Saturday, July 26, 2014

rainy day...

 these are still from my trek down to Seward and Lost Lake.  the little camera photo's.  my batteries had not been charged before i left so i had to keep trying to trade out the two i had to get a wee bit more life out of them.  tucking someplace warm helps.  i'm usually really good at pre-trip charges so it was strange that i totally forgot.
 these are orphaned moose at the conservation center.
 the clouds over the chugach have been absolutely beautiful today after rain all day.  sunset..looks to be fading now.  love my Chugach view from my bedroom.  Blossom has kept me updated on the sunsets progress tonight.  she seems quite interested in something outside and has barked quite a lot this evening.
 i just finished 3 nights of work.  adult icu followed by 2 nights of ER.  funny i worked with the same folks the whole time.  it was a good few nights.  that place is a bit nuts and it really does wear you out.  we actually had a few minutes of it being less chaotic interspersed with the usually crazy pace.  i got two EMS patients back to back.  not sure how that happened.  everyone helped and we got through it.
 one perk to only working there occasionally is that i am not quite as familiar with the regular nuts and drug seekers.  hope i don't get too familiar.
 ER can be a rough gig that way.  i'm impressed by the nurses who can still manage to stay respectful with the wackos.  really doesn't seem to help much to treat them like shit.  they are super manipulative though and it's sad to see so many young lives wasted and watch them unravel.  such a waste.
 had one such patient.  i have a pretty even personality and i try to just treat everyone the same.  you just never know what the back stories are really and it's best to try to avoid judging.  in my opinion we are all here to learn different things and the world has a way of trying to teach us the things we need to learn.  this pt was trying to get a cab voucher.  went to ask the charge and she said she would take care of it...this really just meant she would confront this girl and then a bit or a argument ensued.  i looked at my fellow work mate and just said,"not sure that was necessary"  she agreed.
 how you behave with people can escalate or calm a situation.  i'd rather try to avoid the worst of it.
 it rained all day today. i slept a bit and then had to get Rio to the vet.  her stitches are finally out and her dressing is off.  we shall see.  still a bit worried that i'll wake up to a blood bath.  those small vessels of a tail can sure put out some blood. she really has been like Eeyore these past several weeks.  people often compare her to Eeyore.  beautiful clouds tonight.  tomorrow there is a walk for Friends of Pets.
 these are at Lowell Point.
 tried to call IRS yesterday to see if i can get some proof that my papers are being processed so we can get these sites up and accepting donations...60 min wait. i opted to try back another day.  so another weekend.
 i want to do right by these great creatures and this beautiful place.  not sure i'm the best person for the job but i feel strongly that someone needed to step forward and create this so i'm what the Walrus have to work with.  got a letter from Douglas Vincent-Lang.  blah, changes.  i'm obviously welcome to come take over the whole operation is what i get from it...
 on the plus side...they are looking to see if perhaps someone will volunteer and stay out on the island for next summer.  if i could take my critters i'd be all over that one.  too long away from Blossom...oh and i don't have enough cash to not work for actual money for that long.  otherwise, awesome!
 do you know anyone?
 got to use my itranslate app on my phone the other night.  that actually worked pretty well.  just for basic stuff.  i think the family of my patient was appreciative.  Alaska is a major vacation destination.  it's also an expensive one.  sadly some people spend a good percentage of their vacation in the hospital and i've seen many people who have finally made the trek north just to be with a dying member of their family.  thankfully, my patient was recovering and will hopefully do well...though their Alaskan vacation won't be completed as planned.
 i've always thought this mermaid scene on a waterfront comples was pretty cool.
 Blossom and Boddhi are all geared up and ready to walk.
 loved this picture because Blossom looks so tiny next to Boddhi.  Blossom weighs in at 70 pounds so she's not really a small dog.  he just looks massive.  he's a handsome dog too!!
 starting up the long uphill...6 miles uphill to the cabin. well the last mile or so is in the alpine so much easier walking.  had an early dinner with Alicia, she doesn't think she'd like this backpacking stuff.  i tend to dread the pack in, but after you are on the trail a few hundred feet your body really does adapt and it's not that bad really.  that being said, the pack still feels heavy and i was telling her about my buttocks breakdown that occurred on the Chilkoot Trail. both of my butt cheeks got raw and open.  i packed it with gauze and then duct tape.  that did the trick.  we still had a few days left on the trail
 guess the Whitepass Rail out of Skagway derailed the other day.  sounds like several minor injuries, doesn't sound like it was as bad as it could have been.  thought of all the folks on the Chilkoot Trail that may not be able to take the train back to Skagway. i suspect they will set up something to take them further north perhaps and then shuttle them back to Skagway on bus?  haven't heard anything else about it.
