Monday, November 3, 2014

no idea what loaded and in what bubbles and bear tracks.

 the blogger site is loading strange.  it does odd things on occasion so hopefully these aren't all doubled up.  if they are and i don't catch it i apologize.
 headed out to Eagle River Nature Center today.  it's always pretty scenic and the light looked like it may be nice that way.  not sure how it ended up being here. i did a few of the needed stuff for the morning and then took off.
 Rio again stayed home and braved the great outdoors from the couch.
 lots of bubbles by the boardwalks and also lots of bear tracks.  they appeared to me to be black bear, mama and cub or cubs i guess.
 heard there are still a few silver salmon out there, as long as they can get a few more meals they may.  lots of good trees to den up in or they may have some other den fairly close by, ready to crawl into.  it probably takes them some time to totally settle in for the winter when it's mild out or somewhat mild.  i never ran into them just saw all these paw prints, which i thought was pretty cool.
 you can even see their claws marked in the snow.
 few drops of rain as i finished up my walk but otherwise great weather and cool temperatures.
 someone posted something on facebook about some people having the opposite of SAD in that they tend to get more depressed in the sunny or hot weather. i don't think i get depresssed in summer or winter specifically...i think i do have brief periods of what i would call melancholy so not a true depression.
 i do think that summers can be more stressful for me at times.  you just feel obligated to do and go constantly.  we have all the hours of daylight and you feel you really must fill them up with amazing things.  there is some guilt if you are just lazing about wasting the daylight and summer days.  everyone is rushed off in different directions and it's just more nuts in summer.
 winter you are allowed and ever expected to slow down and cabin up.  if you do get outside, as i do, you are just seen as exceptional.
 winter also tends to be bug free overall and bear free once these guys settle in.  i also love that the dog poops are frozen and easy to clean up.  the only yard work i have is shoveling snow on occasion.  i thought i'd be thrilled with getting out there and working on the garden...but it's not something i have some burning desire to do on a daily basis.
 after i walked i ended up stopping by a friends place who lives nearby, Maria.  haven't seen her for years.  she's been busy with life, 3 young kids and all that.  the house looks great and it was fun to just sit and chat with her for a bit.  most of my good friends are people that despite how long it's been we can just pick up a conversation like not a day has passed.
 read my paper this morning and enjoyed my extra hour of sleep last night.
Blossom had her 9th birthday last week.  no fanfare..i think i am in denial.  she is not allowed to get older as i'm pretty attached to her and aging is just not an option for her.  i want her to live forever...she's just been one of those dogs...perfect for me.  we are a well matched pair. not that i'm dishing Rio...she is adored as well.  sometimes in life though you just happen across a dog that fits you and your life.
 we lingered at the walkways for quite awhile admiring the stunning views and cool tracks and bubbles.
 eventually we walked on to the rivers edge. i kept Blossom on leash. she has never been one to be concerned about frozen vs not frozen.  i'd hate to lose her to falling through the ice so i'm pretty protective of her during thaw/freeze times of year.
 i didn't see any fish, but the trail rumors were that they are out there.
 as you can see the light and scenery was beautiful.
 it was a relaxing walk.  always a few folks out there walking.  one lady seemed to stick near me, she was walking alone as well, it seemed like she wanted to keep ahead of me but also wanted to keep me in sight.  at one point she turned around to head back...she was super close to the rivers edge so i actually convinced her to get to that point before she turned around.  i think she was happy she did that.
 the trees are stark...but i like that. i find it peace inducing.
 here are the views at the rivers edge.  you can walk for miles, you can even do the traverse over to Girdwood and Crow Pass. i've never done the full traverse.  i think there are some tricky bits and you have to cross this river further up.
 i should walk partway up either end at least.  so many hikes....this is why summers are stressful, you never get to all that you want to do.
 not sure i even took a picture of Blossom today.
 i stopped by the Yurt and the cabin that they rent out. both said they were unoccupied.  saw some folks with backpacks as i headed in so the yurt may be occupied tonight.  both are quite small.  i've never rented them but it would be a fun over nighter for winter i'd guess.  good as they are easy to get to and close to city....
 probably a good winter over night run for a less experienced person.
 i haven't done really any winter camping and am hesitant to head out alone...these ones would be fine on my own though.  so close.
 so this is the yurt
 and this is the cabin.
 nature graffiti...i try to do some free advertising for walrus when i'm out walking.  will have to do more of this.  was thinking i could even do my snow writing on snowshoes this winter...have always wanted to do a design on a lake...maybe it could get some attention.
 all biodegradable and will return back to it's natural state in a short time.  create, photograph and let nature take it back.
 view from the cabin.
 and the walk back.
 they have this cool birdhouse that i always seem to have to stop and take a photo of.
 pretty reflections
 bubbles in ice
 a bigger view of the bear tracks.
 these are from the drive out and over to Maria's place.
 looks like it was an amazing sunset. i just pulled over before turning down Maria's street and i snapped these few.
 chopped and cooked up the two smaller pumpkins i'd bought. have enough for another round of pumpkin bread. then i bought another pumpkin on sale so that i can chop that one up and freeze it for future loaves.  nummy!!  i'm sure i'll be sick of it soon but it really is good.
 liked this reflection shot
 strange loading of photo's but still a beautiful day.  thankful fors... 1.  amazing scenery that is ever present in Alaska.  2.  catching up with friends you haven't seen for awhile 3.  bubbles and bear tracks...both made me smile.  good night.

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  1. Say Hi to Maria for me! If it's the one I'm thinking it is. tell her, "Quinton says, 'Papa, can you hear me?' ". I think Blogger is a bit goofed up today, it wouldn't load my reading list for a couple hours, so the dogs got a walk before I caught up on blogs.