Wednesday, January 14, 2015

mostly sunset

 don't think they all loaded but that is probably a blessing. haha.
 almost all from yesterday. took both dogs and did the Rovers Run loop. SH had found one of those internet articles that was about the "10 most dangerous trails"...Rovers Run was apparently on it.  some of those articles are so ridiculous.  so we laughed that i had yet again survived my walk out at Rovers Run!  i'm so brave!!
 joined SH for a movie night.  we've discovered that Tuesday is bargain night...we both love ourselves a bargain so this may become a bit of a habit.  last night we watched "Unbroken".  at first it seemed to be moving slow and i wasn't sure how i would like it...but in the end it's one of those movies that stays with you.  it's based on a true story.  the main character actually recently passed away.  not sure if he ever got to see the completed film on his experiences.
 the main guy was a runner in the Olympics in Nazi Germany, he then was a soldier in the US military.  crash landing, then a crash into the ocean, followed by many days surviving out at sea, followed by being rescued but by the enemy, followed by a few years of torture in pow camps in Japan.
 it is amazing what horrible things people will inflict on other people, also amazing what humans can survive.  some of us are stronger than others.  not sure how i would do in these sort of situations and hope that i never have to find out.  not sure i could brave through some of the stuff these guys had to deal with but then it can be surprising what you can endure.  sad for all those who endured the brutalities of prison camp and still endure being tortured and especially sad for those who never return home, who are killed at the hands of their captors and have all hope taken from them.
 the sunset yesterday was looking pretty sweet.  i had some thing on the to do list to get to so i mostly just pulled over from time to time and snapped a shot of the evolving sunset.
 anyway, it was a good movie in the end and one that is disturbing at times but honors those who serve in the military and make the ultimate sacrifice and those who endure the worst tortures that man can come up with.  of course there is even more heinous things that can and are done to those seen as the enemy.  i remember being a teenager and hearing some of this or reading about some of this horrible stuff and then going to library and researching torture.  shocking to me the cruelty of humans.
 on a lighter note, i did get a lot of the stuff done that i needed to...exciting things like picking up dog poop in the yard and getting the Christmas tree delivered to the recycling area.  i skipped the annual dragging of the tree.  there were some friends who felt that was a bad idea.  instead i stuffed it in the back of the car and drove it over on the way to the walk for the day. it was find.  next year..back to dragging!
 today i was trying to get our page some more likes!  i have over 400 friends and we only had 110 likes on our WARIS page...several people did like us today and shared my request.  figure if i can't convince people to like our page how can i ever expect to convince the powers that be to return the funding to the island.
 still trying to figure out Twitter.  i am Walrus_rock if you are looking for me.  next week i may just create the WARIS account and see how that goes.
 good workout at PT today. she's starting to really push it more.   i'm sweating and my whole body feels a bit post work out sore not knee sore so that is good.
 after my PT today i headed to the pool.  i was cleared for pool time.  took it easy today alternated 2 laps with the kickboard and then 2 laps freestyle.  ended up doing 12 laps...which is 24 lengths so not bad.  the toughest part was gracefully getting out of the pool
 not sure i succeeded at that.
 have a letter ready to send to the the acting commissioner for fish and game.  since the various heads of non-profits went together and sent off a note i figure i'll wait a week before i send the guy mine.
 mine just had a few more details.
 wanted to point out that soon there will be direct flights between Alaska and China...seems to me this could create a link for smuggling of walrus ivory.  i don't think i'm  being paranoid by saying that.
 i cruised up campbell airstrip road and up into stuckagin heights and pulled over in various places when i thought the view was decent.
 today i just hit the bog with the dogs.  Blossom actually seemed excited. i haven't been there since before my surgery.  Blossom went a few times with friends but i think she wanted to catch up on her peemail.  i call it smexting!!  sniff and micturate!! a dog form of texing...smexting!! i know, i'm so clever.  hehe!!
 back to work tomorrow for 3 nights.  a few times i have felt like i'm on the verge of one of the bugs that seems to have inflicted all the kids of Anchorage.  i have been coughing more, clearing my throat and tired.  hopefully it never comes to  anything more than that.
 i only have 4 more PT sessions left so i will complete all those. it's like having a personal trainer.
 finished off the 4th season of Gilmore Girls..spoiler alert..
 finally Luke and Lorelei kiss!! i was so happy and loved how it happened..all awkward as it should be.  sad that Rory and Dean had a full on affair...true to life though. no matter how smart a person is they can be undone by love.
 will have to wait until after my work week for season 5 to start arriving.  waiting is a good thing in life i guess.  now that i have other things to do than just lay in bed with my leg up and iced.
 hoping Blossom doesn't keep me awake tonight.  up late and then Blossom woke me a few times.  very broken sleep.  tonight i want a full night of rest. was chatting with my sister and telling her that Blossom had gotten used to me being home with her all the time.  my sister said the same thing happened to her when her kids would get sick.  they'd get all off schedule and think they could climb in her bed anytime.  they had to be retrained.
 these are by the curve on Muldoon. i just pulled over on my way to the grocery store.  loved the various hues out there.
 never get bored of the amazing scenery and wildlife in this place! i feel pretty lucky to live here all the time.  there is so much to see !!
 hoping the work week isn't too bad...also hoping i didn't overdo it today.  i think PT wore me out much more than swimming did though.  iced when i got home and will ice again when i crawl in bed.  ibuprofen is on board.  have avoided narcotics for several weeks though.
 the usual scene here in my home office...Rio snoring behind me, flanked by cats
 it seems like the sun may be finally starting to set on the ebola outbreaks in Africa.  time will tell but it does seem to be positive news of less new cases coming out .
 still need to start getting a jump on planning summer a bit.  not thinking too big this summer though i do intend to make a run up to Barrow.  i've never been and it's on the list. i also want to finally hit Kennicott as it's another place i have yet to go to.
 so probably just some drives and hikes this summer!!  nothing wrong with that.  below is Blossom in the bog today.  good night.
thankful for: A.  our military who put themselves on the line and must endure hell at times to protect us all.  i am forever grateful that men and women are willing to join and serve...though i wish there were never wars and hatred between's unavoidable it seems.  B.  to live free and safe.  to have the freedom to speak my mind and write my opinions.  C.  that we try to keep our government and religion as apart.

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  1. The old guy did live to see the movie completed, he was interviewed just before he died, smitten with AJ,