Sunday, November 2, 2014

dreary day...

 headed to the only place that appeared to have light.  the light was miles away but could be seen at the beach.  Blossom joined me.  she is always good company.  she delights in meeting and greeting new people and despite my general lack of social graces and popularity she always  seems to enjoy my companionship as well.
 a spam comment noted right before i started to write todays blog...some person arguing for all men to boycott American women. of course i didn't go read his opinion further than that and sent it to spam and then laughed as it would seem that American men have boycotted this American woman years ago.
i'm sure i could work at it, go on multiple match making web sites and in the past i did, but i found it all quite tedious.  i have dated many men and did so for many years...there just never was that right fit.  a wrong fit and you are uncomfortable and miserable all day...i now liken dating to shopping for pants...imagine trying on all size 6 pants when you actually wear a size 8 or 10! it's rather depressing.  in a word...i find the continued pursuit of dating tedious.  now if some fabulous guy were to find me worth the challenge then go for it...i may be won over with some work and persistence.
this scenario is highly unlikely...i fear i am destined to spend the rest of my life untouched and unloved! thankfully i was happily slutty in my 20's and 30's and have no regrets for those years of playing the field.
 just watched, "coco before chanel" always a fun little movie.  this designer started out humbly and found her way in a world that preferred women to be taken care of.  she did what she had to do for a time but eventually was able to stand alone and brave this world alone.  always enjoy Audrey Tautou in movies.
 my knee has been acting up a bit and i think my vein issues have returned.  when he did my first vein procedure he said he'd been unable to access the outside vein on that leg, those veins have worsened.  Monday i will try to make some appointments. perhaps insist on an MRI for this knee and get the vein rechecked.  walking is vital to me and i want to be able to enjoy it fully.
 this tree is always worthy of a stop and a photo or two.
 took this first route down as there was a guy below on the ice and he said it was stable.  it cracked a bit but held Blossom and I fine.
 my article came out on 10/17 in both "The Arctic Sounder" and "The Bristol Bay Times".  it was a good way to spread the word on the walrus and round island.  will have to work on another article.  this one was well received and the editor seemed to indicate they would be happy to read my opinion again.
 above the guy with his dogs on the ice, then Blossom on the ice.  it's a lagoon.
 some mixed feelings seem to abound about this nurse in Maine who had been in Africa helping Ebola patients.  upon her return she was thrust into quarantine.  she had no symptoms and she has battled this treatment, willing to go to courts over it.  she actually seems rational...took off amid the press for a bike ride with her boyfriend the other day.  i do love a rebel.  she is willing to speak to CDC daily and give them an update on any symptoms or fevers.  she also says she would avoid areas with lots of other people.
people are scared and over reacting.  her battle could be all of our battle as nurses.  how will you get people to go help out in trouble spots across the globe, but also how will you get nurses to care for Ebola patients here if they know in advance that every time they care for a patient with Ebola they will be punished with house arrest for 21 days.  who will pay for their rent, mortgages and food while they sit at home day after day?
 nov 1 and i had every intention of getting to the gym tonight to begin again in the work out routine.  was eating a snack to tide me over but i apparently had a moment of regurg and some aspiration?  strange, but i got pretty chocked up and it took hours for my lungs to feel totally normal.  thought it best to not press it.  breathing fine now, will put on the music and dance for a's aerobic and fun and always a good release anyway.
 not many out on the beaches today.  always relaxing to just walk on the sandy part.  these long stretches of beaches like exist in many signs of civilization.  i did love that i Nome and would love to return just to walk those beaches again.
 extra hour of sleep tonight.  i'm rarely short on sleep though.  well, on my work days i run short, but i seem to make it up on my days off.
 our idiot Mayor, Lt Gov candidate has again vetoed a bill, big surprise.  he opposes everything that seems rational...this time an ordinance had been passed to protect our local moose population from being impaled on fences with metal spikes on the top.  a few moose are impaled each year getting snagged on these as they attempt to jump these fences.  i really hope all these idiots do not get put in office...both Sullivans and Young for sure need to go IMO.  the senatorial Sullivan would like to see the endangered species act gotten rid of as he feels it makes it too hard for companies to move forward.  Walrus are waiting to be accepted to this list...could impact the arctic drilling i'm sure..Polar Bears are already listed.
 Bill Sherwonit posted another opinion piece the other day about the mismanagement of Alaska's wildlife and the current governor's responsibility in this.  i'll try and post it to the facebook page later.
 the tide was going out as i was there.  this little lagoon/estuary was emptying out.
 you just never know what you will see there. life is always changing here.  no big ice chunks in the water but i did note some small ice deposited on the beach as the tide went out.
 you can see it in this shot below.
 took a few with the fish eye on the little canon.
 that is Sleeping Lady in the back. Denali was prominent today as well.
 it's always so disgusting to me how much money is spent on these elections.  so many of our nations problems could be greatly helped by this money going to something more legitimate.  most of it comes from interest groups not directly related to the actual candidate.  our senatorial race has seen some $50 million spent!!  the candidates by ADN report have spent $6-7 million each.  outside groups across the nation have spent some $475 million...and i'm just looking for $100,000 to fund Round Island. it's sickening.  election reform needs to happen.  how though?
 beach and beach ice.
 ice mixed with rocks.
 of course with that clean slate i really had to write something!! my Walrus Rock campaign plan is to put walrus in peoples minds.  it's simple and i think it can be effective!!
 of course i will always believe that dogs rule as WALRUS ROCK and DOGS RULE!!
 there is that big all her glory!
 my sweet girl on the ice.
 i just walked very carefully lest i end up on the ice with some horrible head injury.  not worth it.
 really should read my paper more closely...there was a good lecture by the guy who wrote that commentary i mentioned...i missed it.  dang! i may have been working anyway, but i could have seen if anyone else was off and available.
 so my lungs are totally back to normal yet.  can still feel they are a bit irritated and a wee bit tender.  we shall see what tomorrow brings.
 Tim Magraw played the new venue by the hospital.  our parking garages on that side of the hospital will be relegated to those going to concerts and events...of course these events begin the same time my shift does.  i had to work my way through the traffic to get to the parking lot on the other side of campus.  just annoying really. they should have built their own parking garage instead of utilizing the hospitals garages IMO....but i don't make the decisions.
were some rumors of people vomiting and urinating in our garages. one co-worker said a car in front of her driving out stopped and the passenger got out and dropped her pants right there to pee.  nice.  people also apparently parked in the parking lot that was supposed to be left for night shifters as the next night they checked our badges before allowing us to park there.  just one more hassle.  nice plan office idiots!
 the police seemed to do a decent job keeping the flow. the main worry is that ambulances will be hindered on their way into get care for patients.
 always love the ripples in the sand.
 lots of ripples on the water as well...i spent quite a bit of time just watching. very relaxing.
 rocks mixed with ice and foam.

