Sunday, January 11, 2015

busy day....but a good one!!

 probably should not have attempted walking the potter-mchugh trail today.  it was a sheet of ice so i just went to the top of this hill and turned back towards the car down the not too long, but took some time even with cleats on.  knee a bit tired after this as and elevate.  will repeat again tonight when i finally crash.
 thankfully i got out of bed last night and wrote out a short speech in case i ended up talking at the pre-session legislature caucus.  went over it a few times, bob showed up at the assembly hall and we went in.  not very crowded and the list to speak wasn't very reminded myself it's about the walrus and not about me being comfortable or confident or all those things.  you do what you do because your heart is in it. i put this all together because it's important and someone needs to stand up for this hands were shaking when i sat down, but i think it went well.
 you have a time limit so most of my talk was directly related to walrus but i did include a mention in the end that if we allow this to happen to round island others may follow.  we need to protect the special area's, refuges and sanctuaries in our state.  they asked how much money which i told them and stated that in the grand scheme of things the amount of money is small.  several nodded in agreement.  i had my business card passed out...i totally forgot to bring our pamphlets as i ran out the door and it was too late to turn around by the time i realized i'd forgotten.
 this cute puppy was so adorable...had to get a photo.  look at that mug!!
 cool looking frost in the parking lot.  i'm easily excited i know.
 all the other comments i heard were about education or people wanting a state wide ban on smoking indoors.  i suspect a walrus comment was a welcome relief after all those other comments.
 i'm not really knowledgeable enough to know what happens with the comments, will they be shared with senators and reps who weren't there.  not that many there today.
 happy i did it and can know i didn't allow my nerves to stop me from making the comments.
 apparently a dog on the east side was poisoned.  it is looking as if someone set up bait stations with chicken and antifreeze to purposely poison dogs that were off leash. i hope they get and prosecute this person. the dog that died was a search and rescue dog.  several volunteers apparently went out looking for additional bait stations.
 it actually sounds like the attack on this dog was almost personal.  the bucket was very close to her yard.  people can be awful.
 little woodpecker in the tree.
 like that people are speaking up on behalf of the moose in Kincaid Park.  great letter to the editor today.  it is in danger of becoming a huge sports complex instead of a park.  there were already loads of trails criss-crossing it for skiing, then they added more soccer fields and miles and miles of bike trails.  where are the moose to go...?  now some want to have a "hunt" as the letter to editor said, the "hunt is an insult to true sportsmen, the drive up shooting of park moose, and hiding behind handicapped people to get approval is contemptible".  well said Mr Hartung!
 there is quite a large population of Alaska that uses the Julian calendar for Christmas celebration so that was on Jan 7. the Russian influence is seen in the native population as the Russian Orthodox melded with native, mostly Yup'ik culture.
 Sleeping Lady in the distance.
 was enjoying some black and white action today. stopped to take pictures on my short walk and then drove a short ways down the road to first pull out and then headed back.
 glanced down and realized i was nearly on empty..oops!
 hadn't really eaten all day either so it was time to get home, check on Rio and get some food eaten.
 the water was beautiful and flat, but i decided to head home.
 loved this one..
 blue water, blue skies...something calming about it all though i think.
 there was this kind of interesting article about this guy who collects old insulators. he has these pretty impressive displays in his house...then i saw another picture later...they are in his pool room.  all that glass and a pool table.  occasionally those hard balls can fly a bit.  he's probably way better player than i am.  way overdue on a pool party....
 i really need to get one in the works.  always fun having people over.  my place isn't really the party house in design but the pool room has been fun over the years when i have actually invited people over.  it can get chilly out there though i must admit.
 did a sweep under the couch...always an interesting task.  many cat toys were found, as usual.  they are having fun tonight rediscovering lost toys.   there were also some dust bunnies of course.
 my pets are not short on toys to play with.  as they get older they play much less than they once did...still fun when they get the urge though. pogi has a few extra toes on each paw...those toy mouse don't stand a chance with him.
 figured the sunset would be great but i was out there a bit too early and didn't want to hang out that long so i just watched it from my bedroom.
 not a bad view from there.  you can see the rooftops in several of these.
 pretty though.
 crazy pinks tonight.
 mixed with the greys..i was quite happy.
 right after the sunset i settled in and took a nap.  love a nap! i usually only sleep 20-30 minutes but that is just enough to recharge i find.
 there was a party for a picu friend who has decided to move south.  Alaska is a place of many hello's and goodbyes.
 always a bit sad to see the good ones leave, but i do know that Alaska is a place that isn't for everyone for the long haul.  for some it gets in their blood and moving south turns out to be temporary or there is just always a part of them that keeps Alaska in their heart no matter where the go.
 look at that sky!!

 so just a few from the gathering.  i tend to take crappy party pictures overall as i rarely use the flash and try to stay out of peoples way.  some good folks work in the peds area.  nurses in general are pretty great people!
 so here is just a smathering of shots that turned out alright.  not perfect but at least i caught some of it and Alicia can have some to remember us by!
 fun people. the peds/picu is insane right many sick kids and it sounds like today was especially insane...several showed up late and still in their uniforms and were promptly handed a glass of wine to help recover from the day.
 not my best shot of me..but Alicia looks great and that is really all that matters.  :-)
 lots of laughter and fun.  the younger contingency were planning on headed out to some downtown bars to carry on the night.  i opted out of that portion.  i'm sure some more wild photos will be taken on the town..have fun guys!!

 haven't decided how to entertain myself tomorrow.  hmm.  will look at weather in the morning and come up with something.  for now..i'm ready for bed.
thankful for....1.  the beauty that greets me everywhere i go in Alaska 2.  being brave enough to speak today  3.  a life filled with fun and nice people and great is good!!

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