Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rain in Tutka Bay and Rio is more like Eeyore than before.

 i really should be pouring myself into the 501(3)(c) paperwork, but as i've mentioned before...i am LAZY!!  did print out a second copy and just need to go over it, fill in the blanks, fix one page so it is correct and then attach stuff.  waiting to see what a few more folks have to add to the bylaws i wrote.  i did the beach art of the walrus. i think you can see the walrus better below.  Tanya and Maddie added the "save the walrus".  we had to leave our mark on the beach there.
 Today Rio went in for her partial tail amputation.  i opted not to have the vet send off the end of her tail to have testing.  even if it's positive for cancer, i'm not sure there is any chance of tail cancer spreading. could be some strange skin cancer i guess.  who knows.  it costs an extra $130 so that was the final decider i guess.
 she is sleepy tonight but hasn't made any moves towards her tail or dressing.  i'm not keen on the big elizabethen collar that she is supposed to wear to i am experimenting with some old scrub pants. (photo's below)  not sure that will work.  i did also order a different sort of collar that i think may be less cumbersome but still effective.  poor Rio.  she gets compared to Winnie the Pooh's Eeyore often and now she even has the tail.  so sad.
 our next day for paddling it was raining.  woke to the sounds of raindrops on the yurt.  it can be tough to get motivated to get out of the sleeping bag when you hear rain outside, but in general the best place to be when it is raining is either kayaking or hiking.  you warm up and it's still pretty.  not too many photo's though.
 we cruised into the lagoon and cruised around there.
 not a terribly long paddle, but i was fine with it.  i think later that day Tanya got out for a solo paddle when the weather improved.  she is happiest on the i'm happy she was able to get out there a few times anyway.
 had to drop Rio off fairly early this morning so hopefully i will be able to crash early tonight.  i start back to work tomorrow.
 met up with Lena for a walk with Manni and Blossom.  we just did campbell airstrip.  i think Blossom was upset as i never did get her tennis ball out i think.  there have been a few grizz sightings.  one dog at the vet was enough for me today.
 these loons were really close. they are usually pretty skittish so it was so strange that they were sitting there so near my kayak.  it was raining so these are just with my little powershot.
 got Rio at around 2pm so the rest of the day has been pretty lazy. watching Rio not go after her bandage most of the day.  she was super sleepy at first, now she's just her usually snoring self.
 the outhouse...always nice to have an actual outhouse when you are in the woods.
 post paddle dry and warm up.  i was itching to get out for a hike.  seemed like a good idea.
 it was pretty out there.  a bit drier under the canopy of the trees.
 they neglected to put an arrow to where the lake was, but someone had scratched it in.  supposedly there was a waterfall.  the trail kept going and going.  we finally took a break and turned around thinking we'd never see any waterfall.
 rain forests are cool anyway. no idea how far we walked though.
 must have stopped raining at some point.
 was reading of yet another inmate today in the paper.  he's murdered several people and he was upset because he said he was promised he would be housed outside of Alaska since he has such notoriety here.  it was too hard to be up here as he was always in solitary. kind of ironic as the news with the guy that was killed in his cell by his cell mate, they were upset that he wasn't in solitary.  you can't win.
 this guy was upset as well because he'd already set up a bank account so he could buy food he liked and a tv for his cell.  it's just so ridiculous that these violent criminals get all these perks while in prison.  their victims were not offered any sort of comfort.  so frustrating. you can't go backwards though i guess and they all have these rights and benefits.
 this is the lake...we did find that.
 i think Maddie got a new raincoat this week.  those growing kids.  i think she is wearing Tanya's.  good thing Tanya and Maddie like the same colors.

 thought this piece of bark looked like a rabbit.
 this loaded sideways, but that is a huge drop off down to water...we thought perhaps this was a lookout for the waterfall.  still no idea how far the trail actually goes or what you find at the end of it.
 on the way back we found  this waterfall...i think this must be the waterfall they were talking about.
 they really should trim a few trees.
 we came back and the weather had calmed.  Bob and i were ready for some nap time. i think i dozed off, i think he and Maddie read and this is when Tanya headed back out in the kayak
 eventually we all ended up back on the beach with another campfire.
 i remember we were all lazily working on fire and chilling when i looked at my watch and realized it was 9pm.  the light can be tricky some times. we hadn't eaten dinner yet.
 Bob had brought some firecrackers to celebrate the solstice with.
 and we all headed to bed.  these are the calm waters of after 11 pm that night.

 so pretty and relaxing.
 eating all day today it seems.  not really but lots of snacking and no real meals.
 all packed up and waiting for our transport back to Homer.
 there is usually that hang time while you wait. cairns are a great way to kill some time and enjoy the views.
 this time is also when Maddie and Tanya worked on the beach art.
 i'm trying to be a walrus...which will be even easier if i keep snacking like i did today...haha.
 i made a comment on ADN after the letter to the editor where the one lady was tired of saying "on your left". it posts that to facebook i guess.  so someone made a comment that showed up and really annoyed me so thankfully, i could delete it.  not sure if it shows up just on my page or on the ADN page.   i decided it was best to delete it before i said something super rude back...believe me, many super rude things went through my brain.  i try to filter some stuff.
 people say you lose your filter in your 40's and 50's and just say what is on your mind.  i never really had a filter so i would say as i've aged i have learned that not everything i think needs to be said out loud.  that isn't to say i have completely stopped saying what is on  my mind.  i think i just am more able to choose my battles.  most people just aren't worth the energy
 fun painted boat.
 a sideways shot, but the dog is so cute how could i resist.
 did get Rio so lounge on the back deck for a while so i could mow the back and attempt a little bit of weed whacking.  i think my weed whacker needs to be re-strung or something.
 always nice coming into the harbor after a trip...
 a few of Miss Rio Catalina.  she cracks me up when she does this..rests her head on the coffee table and falls asleep.

 had to take this today...i have biked and hiked. a good deal of my biking was on the beach trails in southern california where you are saying "on your left" every 5 seconds. i don't remember being put off by that at all.
 anyway...bikers yield to everyone in the the sign.  get over it.
 Rio's sad tail bandage.
 and her pantaloons.  pretty stylish.  they look like what the young boys wear these days...thankfully she doesn't have a crack or she would have had a plumbers crack for sure
may see if i can get one of those inflatable collars from petco.  they have it on line but will they have it in a local store, not sure.  
good night...
thankful for....1- Rio getting through the initial surgery without any issues and not being too stressed at the vets  2- being able to walk with friends this week..always more fun 3- the variety and beauty that exists on our planet. there is just so much that it makes me believe whoever/whatever created this place really cared about it and all the details of it.  it makes it that much more valuable to protect!!

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