Tuesday, October 28, 2014

pumpkin carving fun...

 these are my two creations.  the left side one is a walrus in case you can't tell.  i had to create my own stencil for that one.  the other one was a star wars stencil...thought it turned out cool.  i think everyone who came last night had a good time.  felt bad as there was loads of food that went uneaten.  took extra cupcakes to the monday walk today...well the coffee section anyway.
 speedy brought the peds/picu work entry pumpkin to get it done...that is Olaf below.  sadly he couldn't keep his head on at the PAMC display.
 catching up on paper reading again.  Anchorage has a new, what is called a breastaurant, now.  pretty demeaning to the females of society but sadly many of the females in our society seem to line up to demean themselves so not much to do be done about a society of females that want to marginalize themselves and their bodies.  the lastest ones look like little girls in kilts with what little breasts they have shoved up.
strange today to see a Dr I worked with just a few weeks ago in one of those yellow prison jumpsuits. didn't get the vibe from him....he is accused of 11 counts of first degree sexual assault of a minor.....and on and on.  several victims apparently have come forward.  won't be seeing him at work, will have to see what comes of this.  just sad, all around sad.
 A even got up after the bigger party the night before to join us.  sounds like i left the party very early. i was ready though.  this afternoon i was happy to chill at home alone.  i can only do social for so long and then i need some time alone.  for sure i'm on the introverted side of the social spectrum.  i do enjoy social gatherings that are smaller like these have all been, but then i do need some quiet time to refuel my social tolerance bank
 another nice pumpkin.  mostly the help went towards the contest pumpkin so not to many individual pumpkins carved.  got some guts and hopefully i can pump out some pumpkin bread to take to work in the morning.  it's so good!!!
 couldn't get anyone to play pool with me, was able to get A to join me for a few games though.  thanks!!  i needed that.
 the ebola scares continue.  a teacher up in Houston Alaska went to South Africa and there were apparently some ebola rumors...clearly our schools have failed in teaching geography for decades.  another volunteer who had been in West Africa assisting with ebola care returned to New York only to be placed in a forced quarantine.  i'm mixed on this.  i understand that if they do get ebola they'd rather be in the states but it doesn't seem like they have all been very careful about isolating themselves which once that doctor became + was a bit of a nightmare for the officials in the area to try and track down.  not to mention the panic that seemed to go along with this.  more education and research is needed.  i think the nurse lawyer'd up and will actually be released...with the media the way it can be she may wish she was back in the peace and quiet of sanctuary until her 21 days are complete.
 my yoda looks pretty cool actually...it is already wilting though.  below is typical pumpkin carving bruising on my arm.  this happens every year.
 an interesting event in Malyasia has caused some controversy.  it's called, "i want to touch a dog". apparently some conservative muslim groups in some parts of the world find dogs to be unclean and avoid any contact with them.  if they come in contact with a dog there is apparently a ritualistic cleaning that needs to be done.  so this event has triggered outrage in many while being enjoyed by others. a voice of reason in my mind but one considered very liberal to some had a few interesting things to say.  Mahathir said, "all we are getting these days is how to hate an ever growing list of people and things. How much energy are we to spend on hate?  and how does hating anything and everything make us happy and better Muslims?".  Malaysia has been a place of strife between differnt cultures for several years now.
 just T and i on the walk today.  not much to take pictures of.  here are some bird tracks on the creek and the water flowing over the little wood bridge on the tank trail.
 winter seems to have come to stay.  i had a fire in the fireplace again tonight.
 the house is clean for the most part since i had the party.  i have a big bag of papers to sort through. paper collects and it never seems to end.
 this handsome guy has been seen out on the trails of late.  he's 12 but looks great i think.
 here are a few entries for the PAMC pumpkin contest.  not sure who did what..
 two olafs though.
 the ninja's are cool
 lactation folks can't create a pumpkin without a breast so here is their boobie.
 my walrus template.
 not too bad for my first try.  back to work tomorrow.  so much to do...i'm so behind on the calendars and cards...aack!!  night.
thankful for.  1.  folded chips...love those...and potatoes in general.  so versatile 2.  silly stories that make you laugh.. someone asking dietary for "a bowl of fruit" that apparently sounded like "ebola"....guess a firestrom ensued.  relax people!! hahahaha.  3.  friends, new and old..i know i'm a bit of an introvert at times but i do enjoy getting together with people even if it can be a wee bit uncomfortable for the introvert part of me.

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