Monday, October 20, 2014

just another day at the beach!

 late to bed, late to rise...makes a person thrive!!  we both look pretty perky here i think.  the sun was lovely out this end of town.  it took a long time for the clouds to lift at my end. after i'd been home from the walk for a bit, big snow flakes were seen coming down.  it turned to rain eventually, nothing stuck.
 did get several months into the shutterfly account. will try and do a few more.  perhaps i can get that calendar made before i head back to work.  so a late night every so often isn't too bad.  really should get back to a more normal for me schedule. i'll never say normal because working night shift you have a different normal than the rest of the world.
 no doubt the night shift has negatively impacted my social skills and social life.
 when i'm out and about it's obvious that most people are out and about with other humans.
 i take pictures of people out with people...see below, but most of the time i am the only people with me. i'm for sure not a person other people seek out to be with.  if i plan stuff with people then they may come and hang with me, if i don't, then they won't. sometimes i think my phone must be the most unused phone in all of the world.
 if it weren't for those political poll calls it would hardly ever ring at all.  i could so do without those calls though.  can't wait til this election is done, but once it's done, they just start working on the next one. no wonder stuff never gets accomplished in government.  if they took all the dang money they spent trying to get elected and spent it fixing the problems we all face...we'd be a perfect nation.  teachers and police would be paid what they should get paid.  kids would learn, walrus would be safe...
 the cairn guy was obviously out there again . love when i walk after he's been out there.  all those cool piles of delicately placed rocks for me to photograph and enjoy. he changes it up to keep himself interested i'd guess.
 this time he was using many of the tree branches and old drift wood pieces to pile on.
 some fine balance out there.  the guy must have some kind of patience.  i have met him at least once.  we must travel a few of the same places.  the paper did a write up about him one time.  i think he just enjoys doing this, it's creative and it's very relaxing for him.
 some of the rocks that he balances are quite impressive.  i was thinking i should make a few small cairns today and then there these were.  such a gift!!
 seeing all of his balance restores my own balance.
 Blossom goes and checks them out too.  she can tell that they aren't in a natural configuration.
 Rio stayed home and Blossom and i enjoyed our day out there.  it was beautiful. the clouds were awesome.  love clouds.  if it's just straight blue skies the light can be flat and the scenery just doesn't have that same punch as it does with clouds.
 i left as the sun was getting ready to set.  i'd been out awhile and it was getting chilly. didn't want to leave Rio too long at home.  probably was even more spectacular and in some ways i regret not just sticking around a bit longer.  it was very relaxing though and a good day.  needed to attempt to get a few things done and should get to bed at a reasonable hour.
 gotta get my TB test read tomorrow before the Monday walk.
 Pogi spent some time in this box while i loaded pictures last night.  he's so cute.
 quite a few people out there enjoying the day.  this is a loved locals spot.
 was hoping to see a few bull moose out there on the walk in/out.  no luck.  just saw a few mama's and calves in the distance.
 last night i watched, "happy, thank you , more please".  always enjoy the simple messages of some movies.  we don't all always feel worthy of love, but we are and if you are lucky you find someone who loves you for who you are.  if you don't find that i have always found it's best to walk away.
 "marley" is the movie for the night.  may not finish it tonight, paused it for now.  can't write and have a movie on at the same time.
 balancing rocks.

 roads are closing across Alaska for the winter.  never made it to Chicken this summer...the Taylor highway ends maintenance until spring.  i think Chicken pretty much shuts down.  further in Eagle does carry on through winter.  snowmachines and dog teams.
 this looks like a mini stonehenge
 many others were admiring the stones as well.  the tide will roll in and many may be gone by morning.
 thought this one kinda looked like a snowman
 loved this one with the light and the tiny waves...took more pictures of it than i knew what to do with.  sadly, had to delete many does one need.
 this one above was probably the best .
 Blossom entertained all the walkers by swimming all afternoon.  she is so much more lab than poodle.
 kind of have wondered today if i have a bit of bug starting up.  so often working places like peds and ER you get exposed to stuff and often my body fights it off, but there is that time of battling where you feel a bit tired and out of sorts.  hopefully, it doesn't become more than that.
 the light is fabulous!!
 a few more selfies with my girl...besties!!
 she was more into the scenery than the selfies.
 always so much to see and smell when you are a dog i guess.
 this is probably the best one of me...still can't believe there are 50 years of me on this goes fast...enjoy what you can while you can.  the piles may build up in the house, but it's still better to get outside and take in the world we have been gifted with.
 while i ate dinner i turned on the tv...often tv is background noise.  nobody at the house can be quiet...i need to hear human voices even if i never get to be with other humans.
 always love the light through the trees...very pretty.
 anyway, there is this new silly reality show.  "90 day visa" i think it was called.  fiance visa's.  these people agree to marry people they have barely met or only know through the internet.  it's pretty pathetic.  this 40 something single mom of 3 teen girls falls for this 26 year old from Tunisia?  anyway...that seems a wee bit of a scan.  she's not some hot 40 something either...
another girl arrives from Columbia i think and climbs in bed with her fiance. in the morning she sees the piles of dishes and laundry and he's all there is the washer and dryer, i'm going to watch sports on tv. nice....
 suspect the majority of these visa marriages do not happen or do not end well.  what people will do for love...go buy a puppy instead!!  loyal and cute.
 marijuana has taken over the papers today.  will there be marijuana in candy for kids this year at trick or treat?  will Alaska legalize it?  i guess on this one i'd say wait a bit and let the other states that have already legalized it get the kinks out first and see what happens there.  no rush for this change.
 it is funny the pictures that went with the article show lots of workers in a marijuana grow site...they look to be dressed better for ebola than the Texas health care workers were.  i see a lawsuit on that one and deservedly so.  many who crossed path with the poor guy who passed away will be finishing their quarantine time and seem to have weathered this.  if we can just keep future cased out of the country except those that go right to the main infectious disease hubs...hopefully we can all breath a sigh of relief.
 the quarantine sounds like it has been tougher on some than others.  blame and anger directed at some.  the stigma will last way past the quarantine for a few.
 had to get the wide angle out and get a few photos with beautiful.
 the sun goes down slow but early.  we have long sunrises and long sunsets up here.
 the grasses and sedge are lovely in their fall colors
 Blossom almost blends right in.
 those are my feet..first we sat for awhile on a log on the beach and then i moved up to the sandy dunes and perched there for a bit.
 was just tough to walk away.  had the hill to climb back up to the car though so it was time.

guess i shall try and get to sleep a bit earlier tonight and plan on loading pictures and working on WARIS tomorrow. must set my alarm and get moving in the morning.  good night...
grateful fors for today...1.  beautiful skies and the time to enjoy them 2.  my new lazy boy chair...quite comfy...and the cats like it too 3.  the sound of tiny waves lapping the land.  so relaxing.

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