Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween...

 oh and a few bear tracks from my walk with friends the other day...rovers run.  they are still out there.  this guys was pretty big from the looks of it.  above is a malemute footprint inside the bear print.  love that you can see the claws digging in as well.
 we followed these tracks for some time.  i must say i was pretty calm about it all.  no doubt because there were 4 humans (one was a baby, but still ) and 5 dogs as well.  not likely we'd run into it.  i was happy that i was chill about it considering my brush with death by grizzly back in september.  i think amy was a bit nervous, mostly because that maternal protective instinct probably kicks in. no actual bear sighted.  kinda cool to see all those footprints. clearly from my last post you can see that it rained a lot so these were probably just a few hours old, if that.
 baby malemute...blossom is trying to show her who is boss before she gets bigger...right, like that will happen.  she's still looking pretty good for a dog of 8 years.
 i am currently on call.  so hard to say no to that, especially on halloween night.  not that i was all set to dress up and head out for the night, but i do have fun dressing the dogs up and letting them answer the door for all the trick or treaters.  pretty warm out there tonight by alaskan standards.  a few raindrops but not really enough to be bothered by.  probably got 20-30 kids.  i always shut it down by 8:30 or 9pm..when the teenagers start to show up.  i handed out candy along with leftover funky eye wear and plastic fingers and stuff...the kids seem to enjoy that.
 2 nights of work.  the emergency room was booking the other night.  at least it seemed to be in the section i was in.  you team up with some people way better than others.  this girl isn't my favorite.  one of those miserable type people who act nice to you but bitch behind your back . i don't take it personal, especially in her case as she bitches about everyone.  i'm not down there very often, but i have actually left breaks early twice because i happened to be on break at the same time she was and all she did was bitch. i like to relax on my breaks so seemed wiser to just return to work and try for another break later when the break room was less noisy.
 it was also a good reminder that i'm float pool now and so i could easily be blamed for things.  my float pool comrade tried to warn me but i didn't listen.  i let him know later that he was so right.  thankfully, it seems like i'm not the only one who noticed that this person bitches to everyone  and her bitching was reported right back to me so i could defend myself.  still a good reminder that i'm not going to always be seen as part of the team now that i'm in the pool.  
 everyone else was nice and helpful. i no doubt made a few mistakes...hell i know i did.  the patients were all well cared for the charting was a bit less cared i may hear about that later.  er is fun though and i do enjoy working down there.  it's a great change.
above is my costume for the weekend coming.  i think it came out decent.  we shall see.  easy enough anyway.
 the dogs dressed up for halloween tonight.
 the night is early and i may still get called in.  will probably crash soon and see how that goes...usually as soon as i think that though the phone rings
 my next night i was in the adult icu and they had put me down as a preceptor.  that means i do very little actual work and mostly am there as a resource.
 blossom looks pretty tired after helping me answer the door so much.  i think she had fun though.
just a quick blog tonight.  the on call thing.  good night and hope you all had a fun and safe halloween night.  spiraling down to the holiday rush now..nothing can stop it.

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