Monday, July 28, 2014

from Kincaid..different parts, different days...

 last night i had Blossom at the dunes.  today we did the loop around Little Campbell Lake.  Rio skipped both. she actually seemed like she didn't want to be left behind today so i chilled on the couch with her for a bit, then gave her the peanut butter and left with Blossom.  it's just too long of a walk for the big girl these days.
 beautiful blue skies yesterday late afternoon.  i was late again today.  am not on a good sleep/wake schedule.  it happens every so often when you work nights. your body just doesn't want to flip over.
 love the layers..water, mud, green vegetation and then the hill  actually a little trail down to the beach.  pretty skinny but clearly people walk it.
 got out in the yard for a bit and worked on the lawn and chickweed.....and dog poop.  hoping now my trash can isn't too feels heavy. would hate for them to not pick up my trash.  was thinking i'd hit Sears or Lowes and look at lawn mowers.  as i headed to Kincaid the rain fell...once i was there it was fine though.  always so odd when you are driving and see blue skies in front of you and the rain is just pouring down from directly above.
 got an email to our new WARIS email. i should start switching all of my correspondence for WARIS to that just to keep it in it's own place and clear out my emails.  the email was from a professor at UAA who is working on the Round Island film.  they had great weather out there.  that will be cool. i need to get tickets for the Mcneil River film they made.  that will be playing on August 22 from what the link in his email said.  could be great meet and greet as well.  i really do need to go shopping one of these days and maybe make myself look more presentable....hmm..
 this guy below kept prepping to make the leap but didn't leap while i was there.  i think he wasn't getting enough wind...or maybe he just kept chickening out.  i'd never be doing this so no judgement. if i did i'd want to make damn sure that the wind was going to be in my favor and that i wouldn't go splat.
 watched for a bit as i figured if he did jump it would have been some cool photo's...not of him going splat, but flying on such a beautiful day.
 my walrus desk art is really helpful.  love my walrus....
 black and whites on the sand dunes.
 not much on tv today.  while i settled Rio in a had it on the history channel i think.  something about Hitler and the occult.  they were also talking about all the confusion about whether he was dead or alive and escaped after the war ended.  Russia seemed to want to not let on the truth for some reason.  many of his people did escape to Argentina at the time.
 humans can do such horrible things to each other.  i shouldn't be shocked that so many have so little regard for the animals that share this earth with us, but it still saddens me. i still seem to find myself believing that decency will win over, that kindness will prevail.  i have hope. not sure i have faith, but i do have hope.
 wrote a note to one of my professors from eons ago.  when i went to Los Angeles Pierce College i took quite a few marine biology classes.  the professor, Dr Wells, was really good and super nice.  our original class had gone on a few fieldtrips and we all got along.  he would call our group and encourage us to sign up for this class or that class and we'd all hang out, learning and having fun.  i've checked in with him a few times over the years.  so it thought i'd let him know what i'm up to with this WARIS stuff.  perhaps he will have students or be able to direct me to people who may want to volunteer out there next summer.
 tonight i got the second quilt completed.  plan to get that to Sandra tomorrow and hopefully she can get it in the mail.  hoping it's not too late and that the girls enjoy them and can remember their mom, our friend, and be comforted in knowing she is with them always...watching over them.
 the motorcross dudes tend to be out at the dunes in Kincaid on the weekends. watched them zip around a bit while i was out there.
 Blossom loves the dunes...great to chase the ball out there.
 of course, it does always cross my mind when i'm there that if one of those big Alaskan quakes were to happen the dunes would be a terrible place to be.  no doubt you would just get sucked under and lost forever.
 suffocation...probably not the best way to die.
 Bald Eagle flying overhead.
 thought i'd take a break from the Lost Lake stuff.  so now i have some leftover Lost Lake pics and leftover Misty Fiords photos to add in at some point.
 summer is fast flying past.  Atigan pass on the Haul road and area's up north are having some blasts of snow already.  just a different world up here.  i love it though.
 today while i was out on the trail these 3-4 hawks were flying around . too fast for me to get decent photo's of them but it was cool to watch them for a bit.
 probably parents and some youngsters learning to fly.  they were actually pretty small, could be falcons too i guess. my bird ID skills are limited.
 and then...the mushrooms are returning.  always love to take mushroom pictures.
 they are starting to really pop out.
 august is mushroom month.  July is wild flowers more
 want to make some phone calls tomorrow for WARIS.  just try and touch base with some folks.  still not totally clear what we will be able to do for them in the big picture but it doesn't hurt to try.
 it's a relief to have the quilts done though  always the to do list but that is a bit check off on it.
 only red one i saw so far.
 looks like tonight i'll get to bed at a much more reasonable hour. probably by the time i return to work on thursday night i'll be back on schedule..just in time to flop it over again.
 a few Brevig Mission kids chased down musk oxen on 4 wheelers a few years ago and killed 7.  they were only 12 years old.  the one pled quilty and will have to pay $3000.00, forfeit the family 4 wheeler and guns and have a year probation.  good to know that the usual fine for this is $3000.00 per animal.  personally, i think his family should have been responsible for at least half of the total fine for the 7 animals while the other kid and his parents should pay the rest.  so sad.
 interesting that killing musk ox is our highest state fine.  Bison and Grizzly's are next highest at $1800.00 per animal.  the animals are gone...not sure what the fine for a Walrus would be.
 these shrooms are just popping out...totally covered in the soil and leaves
 already an article about preparing for winter, not sure we are ready for that yet.
 i did start a fire in the fireplace the other day as the house just seemed to have that chill on it.  looked pretty and felt great.
 still some flowers out there.

 pulled over as i drove around Kincaid park to get some flower photo's

 they are just pretty and the flowers change week by week.
 don't really know what they are called, but they are pretty anyway.

well, i better head to  bed. i'm tired....not that i'm doing a lot of WARIS work, but it's always on my mind and that is taxing on a brain.  got out of bed last night to write a note to my old professor.  hopefully tonight i just sleep.
grateful for A- all the flowers and mushrooms...each trail changes so rapidly i never tire of any of them B- all the help i got from friends getting these quilts together...couldn't have done it without them.  C- every person that responds or reaches really does encourage me to continue

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