Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

 didn't get too much of  a walk in today.  had good intentions as i headed down to reef road and ocean bluff park.  pretty icy, but then Blossom broke through at this one spot that can be tough to get not frozen enough yet for me.  i'll wait
 while i was that way i cruised over to Potters to see how it was.  people have for sure been ice skating out there already...the swans have abandoned the place in their run for the south.
 3 busy nights of work done.  adult icu/peds icu and then back to adult icu.  all busy nights.  somewhat emotional.  you don't always realize what a toll it takes on you emotionally.  especially with those kids.  prayers out to a super nice family.  i could feel myself tearing up right along with them all shift.  sometimes our lives change in the blink of an eye...24 hours that will be remembered always.  tried to take care of their sick kid and help to support them emotionally as best as i could.  i do hope the best for them and their little guy and hope that my little prayers sent off will find a place of peace and comfort.
 had a patient dropped off on another night...happy i got a doc in to look at the skin issues...when i stopped by to drop off the pca key i accidently took home, the news didn't sound good for him and his family but at least they know what is going on and can make decisions from there.  some weeks you just feel more like you have really been able to make a difference in the lives you become a part of.
 nursing is about so much more than wiping butts, though i do my fair share of that as well. if you are open and available you really can impact how their care goes.  you are the eyes and the ears...and the nose sometimes.  you also can be so much more to folks emotionally if you let yourself be.  when i trained as a nurse i don't think i had a clue the impact i could make for people in hundreds of tiny and forgettable ways.  as someone was quoted as saying.  they won't necessarily remember you are the details of what happened, but people will always remember the kindness.  told a friend of the family that sometimes the best gift you can give people is peace of mind.  when they trust you they the stress they feel is lessened. that is an awesome gift. the night in peds was draining and stressful emotionally, i was so hoping for a chill night on the third night.  that so did not happen for me.  i'm off for a few days now though.
 handed out candy to the kids who came trick or treating.  Blossom answered the door to smiles and happy kids.  one family was all ninja's, even the cute. the dad was so involved and always warms my heart to see how much more involved so many of these dads are.  Rio answered the door once and then just opted for the couch.
 watched a double feature..."bless this child" and "the sixth sense".  i tend to like these sort of religious/occult sort of movies over chop them up blood spurting scary movies.  the basics of good vs evil.
 will need to load my kicksled up.  could have wandered a bit out there today and hunted for bubbles.  ice is always fun.  wanted to get home anyway and be there for the trick or treat kids.  so nice to have non-politicians stop by the house.
 got a few things done on my to do list but i really need to tackle that this stretch off.  facebook had some Oakley ad stuff on it.  the ward i grew up in is the same one the founder of that company joined.  i remember it all starting as motorcycle hand grips...oakley grips.  Jim Jannard.  i was a kid so it's not like we were friends.  did drop him a note on facebook just to say it's been fun to watch his company grow and watch his success.  always amazing how some people just come up with ideas and make them happen.  suspect i will never get a response but hell....maybe i will.  maybe he likes walrus.  :-)  one can hope. no i didn't ask for money or anything like that. fixing our walrus problem on round island would never be that simple.
 the pups in their handing candy out outfits for the night.
 it was a good day to be totally chill. i'll catch up on the news and such another night.  i opened a bottle of wine and i'm slowly sipping a bit of malbec this evening.  will crash soon.  not enough sleep today.
 seemed a good day to put a fire in the fireplace.  it's for sure getting colder and colder out there.
 work is good, life is good, halloween is fun.
 i'm so behind on my calendars and stuff. eek loaded a few more pictures today onto shutterfly.  more to load and then i can put my calendar and christmas card together.  it's actually gone much faster than it usually does.
 waited around for the heater guy yesterday but they didn't make it here in their window so i re-scheduled.  had work to get to.  was hoping for an on call, but knew that wouldn't happen that last night.
 so fun to see all the kids costumes on niece Shannon's kids had super cute costumes...her little guy was a walrus!!  who knew you could find a walrus costume out there.  :-) beaming!   suspect there will be more friends and families kids pics posted tomorrow for me to enjoy.  for as much as people bash facebook it really has been great for keeping up with my family! love that a few of my nieces keep blogs as well so i can keep up that way...
 clearly i got a bit obsessed with the cat tails.  i think they are cool though

 the world up here is brown and white right now.
 or just black and white...they both looked cool

well, it's almost 2 am so i shall crash for the night.  thankful for.  1..pumpkin bread and fall and so nummy!!  2.  cute kids in fun costumes!!  3.  that the kid i cared for was traveling safe last i heard.  always be grateful for your health.  it can change in an instant, never take this life we live for granted.  God be with that little guy and his family.  also be with the other families i cared for who in one case were removing the care and letting nature take its course...and another who will be faced with those same decisions.

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