Tuesday, January 20, 2015

foggy day at the dunes!!

 love fog!!  since nobody seemed to be joining me for the Monday dog walk i decided to play hookie!!  my first thought was to take the main trail in Kincaid down to the beach.  this was quickly proven to be a bad idea as it was nothing but ice and a mess of ice at that.  seemed  a bad idea.  walked around a bit anyway in the main area and nothing really looked to be improving.
 in the end i just loaded Blossom back in the car and headed for the Jodphur trailhead. it was icy walking to the dunes but i knew when we hit the dunes we would have relief from the ice and Blossom could happily run and chase her tennis ball.  i always love the dunes and it was especially good because of the fog!!  it started to lift just as we went to leave.  may have been a pretty sunset, but i had PT to get to.
 she is for sure working me harder in PT.  i only have 3 sessions left so i think she wants to pick up the game and get me ready to launch!!
 Blossom chased her tennis ball enough to be a bit tired so a successful day even though it seemed a bit of a mess getting it together!
 Martin Luther King Jr day...i did very little to honor the day...i did drive down MLK Ave.  lots of quotes on facebook so i read those.
 NPR had a guy on who wrote a book about the underground railroad.  asked what myths exist about the whole thing.  he spoke about how it was a time that both blacks and whites worked together.  he said one myth was probably that this was run by all whites when actually as many blacks ran the thing. probably not as organized and large as it's been made out to be but still pretty cool.
 another gentlemen spoke of coming her from his home of Africa and the differences between the thinking of those from there and the African-Americans here.  he saw this as a land of opportunity and wondered why more African-Americans didn't take advantage of all that is here.  the African-American saw him at times as almost an enemy.  sounds like there were blacks in Africa who may have been involved in the slave trade market way back in those days.  always just interesting hearing others take on things...whether you buy into it or not.  many people just see the world so differently.
 Muslims are ticked at the French Magazine for posting photo's of Muhammed and French are angry at American Journals for not re-posting these same photo's/cartoons.  to many Muslim nations religion is also politics, the two things aren't separate so this idea of freedom of speech may seem incredibly strange.  of course, there is also a responsibility that comes with freedom of speech.  if you annoy the wrong person or nations that see the world totally differently you may suffer consequences.
 the murders were not justified at all, there are ways to let your annoyance at something that's been published be known without resorting to violence.  publishing something purely to push an angry groups buttons may not be the brightest.  i see the other view as well though.  some just want to prove that they can publish what they want to publish...sadly in this case, lives were lost.
this same thing happened with sony and the movie where they have a plot to kill the current "leader" of N Korea.  no murders at this time, but would it have killed them to make it a fictional nation with a fictional leader?  we would have all understood where they were going with it without having to actually say it.
 freedom of speech is great like i said, but in life there can be consequences so we must all make choices. we have to decide if what we have to say is worth the consequences.  freedom of speech does not make you free of consequences.
 my vein doc called me this morning. apparently my chart got lost on his desk and never got sent in to get approval.  he apologized profusely which is always refreshing.  would have liked to have gotten this done before the year ran out but really it may have been difficult with the knee surgery. so hopefully I'll schedule that repeat vein repair for February.
 otherwise i was able to get more stuff done around the house which is always a good thing.  cleaning must be done on occasion.  i'm not a neat freak at all but i do want to keep it from looking too much like a pig sty.  don't want to call the cops after a break in and have them not be able to tell whether the robbers tossed the place or it was just a pre-tossed mess.
 i have been there.  when i lived at my folks house in my early 20's i went to the mall for a few minutes..wanted to get a new camera strap and a cassette for my player.  when i returned and got upstairs it was clear the place had been robbed. well, it was clear in my room.  i remember being embarrassed to take them to my parents room as it wasn't very clear in there.  basically, my camera and cassette player were both stolen.  can't remember if anything else was taken.  they probably took off out the front door after i pulled in the back.
 was still a bit scary as you get all the way in the house before you realize what has happened and then there is that moment where you aren't sure if they are still there or not.
 just these two days off and then i head back to work.  not enough of a break but i will enjoy a bit of a break after.  hopefully i can get out and explore a bit on my next stretch off.  of course, the forecast always calls for snow...none yet though.
 liked the grasses on the sand...so strange to have this sand dune here.
 feeling tired...may be an early night.  have enjoyed doing a wee bit of spring cleaning here and there today and yesterday.  fresh sheets tonight and i bought new pillows today.  will be a great night to rest.  pillows get flat after awhile...now i have lovely fresh fluffy ones!
 Blossom rests in the grass.  so cute!!

 where do the days go?  the sun is staying out longer though, which is pretty sweet! soon it will be our constant companion.  summers can be stressful i find though.  one feels obligated to be out doing something every hour the sun is out.  in the winter you feel validated in your laziness.
 of course, the usual competitive spirit abounds at all times.  everyone wants to top each other in the activities they do,what they see, how far they hiked/ski'd/ran...it all gets annoying to me.  i get more and more anti-competition the older i get.  it just seems like so many conversations or posts are about the topper.
 at some point you just want to scream...yes, you are all better than i am...i give up.  haha!! i continue on living my dull life, happily.
thankful for: 1.  freedom to make choices each day that bring me happiness.  2.  health 3.  the silly snoring beast behind me and the fluffy puppy and kitties that share my days.

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