaregate.  i suspect they are working closely with one or more insurance agencies.  it does make sense considering the rapid hatred and complete and total inability for the republicans to work with anybody.  it's their way or the highway.
 but anyway, a pleasant walk for me and the pups.
 the mountains are always so pretty. i try to change up where i'm walking to keep it interesting.
 haven't hit the beach for a bit, will have to try for that soon.  it's always fun down there.  not sure where i'll head to tomorrow.  hopefully i can get myself moving a bit earlier.  i really should as the sun is just going to go down earlier and earlier and i want to get out in what little daylight we do have.
 cleaned out some little cupboards/drawers which always feels good.  it's time to spring's always a good time to clean out drawers and stuff.  crap just collects and my place is only so big.
 in the background as i cleaned were some shows about the unabomber.  hadn't realized how the unabom name came to be.  he chose to admit guilt rather than have it said he was crazy apparently.  there was also a show about timothy mcveigh and the oklahoma bombing.  he apparently showed zero remorse even until the day of his exucution.  one cold killer that guy.  scary.
 a few more of the sun going down taken from the prospect heights trail, at least the first few.
 the alpenglow light starting to show on the trees out there. posted that picture of blossom on facebook and one friend referred to her as fitting.
 i think this is huffman.'s late and i should be getting to bed.  hope all are safe and happy.

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