Saturday, January 3, 2015

almost fed the dogs a third meal..

 they almost had me convinced that i had not fed them tonight.  took me some time, but i am quite sure they got their two meals today and didn't need any more.  sneaky dogs!!
 my car had more ice art on it this morning.  it's super dirty but obviously the car has some need to express it's artistic side.  my car and i are both quite quirky!  the temperatures dropped down a bit today, which was nice.  the skies cleared.  still am hoping for a good dumping of snow....i mean at least 6 inches.  each time it does snow it's just a few few inches or less.
 was in a black and white mood today as i walked.  stuck to mostly the multi use flat trails today.  walked to the right off the bridge in the Campbell Airstrip Trails.  just went a bit past the other non-railed bridge and returned along the creek.  wanted to put some sl incline/declines in there so i could work my PT exercises in to the walk.
 i did remember to take some treats so i could challenge Blossom a bit and remind her of her skills.  she did really well...such a good girl!
 Rio seemed content to stay home today.
 Blossom was very happy to be out chasing her tennis ball.  did skip the walk the past two days.  the first day it was just wet, rainy and icy out.  PT went well, she is amping it up a bit.  a friend was there for her last PT appointment!!  Hurray for KP!!
 i'm trying to get the stairs down.  not my best, but little improvements in that area.  seems like stairs take a bit more time from what i hear from others who have had knee surgeries so i'm not going to stress about it.  progress is made every day.  walking is going pretty well.  inside the joint seems to feel great it's just all the muscles and stuff that still seem a bit pissed off.  hoping the massage will help that out.
 hoping the massage will also help my knots.  i had suspected i would have a knot meltdown.  with my winging scapula it was bound to happen.  the crutches initially and then just using my arms way more for things and stair assist....i had some huge knots by New Years Eve night.  with huge knots across my shoulders and down my back...i got the headache.
 the headache came with some annoying nausea.  i'd rather just puke than be nauseated.  never did puke.  had those zofran from the surgery so i figured i'd try one of did absolutely nothing for knot induced nausea.
 so not a pleasant start to New Years for me.  before midnight i just finally took a nice cup of nyquil and hoped i would just get knocked out for a bit.  i'd taken a robaxin which had helped a bit and was whacking myself with my trusty bonger....thanks Linda ( my sister bought it for me years ago when i'd tested it in a little store on one of my knots before boarding a plane)
 the bonger does work great..didn't really do much beating of knots on the eve...too nauseated.  the headache continued in the morning with less nausea so then i really went to town on the knots with the bonger.  icy hot is also used and excedrin....tried all my tricks. still have knots but headache is at bay again.  whew!!
 lots of napping of late it seems.  really will need to get back onto some sort of sleep/wake schedule.  the time is going quickly and next Tuesday i return to work.
 i will buy some Cherry Dr Pepper and Cherry Coke to help get me through those first nights.
 into season 4 of Gilmore Girls.  now will have to wait for more DVD's to arrive.  always great way to ice/elevate and nap eventually.
 drove down past Potters today just to see the sunset and get out of the house since i'd been home for two days. then i was pretty sleepy and napped a bit this evening.
 did chat with a brother and my sister over these past few days, always nice to catch up.  great being in a big family as generally you can find someone to talk with or text with or something.
 woke up fairly early New Years day.  i do enjoy watching the Rose Parade.  grew up in South Pasadena so we had a lot of contact with the Rose Parade.  was laughing with my sister as from what i remember this really was the only parade i saw as a kid. it's pretty amazing parade.  i always say it ruined me for all other parades.  they just seem so silly and pathetic by comparison
 my sister did the try out for Rose court.  i never did that...i was in no way Rose Court material in my teen years.
 i did spend pretty much every New Years Eve night on the parade for most years in my late teens/early 20's.  it was a 5 mile long block party.  friends would cruise Colorado Blvd and you'd go for drives, chill on the street, eat, laugh, doze a bit.  at midnight you could move to the blue line.
 sometimes i would stay and watch the parade.  other years one of the animal hospitals i worked at, The Cat Clinic, would let me block their small parking lot and in the morning i'd head over there, sell the spots and then take care of all the animals while the parade was going on.
 as a kid we sold Rose Parade Programs.  it was a fund raising gig the church had.  i'd sell them door to door, at the actual parade and at the places they were working on the floats.  lots of tourists go early to watch the flowers and seeds being put on the floats.  we'd sell parades programs then take breaks and run through ourselves to see the progress.
 guess it was pretty chilly out there this year.  looked clear though.  they pretty much always have a beautiful day.  sounds like a friend from high school was pretty involved in the running of the Rose Parade this year.  another friend used to cruise the parade route in the white suit on a moped...she moved though. sounded like she always enjoyed her time working with the parade.
 one thing i never did that i should have...a minor regret in life.  is that i never actually went and worked on a float myself.  get all that sticky glue all over.  would have been fun.  oh well.  i will survive...since i really don't have any major regrets...i can live with a few minor regrets.
 selfie...dark but at my age and with how tired i've been darkness is on my side.
 still digging the black and was an all day thing
 even Blossom wanted in on the black and white selfie action!! she's way cuter than i am though
 lots of folks out enjoying the sunset tonight.  nice that it was high tide.
 at first i thought people were seeing beluga's...i never saw any though.
 can't believe that it's January and there isn't blocks of ice out there...crazy!!
 a moose got caught in an avalanche over the weekend.  some guys were worried about ski tracks they'd seen in the area before the avalanche happened.  as they were carefully looking for signs of a skier they saw a moose snout sticking out of the snow.  they figured that moose had traveled over 1000 feet with the snow.  they dug her out and she stayed calm while they did that.  probably terrified and in shock.  guess she stood up, looked at them, shook off all that snow and took off.  she looked unharmed.  lucky moose...her guardian angels arrived just in time.
 my eating routine is all off kilter as well.  i am finally getting hungry and it's after 11pm.  mostly just been snacking at this time of night.  i'll head down and see what i can find.  may have to hit a grocery store tomorrow.  gotta stuff this ice pack thing back in the freezer anyway.
 got to warm to restock the ice.  colder again now, but i think i can make it with just the ice pack things now.
 do love the colors reflecting off the water.
 New Years Resolutions...i like to recycle's gotta be good.  recycling is always good.  lose weight, get more fit, be more active.  see cool stuff and i guess i can the walrus and Round Island to the list.
 always a good goal to increase the funds in my Karma can never have too much good karma.
 liked the soft and peaceful.
off to feed my hunger and land back in bed.  who knew i could sleep this much.  Thankful for: 1. good general's great to be on the mend.  2.  walking, it's the best thing for my soul 3.  a new year filled with hope and possibilities.

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