Sunday, July 27, 2014

what up??

 work begins when the fear of doing nothing at all finally trumps the terror of doing it badly (quote Alain De Botton, author).  saw this tonight and felt it sums up what i'm feeling these past few days.  that last exchange with Vincent-Lang of Fish and Game just sounds like they want to totally wash their hands of Round Island.  the expectation seems to be that someone will just come take it over.
 it may be that i can work with others like sealife center and the university to do just such a thing, but can i do this?  should  we?  shouldn't Fish and Game be held responsible, this is there job?  i replied that if this is what he expects we will need a more detailed list of what the costs are and also asked what, if anything, they would be willing to assist least in the beginning.  we would for sure need some guidance as to how to set up/tear down the camp.
 what seemed to begin as a group for advocacy and support may ultimately become much more.  that quote therefore seems to fit.  i do fear what doing nothing would result this point more than the worry of my inadequacies.
 came up with one idea last night as i rocked out with headphones on....dancing crazy in your own home is great for the body and the soul.  i'm always saying Walrus Rock and i need to make Walrus cool..was thinking we should get a permit for a table one weekend day downtown.  we could put pamphets/stickers...and a donation/tip jar and then turn on the music and start just dancing, pull in whoever is on the streets with some really good music that makes you move. if we are crazy enough it may just work.  a big flash dance/mob.  i'd need to have at least 20-30 souls who would be willing to just go for it and have fun with it.  would get us attention and perhaps a few donations...that was my thought last night.
 needless to say i was up late last night....which seems like i will repeat that tonight.
 felt good to just dance though.  nice outhouse at the clemons cabin.
 liked the light through the trees above and Boddhi seemed to like chilling down here.
 and here...haha
 this is the front of the cabin.
 i almost overslept and missed the Dog Jog...i woke at 9 am..which is when it started.  i got there in the nick of time to  at least do the short walk with the dogs...everyone had already left but i could still walk it with the girls.  the short loop was about all Rio was up for anyway.
 later i took Blossom over to Kincaid and did a loop there and let her play on the sand dunes...she always loves it there.
 got some decent swag at the Dog Jog...and the dogs got loads of attention. i think Rio remembers voices of anyone who is kind to her.  she for sure was lingering around one of the Friends of Pets crew that remembered her from 8 years ago.  nobody forgets Rio it seems.
 several people would walk up and ask if she was the blind mastiff.  one lady started asking about her and then told me her husband had met me and Rio on the trail and he'd taken pictures of her.  i do remember that.  they love Fila Brasiliero's.  i think their friend got a puppy??  can't remember.  anyway...she took more pictures of Rio so now they both have pictures of her.  :-)  she gets that a lot.
 people really just love her.
 Maddie and Tanya above.
 just so amazing up happy we got to get out there.
 when i got home from the Dog Jog i was super sleepy...i crashed for another couple hours.  guess i needed it.  should have been mowing the lawn grows so fast.  i really need to see if anyone has any deals of lawn mowers though.  my push mower and i are no longer getting along as well as we once did and i fear that relationship is over.
 Blossom and I.
 This evening i sat down and got one of those quilts completed.  hope the girls like their quilts...fear they are moving on and i'd hate to see the memory of their mother, my friend, to be forgotten. hoping the quilts are just always a reminder that their Mom loved them and will always be with them
 so one is done and i think i may just have to repeat that tomorrow night with the second quilt so i can just give those to Sandra to mail on Monday.  was going to have her help me tie them but it may be best to just get them made and shipped.
 of course, all of the horrible news that we have been bombarded with of late.  the world seems very unstable.  it seems like there is no way to put out all these fires and my fear is we will all be in store for another horrible global war situation. i hope not, but it is something that seems not only possible but imminent.
 i suppose that makes it silly for me to focus on some small group of islands in Bristol Bay, but it also makes me want to focus on it even more.  we need to save these places, they have value.  no matter what hell humans do to each other...we need to try and protect the land and the innocent creatures of the earth.
 it also helps take your mind off the horrible things out there.  so many things we can't control....we can only try to find the things and the ways we can control.
 i have an unhappy face here as the bugs on this walk became very annoying...i really dislike things buzzing around my face and i was sure one of them was going to finally make it's way down into my ear canal and it would remain there until we got back to Seward where i would then have to go to the ER and have said bug removed.
 i tried to transcend the bug situation. bug spray was useless against the onslaught.
 a bit happier at the lake...many of my photo's of this day have been photo bombed by mosquito's and biting flies.
 Blossom rests...Maddie had painted her nails the night before.
 after lunch we walked a bit further. i think Tanya would have walked more but i was getting tired and the dogs seemed to be tired as well.  we were already going to be walking over 8 miles just to Lost Lake and back to the cabin.  not that it was overly strenuous, but it's still a lot of miles.
 the dogs walk even more.  i kept Blossom on leash much of it.  i tend to do that more in the summer with the bears out there anyway. besides she just feels obligated to chase toys if she is off leash, which would have worn her out more.
 another botched execution in Arizona this week.  so odd to me that these injections are going awry.  i spend years as a vet tech and performed many euthanasia's...don't recall having these go badly.  i'm not for the death penalty in general in the US but mostly because it's so expensive and also so unfairly given out due to each state having different rules about it all.
 it's not that i'm overly sympathetic to the convicts.  personally, i could care less whether they suffer in the end or in prison.  tend to think we have made prison too soft and easy for the most part.  these murderers never gave a thought to how humanely they treated their victims so it's odd that we are so concerned with how humanely they are killed.
 sounds like the guy was breathing agonally for awhile...that doesn't equate to suffering really.  those gaspy breaths are final....just the body reacting...not something i would say causes any pain or suffering, but i'm sure it looks bad to someone not in the medical field.
 a young man from Indiana was flying around the world with his Father...sadly not too far from their goal they ran into trouble outside of American Somoa and crashed.  both died.  they had hoped to raise money to fund schools/education in Pakistan, where the father had been born.
 Tanya was in heaven that day...she certainly was better than i was at trancending the bugs.  :-)
 both Boddhi and Blossom lay down and rested several times on the way back to the cabin.
 here they all are post walk...looking pretty beat.

 they were happy though.
 we still had some day light to relax and enjoy our grand views.
 Blossom was content to take a long well deserved nap. i also settled in for a bit and rested.

 she is so freaking cute!!!!
 late night lights of Seward.
 sadly this one loaded sideways, but it was too cute to cut out.  Blossom had her paw on Indies cute
 another sideways shot of me and Blossom before we took off back to Seward
 packs on and ready to go

 and one more sideways shot on the stairs as we all headed out.
it's almost 2:30 so i better get off to bed.  not sure if i'll get any dancing in tonight...:-)  thankful for..1...Friends of Pets for taking in Rio Catalina.  she is a great dog and i'm happy we were able to make her part of our family...that couldn't have happened if it hadn't been for all the volunteer work they do and what they have put into that rescue group ( i have a deeper appreciation for what that means now)  2...beautiful views today at the dunes...always so relaxing 3..friends

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