Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seward and Lost Lake...

 just getting my day started, well not really.  got through my rebel shots from this weekend.  i had rented the Dale Clemons cabin out by Lost Lake for this week.  Bob, Tanya and Maddie joined me out there.  it started out a bit cloudy and drizzly but we woke to a beautiful day.
 i left the day before and crashed in the car with Blossom for the night.  apparently illegally. i guess you have to have a tent to be in the tent area and i didn't have one. nice couple next to me so we chatted that evening by their campfire. apparently they had gotten scolded for not having a tent up and had ended up going to the local hardware store and buying a cheap tent.  nobody came by to hassle me and i slept well in the Element.
 on the way out i cruised through the conservation center to see what the animals were up to.  they have some baby moose that they are hand raising for various reasons.
 and the usual cast of characters.
 my new friends at the campfire and i came up with various scenario's that i could use as excuses in case the crew came along to give me crap about not having a tent.  one was my bear encounter of last fall which they were impressed with hearing the tale.
 another scenario involved tsunami's.  the campgrounds of Seward are built in the area that was destroyed by the previous earthquake and tsunami of 1964. there are tsunami signs about that direct you to higher ground.  so we decided my other story would be that i had a pathological fear of tsunami's and Blossoms was my Tsunami Service Dog.
 our third scenario was simply to point out that we were surrounded by folks with open alcohol containers which seems like a greater infraction of the law.  thus i should be exempted.
 returned home to happy,well cared for animals, thanks to Val!! she also took a call for me from Washington DC.  hopefully, this WARIS stuff doesn't get me on some watch list...haha.  someone in one of our Senator's offices was contacting me regarding our group that is forming.  i think it came up on my caller ID as White House ?  anyway...just a sign that life is changing.
 baby moose are just too cute!!
 have so much to do.  gotta get this paperwork filled out and get a bank account opened. people are wanting to donate and i need to give them the opportunity.  i think it's just another one of those mental hurtles. i find i hit these as i go along. a reality check that ultimately i need to just leap and hope everything works out.  just reminders of how big this all is and my anxiety over whether i am capable. i think we all fear failing at things and we all may fail, but in the end, you have to just jump and hope you land on the other side ok.
 the lady at the bank didn't really make opening this account would be difficult.  it just opens up that i need to get that kickstarter going and the web page up and running. kickstart could help with the web as well.
 really do appreciate those little positive comments i get from time to time.  someone at work said that my facebook pages and web start beginnings look professional.  that is comforting.
 lots of babies at the conservation center.
 haven't backpacked since last year, my packs always seem to come in at 45-50 pounds, i've never been very good at minimizing.  it's 6 miles uphill to the cabin.  it was nice as it was cloudy and those few drizzles actually cooled you off. nice that it wasn't pouring.  did rain a bit while i slept in the Element.  i'm reading a book about how to start a non-profit and run one.  so far i haven't done anything glaringly wrong..that is comforting.
 it was a nice drive out and then i stopped by Blossoms favorite beach.  she got to play in the waves.
 they moved the bison with the babies...i found them. they get to be released into the wild next excited for these bison and for Alaska to be able to replace what was lost to overhunting years and years ago.

 soon after i left the Conservation center i saw these guys on the side of the road.  a big family of swans.  they were hidden in the brush a bit, but i pulled over and watched them.  so cute.

 i didn't see them on my return drive home.  i also skipped the Conservation Center coming home.  after a trip you often just want to come home, shower and unpack.
 we booked it coming back down the trail as well.  it took us 4 hours to get up to the cabin and i think less than half of that to come back down.
 Lowell Point with Blossom. always strange to not have Rio along, but this trail would have been way too much for her.  sleeping in the Element was heavenly without her i must admit.
 Blossom happy in the waves. i did stop by here again before we left Seward for Anchorage after the trip.
 one of the houses down here is on the market...would love to be here. Tanya suggested we buy it as our WARIS office...!!  i like it...!!  anyone want to spot us the cash. hehe.  no...ok WARIS will stay in my little office for now.
 i really need to make some cold calls.  we stopped by the Sealife Center while we were in Seward before heading back and i made a few attempts to get in contact with the lady who runs it.  in the end i left a note on a makeshift WARIS card. not the best, but just want to make those contacts.
 they had young sea otter rescues there. you could see them in a tank fun to watch them play.  soon they will head to Europe.  not sure where yet i guess. it's a first, sending otters to Europe zoos/aquariums.  they are all three going together.
 brought several small games to play in the evenings with Maddie to keep her entertained.  we walked quite a lot over our three days so i think we were all pretty beat at night...well, everyone but Tanya, who could walk across the state and still be up to walk more.
 you do get used to having that heavy pack on, those first few hundred feet are always tough i find. then you just get into the rhythm.
 i still wouldn't mind having a massage..i should sign up for one.
 the cabin is lovely, roomy..i took the bottom bunk with the dogs and the ladder leads up to the loft where the oconnors camped out.
 the cabin has a front deck with these outstanding views of Seward.
 cloudy but clearing.  it did rain through the night a bit and we really did think it would rain the entire time we were there, but we got did several other friends we knew who were out on other Alaskan adventures.  wish i could have done them all! another friend was kayaking in Prince William Sound and another friend had taken the train to spencer glacier...that has been on my list for years.  bummer!!  there is just so much to do up here and you never seem to have enough time or money to do it all.
 i do try to get in as much fun stuff as i can though.
 more views from the cabin.
 it was great to have the packs off and walk around a bit around the cabin...lots of wildflowers...
 Blossom and Boddhi were happy to be free of their dog packs.  they each had a pack on for the hike in/out.
 don't think Blossom was too thrilled but she is a good sport.
 Indy seemed like he needed a pack too as he is so energetic but i think he's a dog that doesn't know when to slow down so he ended up being the most sore of the three dogs over the week.
 Blossom slept well in the car in Seward while we ate lunch, shopped and hit the Sealife Center.
 she did find her energy for swimming before we left so i knew she hadn't overdone it.  often i just put her on a leash with her pack just to prevent that from happening. i don't think dogs are always good at pacing themselves.
 more wildflowers.
 a few grey jays were hanging out by the cabin.  so cool.

 we woke to this sunshine the next day.
 i need to get the laundry going and get these papers filled out.  haven't heard from the white house yet and i'm seeing some blue skies overhead. may be time to hit the trails and the grocery store. out of milk and eggs.
 felt so great to sleep in my bed last night.  camping can be made fairly comfy but never as nice as home sweet home!!

best get my day started...i mean moving.  grateful for- 1 safe travels again 2.  being blessed to live in this amazing place and be able to get out and see the spectacular views 3.  this opportunity, however terrifying, of being able to make a positive impact on a place i love.  may i be brave enough and strong enough to pull it off.

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