Monday, November 10, 2014

ice bubbles/designs, mostly Cheney Lake

 Happy to have a few days off.  this week i worked one in the adult icu and then the next two nights in the ER.  those rumors about places going nuts on a full moon are true if these past few nights are any indication.  psych overload and lots of holds...screaming heard everywhere, calling out and even one escapee dude who took off on a run all over the ER, nearly knocking out patients and their families innocently walking the halls and one radiology worker got  took the brunt of that escape.  i believe some stitches may have been required.  the escapee was eventually captured and restrained to a bed by each limb.
 you never know what will happen in a hospital, especially in the ER.  the escapee managed to run out of our main ER back out to the lobby and then back into the ER where he was caught.  the patients and families were all a buzz about the crazy running guy the rest of the night.
above the rest of the fur family relax on the dog bed while i am on the computer.  Rio, pogi and then Miss Breezy Chatterbug.
 these few are at Baxter Bog.  in between shifts i often hit the bog or in this case i also hit Cheney lake which is a great alternative.
 today it actually warmed up a bit by Alaskan standards so the ice is more soft on the lakes and ponds, earlier i was happily enjoying all the ice bubbles that form as the water freezes.
 i just think it's so cool!!
 My body was beat as i was on Main in the's a longer hallway so you end up doing more walking.
 today i woke with knots all up and down my neck and back.  that means a headache.  felt a bit sinusy as well.  walked Blossom and then eventually i just crawled back in bed for a second nap.  i still have knots but it did help the headache a great deal.
 woke up and was able to get some of those tasky things done at home.
 liked this feather on the ice.
 i also love the cracks in the ice that form.  they look uber cool
 Blossom was more interested in the sticks.  not sure she is as excited as i am with the freeze over...she is wondering where her water is and why she can no longer go swimming.  time for a bath for her...snow is much cleaner than mud!!
 i'm ok with that. i do like to get her in for a good scrub at least seasonally.  not much point spending money on a bath when i know she'll be right back in the mud the next day reversing whatever cleaning i did the day before.
 she clearly finds that clean dog smell repulsive.  she prefers a boggy/muddy/dead fish odor in her coat.
 my calendars arrived already...that was pretty dang quick!! thanks Shutterfly.  they turned out pretty nicely i thought.  every year a wee bit different.  pretty basic i guess, but they do make nice Christmas gifts for family.  guessing the Christmas cards will arrive tomorrow.
 whole lot of bubbles.
 have an appointment with a doc to get my knee checked.  so far i've jut had the PA take a we will see if an MRI is next on the list.  the knee really has become a bother.  i find i don't trust it all the time.  do miss being younger and just doing things and never noticing any just jumped and bent and there were no painful consequences.
 i find i am often battling out whether i am imagining the worst when there is very little actually wrong or if i am ignoring and belittling symptoms when there is actually a real issue.  i think it's part of being intimately involved with medicine. you see both.  last night a woman woke with abdo pain.  she was at the ER to get it checked within 40 min.  clearly over reacting.  so you see that a lot and don't want to be the person who thinks every twinge they have is some major crisis....
 also i find that my assessment skills can be poor when it comes to myself.  i just don't pay close enough attention to the details of pain like this.  i'm sure i under report it due to this.
 clearly i tend to appear pretty chill even when i'm not chill inside so i think in an appointment it just seems that i have minimal pain and no real complaints. i don't express fear or pain outwardly.  i think this too comes from being a nurse.  you just get used to not showing your emotions.  if someone is in some crappy rhythm you won't make it better by flipping out.  if someone is losing a loved one, you need to put on the brave face and not cry along with them...they need you.
 so interested to see if the doc i see tomorrow picks up on my knee issues or does the exam different or asks different questions that maybe will pull out of me the information about me, the patient.
 liked how the two bubbles below go through the crack in the ice.
 a woman was sentenced to a mere 18 months for a pretty brutal abuse case.  as it turns out i took care of the child.  18 months....really?  and she gets to hold off entering prison until after the Holidays...that is ridiculous!! hope the child is getting good counseling and is safe and finding happiness.  always astounding how people can behave in these manners.  saw the headline about kid being assaulted with a pool a nurse you don't forget that.
 do love the 90 year old that is in trouble in Florida for....feeding the homeless!!  another ridiculous thing. i think the concern is that he's just handing out food and not following the outdoor food distribution ordinance.  a bunch of health code requirements... permits to hand out food, bathrooms and hand washing stations in location where food will be distributed.  you can't be nice to anyone anymore without coming under attack for it.  better to see people starve on the streets than let some 90 year old hand out sandwich's i guess.

 liked the reflection on the lake pretty. above a few ice skaters brave Cheney Lake.  Alaskan's know to adapt to whatever winter wishes to give us....and be happy about it.
 cool alien ice circles on top of the lake.
 not sure what causes these circles on the lake or really how those ice bubbles form so perfectly...
 i do enjoy all the varieties of winter.

 above a bit of a sunset through the trees.  didn't make it to a better viewing place as i was enjoying Cheney that day.  below are just a few from todays Baxter Bog walk.
 another nurse in ER last night looked at me strangely last night and said they were sure they had seen me on a show about sasquatch in Alaska this past week.  haha...!!
thankful for.... a.  a diminishing headache and clearer head. b.  that only the one guy was hurt when the escapee bolted, some bad crap can go down in hospitals, happy this one didnt' get worse.  b. a comfortable bed and a long, peaceful sleep...good night.

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