Wednesday, October 22, 2014

and then the snow came...

 cleared up today though so i headed out towards potters and beyond a bit.  not too many days left to just drive and enjoy the view.  the darkness comes and the roads become a bit more tricky.  several mountain goats out by Windy Point.  they hang there so you can see them often.  a few were super low so i snapped a few of them in the bush.  this was a mama with her baby
 a few more from Sunday from another camera.
 walked alone, if i'd gotten up and moving earlier i guess i could have walked with T.  Ended up doing Rovers Run with Blossom and Rio. a slow walk.  All of Rio's walks are slow these days. she seems tired but happy right now.
 she saw that snow on Monday and opted out of the Monday walk.  really i've pretty much opted her out.  i feel bad rushing her and the walks pace is always faster than hers.  she was happy to stay home it seems and that seems to be the case more and more.  never sure how long i'll have this big sweet pup in my life.  want her every day to be happy if it can be.
 much of Potters Marsh is starting to freeze. tossed a few cool sounds, but now that i know it can happen you can bet i'll be skipping rocks and ice forevermore.  soon we can go ice skating here. always cool.  love ice.
 got sucked into the police recordings from a party that the Palins attended recently that went badly.  all of the kids sounded pretty drunk and rowdy...i think those tea partiers should stick to tea when they party.  they clearly can not maintain their decorum with alcohol on board.  big brawl...the f-bomb was flying.  Sarah Palins voice is so recognizable.  it was like watching a train wreck...i couldn't turn it off. funny, sad and pathetic!
Bristol was hauling off and hitting the host of the party who really just wanted her to leave. then she's all screaming that there is a 5 year old in the limo.  really, you want everyone to be concerned for your 5 year old suddenly when you are drunk and brawling and screaming the F word and the C word loudly.  i suggest you leave any and all children at home with a sober sitter before heading out to party in the future. if you have time to kill and want a good laugh at others expense...well it's fascinating.
 the swans have less places to enjoy the open water so they were pretty much congregated in a few areas.  this made all of the local photographer types happy, myself included. they were pretty active, lots of diving and flapping of wings and flying about.
 last i'd heard there were just a few so these guys must be just taking a quick break on their flight south. the who's who of swans all stop by the Marsh.  thankfully, they behaved much more more civil to their fellow comrades than Palins at a Birthday Party.
 watched for a bit then drove on a bit.  was debating a drive down to the conservation center but turned around soon after Windy.  just ready to call it a day.
 have not accomplished as much as hoped this stretch off.  a great WARIS week turned a bit depressing.  all these mailers, and the article which were well recieved...really no donations, not enough to pay for stamps that is for sure.  i have much to learn about running this little non-profit.  will get my books out this week and see if inspirations happen.  thinking i'll write to the guy who runs Friends of McNeil River and see if they may be up for a joint event....maybe i can learn a few tips that way.  see if he'll go for it.  hate to spend money to rent a place for a lecture just to see money leave our bank account.  want to figure out how to get the most bank for our buck.
 so a bit of a bummer...i think i'm doing many of the right things but it takes time.  still frustrating. got our business license application sent off.  we need that to sell things...or to have the option to sell things.  something to eventually build up with t-shirts and such.  we have a cool logo and i think the Walrus Rock thing could be good.
 thinking it may be best to start by trying to call the schools with marine bio programs and then follow it with a letter.  so next week...i'll hit the phones again.  we are running out of time and i'm not sure i've helped at all.
 these guys were a bit further up the cliffs.
 always love to get birds in flight.  a few came out fairly decent.  swans are such beautiful birds...will look forward to their return in the spring
 i did make a huge dent this stretch off getting pictures loaded into shutterfly.  it's so much easier than it has been in past years so that helps a lot.  i'm behind on my calendar making but hopefully i'll get it together.  my whole life feels behind this year.  hard fitting all my lazy time requirements in.  just have to adapt to a busier life...i've been lazy long enough.
 really need to get an idea i have patented.  of course, that could mean a lot more work, but i really think this idea is a good one.
 nice to hear my hospital is making plans for potential ebola outbreak. i think chances are slim but best to have plans in place.  they were taking volunteers for caregivers i guess, have a room set aside for isolation, then a section and if it got beyond that from what i hear they would find a place out side of the hospital for cares.  they won't run high risk codes...too much risk to caregivers in a code.  so hopefully, it doesn't come to that.
 Our Representative, Don Young, seems to be losing it more and more.  flying off on people, being totally inappropriate.  one wonders if he isn't suffering from some form of dementia.  i always hope that i will know when it's my time to step down if this happens but often you are the last one to figure it out.
 his last thing was an event at a Wasilla High School.  his poor staff must work their arses off trying to make the crap that comes out of him sound like some sort of misunderstanding.  the spin doctors are working overtime.
 birds in flight....i so envy them.  they never seem to crash.  i know a few hit windows and all that, but birds have a much higher safety record than planes...and no air traffic controllers or instrumentation required. it's quite impressive.  nature is amazing.
 i love looking a the pictures on the computer of bird take off's and landings.
 they were doing some pretty impressive bathing rituals out there.
 a few grey babies out there.
 these guys were in another section a bit further back.
 must be deeper at this end.
 look at those wings....!!
 the water from the landing...quite the splash down
 the ducks were also busy, many ducks just stick it out all winter.  a few places never totally freeze up, but still seems awful cold for any birds up here.  they got them hollow bones and all.

