Saturday, July 19, 2014

 this gives you an indication as to how lazily we cruised back to the cabin.  lots of breaks.
 always love the color of the water...glacier silt is the cause.  nice waterfall below.
 my day started early, Blossom must have known to get me up early.  i fed them, let them out and headed back to bed.  didn't get too far on falling back to sleep when a friend in need called.  thank you Blossom...she is such a wise and astute canine.  thankfully, i was awake and could help this friend out.  chilled in the ER, she is home and recovering.  she's tougher than i am.  looking at the ankle, which was heading in a different direction than it should, i think i would have been a big baby.  not enough drugs for that whole reduction thing. yeoch!! go girl...speedy recovery to you!!  call if you need anything else!!
 another friend relieved me and i headed home and promptly fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.
 actually a much needed down day.  got Blossom out eventually for a walk out at campbell airstrip.  it was kinda hot out (for Alaska) and she kept stopping and putting on the brakes. i think she just wanted to play in the creek.  so eventually we did turn around and head back to the creek for a bit of play time.
 did see some big salmon making their way up the creek..time to really watch for bears.
 we do have one less bear in town.  there had been a mama black bear and her two cubs hanging midtown, near the hospitals and universities.  mama bear was spending a bit too much time in trash cans and getting too comfy.  apparently she had been in town last summer as well and had been tagged and relocated back into the chugach more, but she made her way back to the easy life in Anchorage.  it has now cost her her life.  the cubs i think were both caught and are chilling someplace until they find a home in the lower 48.  no shortage of black bears anywhere from what i can figure.
 finally got brave and put a big bag over the backpack and wasp nest so that will go out with the trash this week.
 as long as i was doing that i went ahead and checked the squirrels nest and it was empty so i dismantled that and cleaned up the shelves and all the seed that i could doubt that guy has other hidden spots of seeds in the shed that i will locate over time.
 i flooded the area around where the pack was as i'm paranoid that Blossom or Rio will get sick.  looks like rain so i'm happy about that, perhaps it can dilute any toxin left out there.  the shed door is shut.
 have had a bike in there for ages. it's just one of those bike cruisers. i'd paid $99 for it at walmart soon after i came to Anchorage.  haven't used it for years and i have a nicer bike inside.  so  i put it out by the curb. i tend to just prefer to put stuff out for free.  too much hassle to sell stuff and way more fun to see people get excited about getting something for free.
 soon after it was out there my neighbor knocked and asked if i was giving it away.  another neighbor down the road was wondering since i hadn't written free on it yet.  when i said, it was free she told her young daughter who was pretty dang excited...see totally worth it.
 i paid for it, got my use out of it and now it gets to be used again by another.  it's always better to put more out than you take in this world.
 i think she's a single mom and she  has benefited from my freebie pile in the past.  i think she keeps an eye on my curb just in case.  one time i'd put a free pile out there and when i saw her she said a lot of it was perfect for a friend of hers who had just lost stuff to a fire.
 hanging glacier
 love these cotton plants.
 biker...i think she had gotten a flat part way through and was bummed but at least it was a pretty day so she could enjoy the walk.
 watched a net flix movie that i've had here for a bit.  watch more movies in the winter months for sure, but it was good to just chill tonight.
 wasn't invited anywhere anyway.  i've never been someone that turns up on peoples list of names to invite to do stuff...well not never...but not very often for sure. clearly i have social issues that i'm not completely aware of.
 perhaps running a non-profit will improve my social skills...or isolate me more i suppose. people may already be bored of talking walrus with me.  haha.
 below in front of the water view is where the trail to the cabin goes.  the cabin is probably in that notch in the trees on the left.  it does boast a very stunning view.
 so a totally lazy day for me today.  tomorrow i have one night of work.  12 hours should be not bad to get through.  we shall see.

 loved these shots above.  haha.
 the chickweed will have to wait for another day.  looks like rain so that curtails my chickweed battle.  want to go purchase a real lawn mower. i've been trying to get by for years with just a push mower but it really isn't cutting it. if i can do a close mow with a real mower then perhaps i can improve my lawn before the end of the season.
 should plan a party at some point...not that i get invited to other people's parties, but hey if i want to be invited to a party i can just plan one.
 the movie i watched was "garden state".  which i liked but at the same time it depressed me...hate happy endings.  where people fall in love with the perfect person for them...
 just not as much fun watching seemingly perfectly paired people fall in love on screen when it seems like such an impossibility.  at this stage i'm not sure i am even visible to any human male.  most of the time i go about my business and don't give it a thought.  so movies like this suck i think as they remind you of what you don't have...even though it's pretty rare that any relationship will live up to how Hollywood creates relationships.
 Indy is always looking for a little love...he's a sweet dog even though he can be kinda a nudge...he means well. Blossom sure likes him.  she kept getting him to play. they haven't really hung out much so it was fun to see them together and playing.  when he was so sore and tired she was sitting next to him and put her paw on his was so cute.  haha.
 here i am with my girl Blossom...such a cutie!
 another break
 the family chilling.
 on a day like we had, why would anyone be in a hurry.
 maddie takes a shot of her folks
 Boddhi the handsome one
 some black and whites.

 maddie was in lead much of the day.  she'd been unhappy with her early morning wake up for a walk but once she got moving she seemed to be having fun...not sure she'd admit that though.  lol.

 back to the flowers.  so many, especially on that walk to the cabin.
 We stopped to let the dogs play in this little pond
 cool off time
 Tanya and i brought up the rear enjoying all the flowers.i think Tanya would have stayed out til the sun went down.  when we returned i rested and eventually we all played some games.

 can't remember what Tanya called this flower below.  i think it was some sort of orchid.  pretty.
i'm beat from doing not to bed i go.  thankful for 1- health 2- the love that is in my life through family and friends  and these pets of mine 3- having a purpose, being able to have enough to allow me to give

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