Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Emily really is horrible...

 got a few DVD's for the Gilmore Girls.  so i'm just saying.  don't let her manipulate you Lorelie!! i have always wanted to stop and snap a shot of this silly bike.  i probably have at some point, but well, here it is again.
 today i was out on the beach.  hopefully i don't tick anyone off with my walrus art.  it's all washable and it was low tide so eventually the tide will just come wash this away and no fishes were harmed either.  when you can't do anything else you write.
 cold and a bit of a breeze down there on the beach.  just Blossom and I out there so we were fine.
 i started my day with a bit of a panic. checked my emails and sent me a draft of their idea of how our petition should read.  there were some facts in there, some of them old facts.  there was none of me or what i wrote in there.  it was all angry activist and crazy and the past director DVL was like in every sentence and they'd added him to the list to receive the petition.  i called the guy and was pretty much freaking out.  DVL is out, moving on, trying to fix what he did but yelling at him pointless.  i need to get along with these people and not be some crazy angry activist.
 i need to be a thorn that they can't seem to pull out, not a bullet that rips them apart. DVL is again out and off of the petition.  we are at about 82 i think, but it's slowed quite a bit. may see if i can drum up a few more so we can hit 100 and i can print it out and get it more directly to those that need to see it.  i guess it gets sent automatcially to their emails but what if i got the emails wrong...sometimes paper just works better.  i was a bit wary after my conversation and email exchange.  the guy did apologize and promised to not change it.
 maybe my friends are tired of hearing about walrus and WARIS?  it's so easy to turn dull when you are focused on just one thing for too much of your day.  what if i fail...?  and i may fail.  i won't give up on the sanctuary though.  even if we fail in the short term i can still try and get things re-worked for the future.  added a few things to the web page.  need to just start digging around in there a few times a week until it's where it could/should be.
 i updated the letter for people to copy and paste and send off.  i also put links there so that if people want to donate to the sanctuary directly that is available to them. in february i can get us signed up for pick, click, give.  with this people can donate to us with their PFD bucks.
 cold again out there today, but not quite as cold.  still like to come home and snuggle under the heated throw for a few minutes and reheat.
 as you can see the trail was good out there.  i took a trekker in case it was really slick, but it was actually an easy walk, the tide was going out and we could get super far out today.
 probably could have been a beautiful sunset but i was meeting friends.  friends who are probably sick of me talking about walrus too.
 facebook isn't for everyone but it's been fun reconnecting at times with folks.  was messaging with one of my favorite professors in college.  he taught marine biology and we had a good group of students.  he'd let us know when a fun course was coming up and we'd all sign up, go out on field trips beaches/boats...all super fun and then out to dinner or whatever after.  we've chatted a few times.
 good to chat a bit last night as this WARIS stuff gets me worked up and so just nice to have someone get it i guess.
 haven't gotten my article written yet.  just tomorrow night and then back to work again  my real work is taking away from my non-paid work.
 you can barely see my girl out there.  camo dog!!
 plug in below 20 is what they say. i remember a friend had moved to a warmer climate in the states and i guess she got pulled over for something.  the police officer was very suspicious of that cord hanging out of her engine.  that poor guy was not buying this idea that someone would have to plug in their car due to cold temperatures.
 of course, another co-worker who had moved north from a warmer climate got pulled over because she was having a tough time dealing with the ruts and the police officer was sure she was drunk driving.  adaptation is always an important thing in life.
 just relaxing to head down here. would not go sledding here.  under that wee bit of snow is sheer ice.  a strip of ice down the hill is not covered by snow.  no sledders out today, but i suspect on the weekend they were there.  haven't gone sledding yet this year.  it is funny how different years you just do different activities depending on weather conditions.
 we hit the moose's tooth.  got pizza as that is mostly what they have.  it's actually not my favorite.  i prefer the bear tooth.  i find the pizza's tend to be a big soft on top and hard on bottom.
 it appears that despite marijuana being legal it won't be legal to light up in public in Anchorage anyway.  they are still trying to sort out all the details involved in legalizing marijuana.  tax it all and while you are at it some of these churches are more businesses than them too!!  that guy can write that petition.
 there was a bit marine science center last week.  a smart walrus non-profit person would have found someway to get a table or something over there.  those poor walrus...they just have me to help them!!
 they really should have gone to someone with more experience.
 sounds like things are going better for a place called Kobani.  they fighters there were tough.  men and women, they knew they may die but they were not giving up their homes to ISIS unless they were killed.  they all carried a means to kill themselves if they were captured.
 war is horrible stuff.  today marked 70 years since the victims of the Holocaust were freed.  still survivors out there to tell their stories if they can bear to speak them.  one gentleman i heard on NPR spoke about how this happened in a country that was seen as civilized and how easily this can happen in places which have no stability.
 sadly, though it hasn't happened to the degree that it happened in Germany, horrible things continue to happen across this earth.
 as i was driving around downtown the other night, debating writing another WARIS note i turned down an alley.
 it was on one of these brutally cold nights.
 lined up one sleeping bag after another were 4-6 homeless folks, trying to keep warm by keeping close.  does keep life in perspective.  made me feel bad for a bit that i'm putting my efforts into walrus, but there are others who work just as much or more on the homeless and helping them.  we all need to find our thing and try to make a difference.  for that you have to have some passion for the thing i think.
 still, we do lose a few homeless folks to the cold nights up here.  it's the sad reality. i never would have thought a place like Alaska would have homeless.  i'm thinking i'd be hitch hiking someplace warmer.
 there were ice bergy bits out there.  not as much as i seem to usually see but at least there is some ice now.
 the Koch brothers are planning their next election purchase...they have a mere $889 million in their budget for the 2016 campaign.  may God have mercy on  our souls.  this is where our nation is going wrong.  we are losing or have lost our vote's sanctity.
 my mom always was predicting the end of the world...she may be right.  if so i'm happy i have not have kids to have to survive the hell that comes with that. hope by the time that happens i'm up in Heaven breathing a sigh of relief.

 mountains were just barely peeking through.  will have to glance out for lights later.  no plans to drive anywhere in this chill and watch them. got my fill the other day.
 a girl has got to sleep sometime.

 almost looks like sunset but it was still a few hours away.
 supposed to have my last PT tomorrow but i'm thinking i'll call in the morning and cancel and try for a day next week when my main PT will be back from vacation.  they scheduled it at 3 tomorrow and the more i think about it...that is really going to cut into my last full day off. i really should do something more fun.
 knee does pretty well.  admittedly last night it was pretty sore after walks and PT.
 enjoyed the sun but i could still use much more snow.  never bothered to shovel.  at some point you start to think...summers coming. and you shovel less.
 not to many moose sightings of late. these guys were the first i'd seen for a bit
 a handsome crew i think.
 then this guy was out in the neighborhoods.  he looks to have appendicitis. looks a bit red there in the RLQ.  better get that checked out.
 another lit up bike.  i guess now that people are spending over $3000.00 on fat tire bikes the old bikes are becoming Christmas decorations.
better get to bed soon.  thankful for A. not actually changing my petition to angry petition B. not ever having to endure the sort of hell that so many others have been forced to endure C. any positive walrus news.  good news is good news.

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