Tuesday, January 13, 2015

busy Monday, capped off with ice sculptures!!

 i thought the cat was the coolest...this will be evident as you go through and see several photo's of this handsome feline!
 there were several nice ones this year...seems like less than other years and this year there is no panel and not really that much for the kids to play on.  they dropped off a block as i was arriving so perhaps the plan is to add to the collection of ice sculptures.  this is the earliest i've ever gone and a few folks were still working on their ice art.
 some look very different in daylight as well so i may stop by there during the day one of these weeks and take a peek.
 scrambled to get to the Monday walk but didn't really need to as i was the only Monday walker today.  thankfully the Monday Kaladi's was well attended, but hopefully soon we can get the walk part back.  i'm find walking alone..or with Blossom as it was today.  didn't do the entire loop but did add some mileage to what i've done the past few weeks.
 hit the halfway point on the big loop then went out to the big open area and then back via Stumphenge.
 Pt went well.  may try and hit the gym.  i am good to do bike/elliptical then weights and swim!!  yes, i am clear to try swimming again! did 15 min on the bike today and just 5 on the elliptical.  she just wanted to see how it was for me.  no problem...now i can start to focus on increasing my exercise and getting off a few of these extra pounds.
 see lots of cat shots...liked the Whaling wall in the background, kinda looked like sky! the guy who does the whaling walls around the world is based out of Laguna Beach so i have been familiar with his work from the beginning.
 in years past they have made that center area an ice skating rink.  not this year though.
 these are from my walk today.
 my cute girl!!  after my massage today i grabbed some chinese food and then headed off to my massage.  my muscles were way less tense this trip and the massage was more relaxing.  scheduled another one for 2 weeks from now.  a good soreness today from all my activity.  it's time to build me some muscles!!
 selfie with Blossom.
 want to get ready for some longer hikes this summer!!
 Europe seems to be a bit mixed on their Muslim population.  many are growing inpatient it seems with the immigration of Muslims and increased terror attacks on their lands.  even the most passive nations are becoming at odds with their immigrants.  no idea what will happen.  i suspect most of those immigrating are just trying to get out of the hell that is the middle east and mean no harm to those around them, sadly, it just takes a few of these terrorist attacks for people to grow inpatient and paranoid.  as happens over and over when life gets rough people tend to find someone to blame and that has not gone well in history.
 today though here, in Alaska, Blossom seems unconcerned with the woes of the world and was happily chasing her tennis ball.  i was a bit more nervous, keeping her close and worried that some bucket laced with raw meat and antifreeze lay in wait.
 mostly a grey day outside though.  still hoping for snow in the forecast.  spoke with a guy at the trailhead. he was asking questions about the trails at North Bivouac.  he says he usually goes to Campbell Airstrip but the fat tire bikes have taken over.
made me wonder what will happen when/if the snow does fall...i fear the bikers and cross country skiers may be at odds over the trails.  the bikes tend to trash the groomed ski trails.  of course, it could be that the bikers will just switch to their own ski's as many probably love to ski but the snow hasn't cooperated. could be some strongly worded letters to the editor though!
 last i've read the school girls kidnapped in Nigeria last April have never been found.  most assume they were probably married off and are long gone.  our government sent help but the government of Nigeria is such a mess that everything just became a cluster.  sad for the girls and their families...we may never really know the fate of these poor young girls.
 not much left of the tree we decorated.  these two nutcrackers are hanging in there.  the one has had it's head replaced and has been rehung.  there was a new ornament there today.  kind of funny watching the evolving tree through the weeks.

 must have been flooding around stumphenge.  lots of mushy bits.  i stayed on the main trail of course, safe.
 the same can't be said for Blossom who was thrilled at the opportunity to get some water and get her feet and belly wet.
 the guy who made a January run solo up Denali was successful and from what i read is on his way back down.  haven't heard how the pair free climbing up the mountain in California did.  will have to look that up.  i think there was some trouble closer to the top.  i'm not much of a mountain climber myself though. i'm sure the views are great at the top, but seems like a lot of effort.
 guess scientists are surmising that there may be many more planets circling many other stars that may have similarities to our Earth.  maybe we could find one where we could put our wildlife so they could live free of human intrusions.
 workers drop off an additional block of ice.  looks the size of another little car perhaps?
 back to ice sculptures from my other little camera
 the artist was still working on this one . when i spoke to him, complimenting the details
 he went and held up the red sheet as he felt it would make for a nice shot.  very kind of him.  nice salmon i think.

 the deer looked cute.
 harder to get a good shot of these delicate birds.  maybe Karen and Katie did better.  liked how they used the ice bits they took out to build the nest.
 here is one of the trucks for the kids.
 close up of the Polar Bear.
 antibiotics from dirt may be coming to a hospital near you....after some testing.  kinda cool though, as many bugs are now resistant to the drugs we do have. Teixobactin...still needs to be tested on the two legged but always good to see something promising in medicine research.
 a few closer shots of some of the ice art.
 bird with wings...they wings went higher up but i just took one of the body of the bird.
 and yes...back to the cat!!
 had to get him from all angles!!
 nice spots and i liked that they added the trees..very cool!
 well i shall turn in for the night.  lots to do again tomorrow.  have a good day...
thankful for: A.  the chance to enjoy the artistic abilities of others.  i'm always impressed at what humans create with various mediums.  B. my favorite walking partner Blossom C.great PT session and relaxing massage...great to be on the mend!! lots of support from everyone which has been wonderful!!  Thanks everyone!!

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