 Hid away and started to read my latest Readers Digest.  easy reading for sure...but i do enjoy it.
 an American got released from prison in North Korea.  sounds like it was a bit of a surprise. the guy had left a bible in his hotel room.  if he did that on purpose it was a pretty lame thing to do in a country like North Korea.  he is free though, a few more there are not.  this guy wasn't ever convicted and the other prisoners are.
 Nigeria is apparently free of Ebola, they are also trying to work with their own terrorist group and still hope to get those poor school girls freed that were kidnapped months ago.  so a wee bit of good news in the world we live in.
 this swan appears to be rejoicing...they are free of the news though and have no idea what the crazy humans they share this earth with are  up to. i'm sure when they make these big flights though they are often confused  as i'm sure places they have landed previously will have disappeared or been altered. the just have to keep adapting.  thankfully, things move fairly slow up here...despite the hopes of a few corporations and politicians.
 another PFD fraud has been caught...she was apparently also guilty of passport fraud and using her false citizenship to fraud the government.  she was supposedly a "good citizen" but in truth was neither good nor a citizen was a quote...she should face deportation. she will be required to pay back the permanent fund and money to the department of labor.  you fraud that PFD...they will go after you.
 these guys below were probably less than 50 feet away.
 that baby is so cute!!
 checking me out.  i'm sure they are fairly used to humans taking pictures of them.
 more curious looking than scared.  not sure if any more were hiding in the brush.  just got lucky glimpsing these two.
 Miss Breezy Chatterbug snuggles up with her dog loves. currently she is sleeping next to a snoring Rio Catalina. so cute.
 she will snuggle with Pogi and i get more attention than i used to but still, she is the dogs cat.
 Monday walk was in the snow.  we had a few Michelles and Lena and I.  the dogs were happy...dogs love snow!!  at least our dogs do.
 i put MW in charge of treats.  MT was celebrating a Birthday.  felt bad i didn't have anything more festive to offer for the day.
 everyone had a nice time though i think.  Monday walks are always great times.  Karen showed up for Coffee...shocked us all by walking and driving solo!!  congrats!!  Speedy also came by for the after walk social.
 after i got the urge to shop at REI followed by snowman making. i had a murder in mind.  of course, today it occurred to me that this could be seen as wildly insensitive what with ISIS and their brutal murders...but i truely never thought of those poor folks and was innocently just having hopefully no offense is taken.  it was just good clean snowman fun.
 my next good snow i think i'll make a snowman faceplant and put a banana peel down as the cause...hehe. it is a Calvin and Hobbes kind of thing.  always loved that comic strip.
 hell, i thought it turned out pretty funny and it did get some fun comments on facebook.  haha.
 Blossom investigates...the murder scene is melting fast though.
 Blossom on Rovers run today.
 only a few photo's taken on the trail haven't walked Rovers for a bit.  didn't see any salmon in the creek today so figured i'd risk it.  it's a place the bears walk in the summer.  saw no bear prints or scat out there.  the bikers have been through
 guess it was rough walking in regular hiking boots. i've switched over to my snow boots though so it was fine.
you have survived another exciting day in the life of me.  hope you enjoyed the pictures...i suspect most don't actual read my witty words. haha.
thankful for today...a.  the surprise goat and swan sightings b.  silence c.  snow...i know but i really do love it.

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