Saturday, July 12, 2014

Homer/Tutka...the rebel

 should be packing or sleeping. i did do the first round,which means i tossed a bunch of stuff in a pile in the guest bedroom which is always my staging ground for little trips.  loved this shot above from my friend Cathy's place in Homer.  she has a spectacular view up there!!
 a few from the walk as well that we took from her place.
 WARIS news...i mailed off the paperwork to the IRS.  a bit of a stressful thing.  sometimes you do all this stuff not really taking in what it will mean for you and your life.  suddenly you write a check for a good sum of money and mail off a request to the hits you!! you have that moment of realizing how crazy this is, how much of you is getting put into this thing and you wonder if you are nuts for moving forward.  maybe there is a reason nobody else has taken the time to do this. Will I fail?  Am i capable of this, running a non-profit?
 and then you just leap, you take the plunge.  it's a worthy cause and if nobody else will make this effort, then maybe it was meant for you to do all along.  often in life you think you are just doing this case going on vacation...but then it just becomes so much more and you realize that you going wasn't necessarily just about you having fun.  that the universe had bigger plans for you.
 I connected to Round Island.  not sure why certain places can do that to you, get into your soul and bring it meaning greater than other places.  i'm sure it was a combination of the beauty of the land and the walrus and fox and the birds.
 spoke to my niece, Claire, the other morning.  i'd emailed her our bylaws and she kindly looked them over for any glaring oversights.  i'm very grateful for that.  she was telling me about vision statements.  i'd never heard of one.  mission statements apparently a bit different.  a vision statement is the big picture, the dream, if no obstacles existed.  what would we all want for Round Island if there were no, government, politics...
 one night at my pay me job wasn't too busy so i tried to come up with a vision statement.  i wasn't able to yet..but i did come up with this.

If it was easy to get to and thousands came,
It would be destroyed,
The animals would leave,
And the flowers would be trampled.

Some places are best left wild,
So that generations,
Hundreds of years from now,

 Can come and sit and observe,
The same things we see now,
Walrus lumbering towards the Beach,
To bask in the sun,
Waves crashing over their backs,
 Fox sneaking about to steal eggs,
Birds from across the globe,
Congregating to nest.
 So we come together now,
These islands need to be cherished,
Watched over...
 that is as far as i got.  the dream though is for staff to be out there in the summers and for a small amount of people, those willing to go the extra mile to get out there, can go and sit in peace and marvel at the beauty of the world we live in.  one that hasn't been completely tampered and trashed by humans.
 in the big picture dream i don't think it would be terrible if there was a dependable boat with a paid captain to help ferry people safely over.  there is already a guy in Togiak that is trying to do this.  may all work better if all the different people out there worked together.  it's going to take all of us.
 Rio is snoring behind me.  she went in to vet today for tail check up.  dressing off, she wagged and some blood started to flow.  she has a new dressing and the sutures aren't coming out for at least another week. poor Rio.  she doesn't seem to mind.
 after the vets i took the dogs to University lake.  not too much walking, more socializing.  i know quite a few people there after all these years.  the dogs played, blossom chased her toy and everyone just enjoyed the day.
 sandhill cranes in my friends front yard in the morning. again still Homer. above looks like Augustine.  we could see all three volcano's from her window that day. Augustine, Iliamna and Redoubt.

 Miss Breezy Chatterbug has been curling up with Rio more and more of late.  it's so dang cute. she seems to leap up every time i think about taking a picture.
 When i get back from Seward i hope to get a good house cleaning done and get to that overgrown back yard.  flowers are growing despite me. the chickweed is again out of control.  we are going to backpack up to dale clemmons cabin again this summer.  of course, if it's pouring rain i can see us ditching out and hitting the sea life center. haha.  Tanya and them attempted it in foul weather once and turned back...too miserable.
 we don't have the cabin until sun-mon nights so i don't have to race out of here in the morning.  will probably just crash with blossom in the car in a campground around there.  still safer in a car than in a tent even after my bear encounter in the fall.
 work was busy. i had a few not bad nights.  one night i transferred two patients out to the floor and then got two admits in...none of the 4 patients were all that busy so pleasant enough night.  next night was really pretty chill, transferred one out that i'd gotten in the night before and then i just had the one patient.
 i had what we call "the crash bed".  that is a bed that we like to have available in case someone in the general hospital floors heart stops or they "crump" as we also say.  that night, it didn't happen
 i knew all those sick patients would catch up to me and my last night i had a 1:1 assignment.  running that continuous dialysis machine. it was a bit of a cluster at the onset and the filter clotted off, after i gave the guy some fluid boluses and got a new filter up and running the night was steady but not too crazy.
 these are from the boat ride out and back.  i didn't get the big rebel out very often on this trip. it rained a lot the main day we were there so it stayed packed in those dry bags.
 we had a  pretty ride out there.

 have paddled around these rocks.  these are across from another yurt on Kayak beach.
 the island to the right is really cool to paddle around on a calm day.
 i really should set up a calling/mailing list so i can keep track of who i have contacted and who i should contact.
 bought a few books about running non-profits and such...they arrived.  will have to immerse myself in those and pick up what i can.
 these are sunset shots from amazing.  these aren't color was really just that beautiful
 gonna have to get a little snicky snack before i head to bed.  went out to eat with friends, but i'm getting hungry again.
 Sandra was laughing as when she arrived i was drinking a beer.  i never drink beer!! it's just not my favorite beverage, but it just sounded good today. it's the Broken Tooth's raspberry wheat i think is what i had.  those owners must be rich. they own two of the most popular restaurants in town, the Moose's Tooth and the Bear Tooth (which is also a theater/pub) and now they have opened their brewery, Broken tooth.  those are all named after mountains in the Alaska range.
 i just got Taco's which are good but not all that filling.

 loved this of maddie.
 i stopped by Freddies on the way back to pick up a few foods for the trip. stuff i'll eat anyway if it's pouring rain.  i also needed to get a few small items for Maddies bag of fun.  i always seem to make her a little bag to keep her entertained while we are out in the wilds.  found a small Apples to Apples game, which she loves, so i got that.  it looks like it's different from the game she has....and we owe her a game.  haha
 these are from the ride back.
 ran across this nice rack o otters. so cute.
 how can you not love these sweet faces!!

 nice group of them though so we slowed as we passed. it's always funny that they just chill as the engines go past them, but if we were in kayaks they would all dive and speed off.

 do have some raisin sitting here by the desk i could snack on.  i'm eh on raisins but they work in a pinch.

 these are murres, we passed them...or more accurately, they passed us.
 stopped by Petco this afternoon.  it was so funny as i walked out, Rio chose to take a big dump in the middle of the all over and this poop was huge!! some kids walked past and boy were they impressed.  thank you Rio...don't worry i picked it up...may have thrown out my back doing so but...hehe.
 that is the end of Homer spit in the background

getting sleepy so i shall turn in for the day. thankful fors: 1.  getting the paperwork off to the IRS.  it's a decisive move and also a load off.  hopefully i filled all the boxes in right.  2.  all the positive words i hear about starting really helps.  3.  a nice week of work with great co-workers!!

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