 Maddie and Bob come up the hill.  it had rained the night before and a bit that morning, but other than a few drizzles we were in good shape weather wise.  it was cloudy but that made it cooler.
 so many beautiful flowers.
 have slept really good this week.  not much today though, getting up early.  will crash tonight.  gotta get up early again tomorrow and get to that walk.  i like to try and get Rio out there.  she came from them so i like to show support.
 a few more likes on the WARIS facebook pages.  the university folks are starting to show up.  i knew it would take some time trying to get everyone who loves the sanctuary together.  still lots to do.  will for sure get a list from Joe from fish and game when we have our 501(3)(c) papers back.  he said he can get us a list of the names and addresses of everyone who has ever gotten a permit for out there!!  major mailing in our future.  trying to get everything prepared so that when the time comes we can run.  i'm sure many people will have changed addresses but it's a great start.
 the university is showing up i think because of a youtube video.  a crew was out on Round Island this summer from UAA filming.  a guy had a gopro camera that he set down on the ground in hopes of getting some fox footage....he did, the fox came right up to it and proceeded to chew the face off of it.  anyway...i posted a note on the youtube video and he wrote a follow up note...another great little contact i think.
 as much  as i get nervous that i am gonna screw this all up, it is fun to have a purpose.  to have something outside of yourself to work towards.  Walrus are pretty cool and so it's fun to be able to proudly talk about this non-profit we are forming and what he are hoping to be able to do.
 the initial goals besides just the details of starting this up is just getting everyone who loves Walrus and the sanctuary to come together and to "make Walrus cool" which is what i tell people.  they are cool.  they are unique and i think they really could bask in the spotlight if we handle this right.
 they may not get the attention that a whale gets or a bear...but we can make it happen.
 the dogs stopped at every little stream of water for a sip...Blossom of course would just lay down if there was a bit of water.
 it starts to really open up and just get more and more beautiful.
 i think i'll spend some time just organizing stuff tonight for WARIS.  wanted places to list out my hours spent, donations sent in.
 the EPA (environmental protection agency) seems to have come in a bit on the side of those against Pebble Mine. that has been the Bristol Bays big fight for several years.  liked a bit in the paper editorial section, just saying it had been a David and Goliath fight.  it began with some simple no pebble mine bumper stickers, which are now everywhere!!
 Hopefully soon WARIS bumper stickers will be everywhere too. everytime i fill my water up at the pipe i think soon we will be able to put a WARIS sticker on the pipe!!
 really want to get those made soon.  they are pricey, but i think the no pebble mine campaign does inspire that a simple sticker can go a long ways...well done anti pebble folks!!
 didn't take the big camera out til the next day for the most part due to the rain.
 the world seems to continue to crumple around us.  Israel and Gaza, Ukraine and this Malasian Jet tragedy.  that is just one big mess after another.
 we took a break at the sign.  after this the walking is lovely.  so many views and flowers...awww....!!
 Blossom from above.
 Boddhi almost done with his hike and looking great!!
 Iraq is a mess, Nigeria is a mess...the list goes on.
 Ebola continues it's run in Africa.  Aids research took a hit as i believe there were at least a few major researchers who were on the Malyasian jet that was shot down.  just sad.  probably shouldn't watch the news but i always feel you should be aware of the tragedies and hardships that face those we share this earth with.  if you ignore it all you will be surprised when it comes flooding through your neighborhood and wipes you out as well.  just like nature all things are related.  what happens in other parts of the world impacts us all, even it if doesn't feel like it.
 they are just like us, struggling to just live their lives and find their way and their happiness.  this is what i do love about the internet.  in many ways it brings that home to you.  i'm trying to save Walrus here, while someone else in Turkey or something may be trying to protect or save something else. most of the people of this earth are basically good and simple.  most of us don't ask for much.
 sadly, the evil and violent can trample the good and peaceable.
 wild geraniums.
 Bob tries to filter water...the dogs are very helpful.
 Maddie checks out our view.
 Boddhi is wiped out.....but happy
 official cabin signage shot...i'm sure one day these cabins will be left to rot or another group will have to form and take over the care of them..friends of public use cabins.  FBUC...anyone want to start that?  i'll be busy for awhile with my Walrus friends...
best get a few things accomplished for the day.  thankful fors...1- that i have not become overly jaded at work.  i can laugh and i can joke, but i can still do my job and dole out respect and dignity to the best of my ability.  2- beautiful skies, our world is simply beautiful.  so much variety and detail that i am forever awestruck.  3- every new like on the WARIS page...i get excited every time..!!

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