Sunday, October 26, 2014

the Halloween celebrations are starting.

 finished 3 nights of work and still hadn't figured out my costume for the night.  the original party got cancelled at the last minute, but another friend jumped up and threw a party together at her place in like an hour..well done.  i've got people coming over tomorrow night...i should be cleaning right now
 this is how i really want to be...Rio and Miss Breezy know how to live.
 there was one cute pup at the party. took me some time to figure out that he and his companion were "dressed" as David and Goliath.  haha.
 MT gets the award in my book for the best costume of the night!!  i've never even seen Sharknado, but fun costume.  looks like it took some time to get together. SH is a scary doll i think.
 yours truely...well i settled on chopping up the many political mailers that have been showing up at the door.  turned it into some kind of fashion....electionista.  i had a pen for those who wished to do graffiti on my costume.  pictures later
 i was the first to leave....just getting too sleepy. after 3 nights of work i didn't have too much left after midnight.  there was another ACC party that i debating getting to but i just didn't move fast enough and the other party was south side of town it looks like.  not sure my costume would have survived the trip in the car.  it's basically trash now....which it was basically trash before i started tonight so that's cool.
 my week was spent in ACC this week.  strange to have the same patient 3 nights in a row.  doesn't happen too often.  the other patient i had for 2 of the nights was pretty cranky.  just waved me off most of the time.  never cracked a smile.
 everyone seemed to have fun at the party....thanks A for hosting when the other scheduled party fell through.  not easy, but you made it look easy.
 got a few donations today when i checked the mail....was happy, seems like whenever i need encouragement something happens that helps.
 great puppy.  quite mellow.  still fairly young.
 listening to music as i write.  don't do that very often.  will probably write more tomorrow and hit the sack fairly early tonight.  always lots going on in the news.
 had great co-workers all week so we had fun.  got written up i guess for not telling e-icu my patient has arrived in a timely fashion.  of course, i wanted to point out to the dude who watches the monitors that i could turn around and write him up for not noticing a new rhythm showing up for 2 hours.  i'm not one to write people up unless there was a situation that could have caused harm.  some people write you up for anything.
 lots of scary
 i've never been the most creative costume designer.  sometimes i get a good one...this one wasn't my best, but it worked for the night.  some people are super creative.
 Rio ate through the childproof container of her glucosamine and i think she must have eaten those dessicant things that say do not eat.  i couldn't find them.  i'm assuming it was Rio...seems like her sort of thing to do.  no way to make those containers dog proof.  i should have known to put the trash can up or take it out.  i'm usually more on top of that stuff.  so far no ill effects noted.
 flo and mayhem...cute costumes as well....and simple.
 party goers.
 some of the graffiti that made it's way onto my costume
 today Blossom and  i walked out at Campbell Airstrip.  some ice is starting to form.
 was surprised as i walked along the creek how many salmon are still making their way up the creek.  i think i saw 20 in this one area.  they looked pretty dang worked.  half dead salmon.
 another day we hit the bog.  took Rio on that one.  forced a walk out of her.  she is for sure coming along less and less.

 i really will need to book it tomorrow to get the house ready for pumpkin carving.  i have 4 of my own to carve, two small, two large.  always running out of time.
 these are all ice from the bog the other day.  always so pretty to find these shallow puddles at the right times.
 nature creates such amazing designs.  this place is awesome....every week there seems to be something totally different to see in the same place.  nothing stays the same.
 we got that wee bit of snow which has stuck around a bit.  it's turned to ice, the ground is freezing up.

 not sure what winter will bring this year and i still have this to do list to work on.  gotta get my schedule put in for the next bit in the am.  don't like that there is no seniority in the process.
 music is good.  probably not the easiest to write to.  i'm sleepy though.'s happening.
better crash for the night.  good night.  thankful fors...A...that i came up with some sort of costume...not the best but it worked, B.  another week of work without a major boo boo.  whew!!  C.  the ever changing seasons. in Alaska every day you hit the refresh button and the scenery changes.

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