Tuesday, October 7, 2014

first monday walk of the season

 it went great today...fun to get the season started.  a bit chilly out there, but we warmed up quickly walking out there. time to bring out the ski hats and gloves. the ground was starting to freeze up nicely.
 mix and match catch up of pictures...not nearly as behind as i was this summer.  hopefully we get to see some moose action tomorrow.
 tried to get a few things done on the to do list.  did manage to buy a little lazy boy recliner chair....that was my splurge with some of my pfd.  i bought the smaller and cheaper one..so still a lot left in the fund to keep in savings for emergencies...or build up for one of my home repair hopes.
 so i did get a few things checked off the list and perhaps i'll get started on a few more things.  can't apply to add WARIS to the PFD funds pick/click/give thing until 2/1/15 for the 2016 perm fund..couldn't do it at all until we got our 501(3)(c).
 a few volcano's as seen from the gasline/powerline trail of north bivouac.
 felt safer with it being widened and plowed yet a bit bummed that it had been widened and plowed just always sad for the plants and how they munched up the little creek.  nature just does stuff better than humans ever seem to.  i tend to avoid that one in the summer months though as the brush is so thick and the bear risk is high.  would really prefer to not meet up with a bear on a thin brushy trail with two dogs.
 the larch are turning yellow for fall.  it's just always cool to see these non-ever greens turn.  i had no idea such trees existed.  so strange.
 popped over to Worzonoff to see the sunset.  it was pretty out there.
 liked the look through the trees.
 was looking for some moose sightings but didn't see any.

 was worried about whether something had changed on the web site but we are still able to accept donations there and as i looked, we had a few so that was comforting.  speedy takes care of the donation thank you notes, so i gave her some bumper stickers and envelopes for those to send off with the note for donations over $20.
 from the looks of my WARIS desk i need to spend some time getting organized.  bits of paper everywhere....which is how i tend to live my life anyway.  i write important stuff on little bits of paper which i then hunt for.  i have really liked the notes feature on my phone for that very reason.  i've heard that isn't on the newer phones...maybe i can get it as an app.  i have all sorts of notes in there and i can actually find them which is great.
 one is just for all the various phones and codes from different units. so many numbers and i am terrible at recalling numbers, always have been.
above you can see the ice forming in the ground.
 i also have a grocery list and one where i just put thoughts that come to my head that i can blog about later.  i have a WARIS one with numbers and info that i may need on the fly.
 a few above from the bog and then below are the widened area of the gasline/powerline trails
 good sight lines for safety. not that a bear or moose can't be just off the side in the brush, but it does help.
 not sure what this will look like when they are done doing whatever it is they are doing.  blossom is laying in the creek.  it's been bulldozed, the water is still flowing but it's not the natural flow that it had been previously.
 today we just did the big loop...
 just Lena, M.T, and I with the dogs.  Rio stayed home.  she can do these walks but at a much slower pace.  tough to keep up with a group and go her pace or force her to try and walk faster than is comfortable for her.
 not sure if the planks will be removed after they are all done or if they will stay.  i suspect they just reuse these for the trucks to run over.
 lots of pipes though so not sure what will be the final outcome.
 the snow is for sure here and moving its way down the mountains. the ground is getting frozen.  Blossom tried to soak in one of her favorite mud holes but it was mostly frozen up.  she cracked her way into one and got a mini soak...her mud season is almost over.  once the mud is gone i will get her in for a good and thorough bath for the winter. in winter she just gets wet...not that dirty. she really does hate smelling nice though.
 another shot of some larch up the road from here.
 these are from the walk out Potters to Mchugh.  we just went to the lookout as all those roots were really tough for Rio.
 really a beautiful day.  today was also lovely.  crisp air....
 the trees were so pretty the other day out there on this hike.
 thirsty tonight, obviously i did not drink enough fluids today to keep hydrated.  ended up falling asleep on the couch with Rio, next thing i knew it was 9pm...need to get my life on a schedule and stick to it.
 bought some little note pads so i can write new to do lists.  i need a bigger house. haha.
 really do dream of creating a big walk in closet over my front deck and expanding my front bedroom..perhaps turning my current closet into a small master bath...not sure if such a thing would even be possible.  the back of the front deck would then be closed in as a sitting area/sun deck/mud area.  would probably have to take that time to re-do my roof as well.  so what 20-30K?  no problem, right?  then there is just the kitchen to be remodeled.
 by then all the stuff i've previously done will be do for a freshen up...and it begins all over again.  haven't done any big projects since i did the office and guest room.  the other stuff i want is mostly bigger and costlier.
 watched the start of the next season available of midwives.  that kept me up late last night.  i have "saving Mr Banks" that i could watch tonight if i'm not too wiped out
 was all into the trees out there....so many of them and the light through them was so pretty.

 i just couldn't get enough of all these trees.
 may try and wake up early enough to take dogs for a nice morning walk and then perhaps go dogless to powerline...or just Blossom.  she's pretty chill.

 back to the big leaves above and more trees enjoying the sun.
thankful for...1. friendships, old and new and the continued opportunity to meet new people and make them old friends.  2.  snuggling with Rio... 3.  little yellow note pads...to do lists make me happy

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