Monday, October 13, 2014

 not many pictures today.  rainy/wet week and work week as well.  2 nights in the Emergency room and one night in CCU.  these are from a trek out at Campbell Airstrip.  as you can see by the mauled salmon below there is still a risk of bears.  there are still salmon running in the creek there.  where there are salmon there are usually bears.  none spotted though.
 happy to report that my commentary piece was accepted and published by ADN, just showed up in the online version tonight and will be in print tomorrow.  pretty excited about it and hope that it is well received.  hoping feathers don't get too ruffled over it.  best to keep this place in the news if there is any hope of improving the situation for next year.
 that should be the link. enjoy and tell me what you think.  got chilly last week and some ice is forming.  probably melted back with this rain and warmer weather the past 24 hours.
 aside from Walrusgate i am also seeming to get involved in Soapgate at work.  having an email exchange with the infection control dude.  the battle of the bad and unmarked soap dispensers.  with ebola making it's rounds i think now is a bad time to have questionable handwashing stations.  if you use soap like a hand sanitizer not much good will come of it.  so i may have annoyed someone else...apparently my big mouth makes me a natural activist for all causes...finally found my place in the world. haha.  of course, it has given me a brilliant idea for an invention...just have to explore how to go about it.  eventually we will have a world where the walrus are safe and hands are properly washed...not bad goals!!  we all have to leave our mark on the earth...but not on our hands.
 for sure chatter about ebola in the ER.  i may be faced with it as other nurses have already.  it's our job and there is some inherent risk in this work.  hopefully by the time the bug reaches Alaska researchers will have found out more about it.  clearly the powers that be wish to make us think they understand much more about this than anyone actually does. maybe this bug isn't too stable in cold temperatures...if that is the case, well bring on winter!
 the election pollers have discovered my cell hiss!!  ignore.  our voter information pamphlets conveniently left out the other major candidate for governor.  totally left out of the booklet.  really?  no corruption there, right?  can't wait for this election to be over. it's so annoying. i get so many little flyers and pamplets each day in the mail.  i have a better understanding of the costs of such things now and can't believe the amount of money spent on trying to buy votes and win elections this way. the world could be a much better place if those funds were used for more worthy causes.
 canker sores are turning up again.  hate those things...i ate pringles so i have no one to blame but myself.  shouldn't grocery shop between shifts when i'm tired...i get weak and buy bad for me foods.
 had to get a few of these beautiful larch. love their color changes in the fall.
 really stands out!  another stand out is Malala...congrats on the nobel prize...she is young but so brave.  sadly, those in her home country don't always hold her up but would rather tear her down or threaten to kill her and her family members.  chatted with a few sibs today.  watched Ben Afflects meltdown with Bill Maher.  i'm with Maher on this one.  i think most religions have positive that can be found.  often even at the base of many of the sects of this particular religion,women are held down and often mistreated.  it's not to condemn an entire people but one must look at the big picture sometimes.  Maher was just saying it was interesting that the liberal views seem to get forgotten in the political correct language regarding the Islamic religion.  things like freedom of speech, education for all, womens rights, gay rights....interesting conversation anyway.  Afflect just seemed to lose it and seemed incapable of hearing and responding rationally.  you must keep a cool head to prevail.
 funny story...Putin involved himself in the release of a tiger back into the wild. it was collared.  that tiger defected to China.  sadly, the tiger may have chosen his relocation plans poorly as tigers are frequently poached in China.  his life may end sadly and more rapidly than if he'd stayed in Russia.  where is a poor tiger to go?
short but sweet. i am ready to retire for the night. best to get an early start on the day tomorrow.  grateful today for...A.  ADN for publishing my commentary.  hope it reaches to people and helps make a difference.  B.  a meal out with friends. always nice.   C. the ability to entertain my patients and co-workers...silliness can be a gift.

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