 just a wave study...tiny waves...but still beautiful.
 at the pumpkin massacre we did have two types of candy corn. the jelly belly and the brachs.  which  is better?  i think the jelly belly's probably have a wee bit more sugar in them, so i guess i'd have to lean that way...though brachs are more traditional candy corn so that gets an edge as well.  what do you think?
 love the silt/mud mixed in with these tiny waves.  thought these shots were kinda cool.

 strange news...apparently they are making obese crash test dummies to better reflect our societal norms in weight.
 Blossom gives you some perspective on the wave size today...not much body surfing today.
 moose tracks in the mud
 will end with the big mountain...clearly the sun is shining up north.
thankful for....A.  not choking to death this evening and not having to give myself the hiemlich.  B.  safe travel of a wee one, awaiting news on the surgery results.. C.  walking


  1. I was just about to comment that the wave looked like melted chocolate when I saw the next post was on obese crash test dummies, sorry you had parking lot issues, figured that was going to be a cluster ----,

  2. I'm sorry to hear that the leg/vein issue is acting up again Betsy! Hope it get's better. What does it say that I look at the "dreary" pictures and still miss those days in Alaska?

  3. Oh, and I forgot to weigh in on the debate. Candy Corn... Yuck! In all forms. Give me chocolate!

  4. Those silt waves look so cool!

  5. loving the comments!! chocolate over candy corn any day!! yes a dreary Alaskan day is still a great day. it was very soothing to be out there yesterday, much needed after my week of work.