Monday, November 24, 2014

 paying for it now but walked Rovers Run with Gail today and then walked up Basher Trail to watch the sunset.  knee's a bit sore but it just reminds me that i really should have this surgery done.  it wasn't one of those incredible sunsets but even a not astounding sunset is generally quite fabulous anyway!
 walking flat i can start to convince myself that the knee isn't really that bad, then i go up/down and it's a bit more pronounced.  standing after sitting can really be bothersome.  watched a movie with SH tonight.  "St Vincent" it had a few comedians in it so i wasn't expecting to tear up in one of the final scenes.  over all a good flick i'd say.  Murray doesn't always win me over with his quirky movies, but this one was worth watching.   a bit of the "about a boy" theme in it where the man grows up through his interactions with the son of a single mom.  different enough i guess though.
 these few were at Cheney Lake the other day...when the lady fell face first down this embankment.
 still waiting for it to cloud up completely and snow like i know it should.  would like a nice base of snow before i have surgery so i'm not battling the ice post op.
 this was out my bedroom window one evening.  at the lower part of the picture you may note the plastic bag in the tree.   that thing has been there for ages...i keep hoping one of these strong winds will blow it off but it's one tough bag.  clearly a good reason for places banning them.  such a bother i guess.
 this is the bog near my house so a great place to take a quick walk between shifts.  i've also heard a good place to go to watch the local northern lights.  it can get fairly dark right in town.
 Blossom loves to lay on the back deck and when she does these ghost dogs appear where she's been.
 they always kind of make me laugh.
 Blossom on the trail at Rovers Run today.  of course she went in that open long as it's not frozen it is apparently warm enough for my girl.
 don't think much is happening for Thanksgiving at my end.  i do have a turkey and will toss it in my crock pot one of these days.  seeing if anyone is around to create a friends-giving.  if not i will eat and work.  not the end of the world.  it is funny, some years being alone bothers me and others not as much. time seems to be flying by.  i really should have planned ahead a bit and saved myself postage but that ship has sailed i guess.

 that trail is all ice by the way.  ready for a nice coat of snow to be groomed for skiing.
 Gail has Blossom and Leo's complete attention...treats !
 quite a few folks out enjoying what little daylight we have despite the icy conditions.  we surmised several were out getting Christmas photos today on the trails.
 the house smells good as i baked something for tomorrow.  not sure if anyone will join me for the walk portion but there will probably be a few for the kaladi's portion.  some snow would help.  i'm sure i shall miss a week or two with my knee.  we do need to do an edible tree for the birds and wildlife again...i like that tradition.
 posted on WARIS the calendar raffle.  we shall see.  i will make a sheet and try and collect donations/raffle entries at work this next week.
 it's the time for donations, at least that is what i understand.  so much to learn about this running of a non-profit.  the larger business type stuff is behind me...incorporating, 501(3)(c), business license.  i have done quite a bit though it does seem like i've done very little at times.  haven't changed much for the island yet, but still hopeful.  just knowing we are here and willing to speak out does help a bit i think.
 i think time helps too.  the longer i stick it out and not give up the more i think what we say has meaning.  still much to do as far as spreading the word out there.  it's a process.
 this is looking back at the trail this evening.  on a clear day you can see Denali up here.
 nothing like dried plants.
 Miss Breezy is settling in with Rio Catalina.  love when the animals snuggle together, so cute.
 there are some pretty trees up on that trail that i like to use in my sunset shots.  haven't been up there for a bit.  it was a bit icy but i just went slow.  my ice bugs are the best winter shoes...cleats right on them.  much more stable.  i suspect i'll be wearing those a fair bit next month as well.
 Memories of Thanksgivings past...mostly family and good food.
 i do have much to be thankful for and i have enjoyed putting my list of 3 things each time i write a blog entry.  it seems we all find it too easy to forget all the good we have in our lives.
 in our society we are bombarded with unrealistic visions of what a typical life must be like in American.  it's easy to get sucked into media and social sites and begin to compare yourself and your life against them.  then disappointment  creeps in for a life that isn't disappointing at all.  expectations are dangerous.  most of our expectations are grander than life can possible be and this also leads to feelings of disappointment.  it you go about comparing your life you will find others who have more or seem to have more.  best to just find your own little happiness and revel in that.
 life gets complicated if you let it, best to keep it simple.  remember those tiny joys that have been laid out for each and every one of us.  the light on the mountains, the ripples in the sand, bubbles in the ice.  it's all there.  we have been gifted with so much if we only take a moment to open our eyes and take it all in.
 God didn't just make one butterfly or one wildflower, God made butterflies and wildflowers of every color.  rainbows and northern lights to amaze us and beautiful mammals and critters to astound us.
 i think i may have been a koala bear in a previous seems like i want to sleep like one of late. they apparently sleep 18-20 hours/day.
 liked these funky clouds
 and this is "sleeping lady" with the city in the front.
so todays thankful for's.... 1... walks with friends, thanks for all for walking my slow pace of late, 2.  sunsets and sunrises and all the colors that come through.  3. ice cream.  nummy!!

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