Tuesday, October 14, 2014

almost all good reviews...with one notable exception!!

 a long and interesting day to say the least.  some Halloween shopping therapy and headed off to go moosespotting.  did good too.  2 bulls, 2 cows and these sweet calves.
 they were with their mama.
 my commentary piece did come out and i'd say i got almost all positive reviews.  a few smaller papers out Bristol Bay and Dutch Harbor way have even requested permission to reprint this in their papers...
 the ADN opinions editor encouraged me to write again if i feel the need to comment. thought that was a good sign.it was a full page in print.  they had one of my photo's with it.
 no word from anyone in fish and game until tonight.  i think DVL was not happy with my commentary and wrote me an email.  not my nicest review...i was feeling the words needed to be spoken and speak i did.  i cc'd it to a few of my lovely board members.   he had no idea who i'd cc'd it to though and i actually heard back from him again after 9pm...a sure sign that i rattled the poor guy a bit.  on the plus side..the wall at least admitted that he may be willing to bring some funds to the table, something i have never been able to get out of him before. i think he was more pc when he saw that i had cc'd people.
 it's a bit of a rollar coaster for a day.  was nervous how the commentary would go over at the brown offices.  best to keep Round Island in the news even if it means annoying a few for the good of the big pink boys out at the sanctuary.
 haven't even looked to see what the soap guy wrote to me today...one drama at a time.
 loved all the moose activity out there today.  the sunset was lovely as well.
 didn't sleep very well last night.  i suspect i was just anxious about the commentary piece.  no baking yet for any Monday walks.  i'm such a slacker.  Gail joined me for the walk.  speedy and kim joined us for the coffee.  i got chicken noodle soup.  tasty.  nice to just chill with friends and laugh a bit.
 apparently some nicu baby is needing my dialysis services. i've never done that down there and i have zero desire to.  those babies are too small.  they don't have enough blood.  it's way too stressful for me.

 crossing the road, family style
 they are so cute and have grown so much in a summer.
 apparently, the grass was greener on the other side.
 some plane activity as well...
 they don't seem to bothered by it all.
 it gets pretty loud on that road...jet blast zone.
 i am full of opinions.  not sure i'd want to write all the time though.  the comments can be brutal. i got pretty lucky today and overall they were rational comments...nothing really directed at me.  was nervous i'd be dealing with some crazies on there.  no worries though.  listened to that song "Brave" several times tonight...then my friend Gnat called and it was good to chat with her about it all, and Katie was texting me while i was writing with DVL. love that song...it really does help to scream it out sometimes.
 this big guy was a bit further down from the other moose.  there was another bull closer to earthquake park but i didn't stop and chill with him.
 city at dusk.
 they have shed their velvet.  a pre-rut thing to do.

 another plane takes off.  more fun when the bigger jets pass over, but something relaxing about watching them all take off one after another.
 he crossed over to the other side as well.  the grass was browner on this side though.
 liked this with the runway, plane, city and mountains.  so Anchorage.
 back to the family.
 the news of gay marriage coming totally eclipsed my piece.  lots of happy people.  our governor has said he will take it to court or some such thing....he will lose.  gay marriage is happening.  funny thing is that years ago many couples would probably have been happy with something equal to marriage that was fair but they got such a battle that they were forced to push harder.  sometimes when you hold too tight to an ideal that is outdated it comes back to bite you.
 i see that there is so much hate on our earth...in my mind any love should be embraced.   as long as they are consenting adults..let it be.
 and on to a sunset walk with the dogs.
 loved the reflections on the water.
 that big mountain was glorious and pink.  who can't have hope when you see such beauty.
 looking up some ebola stuff..someone sent a link to a cdc information center.  way too much reading...they should make it simplified and obvious to help it get followed. i'm all for the suggestion that those that get it get sent to a cdc infectious disease unit/hospital for better care and research.  i'm sure many are working on this now and hopeful that they will take some of the mystery out of this bad bug.
 am i nervous...i think i'm a healthy nervous.  i know they say more people are killed by influenza but the percentages with this virus are much higher for death and this impacts the healthy as often as the weak and infirm.  influenza generally effects those with chronic illnesses, respiratory diseases, the young, the old...ebola gets everyone.  so not the same.
 aids scared many at the time it was new, but there was also an impression that you needed to exchange blood or have sex to get this...with ebola there seems to be a bit easier transmission.  there are just a lot of unknowns about this bug right now.  it does seem like the cdc has tried to allay fears by giving us the impression they know more about it than they really seem to know.
 an old water tank i think...well, i have no idea.  it's the site of a great deal of graffiti.  you really don't see much graffiti in Alaska but this beach is all tagged up.  we have to prove we are a big city somehow.

 hopefully i sleep well tonight.  i've got the chair coming tomorrow, another dog walk...need to get some more WARIS stuff done.  there is always more.  must figure out how do we try and find big money.  much to learn.  i feel we have come a long way in a short time, but it's never enough.  should i be working harder...some would i guess, but i have a full time job and i'm not going to skip walks and over stress myself.  i am trying to help as  best i can, but it was never my intention to run the sanctuary or to be the primary funder of it.
 we did get a lot of likes today and a few requests to join the group.  so the commentary did get WARIS in print.  it was free too.  want to do a meeting thing but rooms cost money.  perhaps a meeting of the 32 with tables and a few speakers would be helpful. my next stretch off, perhaps i'll write the McNeil River group and a few others and see what we can all set up together.

 mysterious frog on the trails today.  Gail said there is a frog and i looked over and jumped...Alaskan frogs are pretty tiny so this one scared me. haha.  too funny.
 me with speedy's girl at Kaladi's.  such a cutie.
 she had me take pictures while she did some twirling.
 had fun at the petsmart trying on costumes for Blossom.  we finally settled on Miss Piggy this year.  the costumes are mostly too small even for Blossom. they had Eeyore so i was bummed as that would be a perfect one for Rio..but alas XXL was too small even for Blossom...she couldn't pull off Eeyore anyway.
 that blonde hair won me over and even though Blossom already has a box of costumes...we added one more.
 as i headed moose spotting.
 sleeping lady
 fire island i think...?  looked pretty.

 back to graffiti.
and off to bed.  thankful for 1.  the power of the pen...it is mightier than the sword (and the sword is too heavy for me anyway...and i'm a chicken).  2.  friends and family who support me 3.  moose and sunsets...so relaxing, and inspiring songs.

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  1. I need to catch up... All these acronyms I don't know! Great pics. I need to get some more fall color ones up myself.