Saturday, January 24, 2015

it's snowing, it's snowing, it's snowing, it's snowing!! Happy Faces!!

 my week was spent running the continuous dialysis machine.  busier first 2 nights than the 3rd so i had a few minutes to work on some WARIS stuff.  writing some ideas for my next potential article.  today i continued working on WARIS stuff so i'm just getting down to writing the blog.  looking for the perfect cool walrus to go with the WALRUS ROCK ideas. of course, much more serious stuff going on than my fun drawings but it's all part of the learning to run a non-profit and trying to help out an island thing.
 i am still quite sure someone else could do a better job of this but then...there is no line waiting to take over the reins.  i shall carry on.  got a cryptic email from someone saying they wanted to talk about walrus with me.  stuff like this always makes me think i'm involved in some sort of WALRUSGATE thing. i want to help the walrus, i don't want to get killed.  in the end i do know the cryptic email writer and hopefully we will talk tomorrow. sent the email/letter i wrote last week off to half of the names on the list that were supposed to be at the caucus the other week that i spoke to.  wanted to do a follow up.  of course, only a small percentage of the ones listed were actually there.  i have no idea which ones they were. hopefully the email addresses were correct.  hadn't gotten a bunch of unable to email notes in the WARIS_AK yahoo account.  
 these are Blossom in the bog.  i woke super early yesterday because my brain knows it's snowing and my first thought was to do a yard sweep for dog poop before the expected 10 inches of snow arrived.  only a few inches last night.  it's started again this evening though and so far we look to have added a few more inches.  i'd say most folks up here are quite thrilled about that.
 today i did a quick loop in the North Bivouac trail system. Blossom is so happy with the snow.  i think Rio is as well, though she did opt out for todays walk.
 lots of frisbee tossing for Blossom though.
 set up the twitter account for WARIS.  i think you can find it by searching WARIS or walrus_advocate .  still trying to figure out twitter and i can't say i'm all that thrilled by it, but if i want to get the word out about walrus i figure i better be willing to work the various social media sites.
 just 2 more PT sessions left...then i'm on my own.  a bit sore from todays workout.  may just do the ice when i finally stop working tonight.  chatted with a few folks today which is always great.  checked in with a few friends in Ketchikan as they have gotten a crap load of rain this week...they get a lot of rain anyway so a crap load for them is nuts.  the water was cresting creek street and flooding streets and such.  chatted with my brother as well.
 not sure what is happening at fish and game but do hope to have more news tomorrow.
 it's getting late so i think i'll sleep on my thoughts for article angles.  gotta come at it a bit different than last time to keep it fresh.  will hope i can repeat and come up with one that they will publish. keeping some pressure on is always good.
 these are out at N Bivouac.
 carried my water platypus thingee (the one that got dropped in Rio's poop when i first bought it) i had filled it with dyed water.  my other thought last night is to rally the troops (not sure i have very many troops but i will try my best to rally the ones i have) anyway...thought if we could get everyone who is interested in helping Round Island to do some natural graffiti perhaps we could get noticed.
 i ran out of water before my full message was written, but i needed to know how much i may possibly need to get done what i want to get done.  i'm calling it the "PAINT YOUR TOWN WALRUS" event and asking people to find a non-toxic, non-damaging way to write WALRUS ROCK-FUND ROUND ISLAND big and bold across Anchorage, across Alaska and where ever folks live...then just post it to facebook.
we did add about 30 likes to our page with my last effort.  i just feel like it needs to have more likes to help us help walrus.
 so quite a bit accomplished in between my dialysis rounds.
 these are just a few more of my drawings.  such an artist.  just remembered my brother and his family got me a cool art kit...i can work these over better with that.  i was trapped in the corner with my machine the past three nights so very limited on my art supplies.  thanks Tom!!  guess i better crash before the night becomes day again.
thankful for A.  being mediocre at many things.  excelling at one thing is over to be able to get by on a larger variety of things and skills.  B.  SNOW!!  did i mention how excited i am by the fresh snow?  C. that Luke and Loreli finally got spoiler alerts, i should stop watching now so  that doesn't change.

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