Sunday, January 25, 2015

suggestion...don't annoy me!! :-)

 phone calls and emails...basically, the powers that be are saying they have only heard from me and the coalition of friends groups so clearly nobody really cares about Round Island.  bull..i say.  so annoyed as i was my brain ruminated and ruminated.  wrote a few notes in the wee hours of the night.  one should not discount all the public outcry at the onset of this decision and that several articles were written, myself included and there were loads of letters to the editors, lots of emails with the old brigade
 and an election...the ultimate public outcry. these new folks have their jobs, the Governor, the commissioner and the director as a result of an election. in my opinion that was the loudest outcry of the citizens discontent.  of course it wasn't all about walrus but it was a part of it all.
 i started a petition on for us.  so far in less than 24 hours we have over 40 signatures...and a good chunk of those are not people i have any direct connection to.  hope that helps.
 i also wandered around a bit and put my Walrus Rock down a few places.  food color and water is a bit of a bust.  need to be way more concentrated to work.  thankfully this kids thing for playing in the snow does work well.  sno maker.  there is still more of this at Target.  picked up more packets of color.  one packet only works for like one sidewalk thing, but at least it sticks.  ran out too quickly last night.  may have to slip out later and write some more.
 of course, my worry once i'd written this was that someone would come along and change Fund to another similar word which would not be good.  of course, there is the risk of some sort of jail time i suppose.  i've broken my share of laws. i think as long as i don't write on any federal buildings i can avoid anything bigger than a misdemeaner, right?
 tried to go downtown last night but it was way to crowded, bar hoppers and homeless folks.  rough nights to be out there.  i drove down an alley and all these poor homeless folks were stretched out next to each other in sleeping bags.  it's cold out there right now.
 also tried to write this out on University Lake yesterday.  stomped it out in my snowshoes, which was fun anyway.  had the food color mixture and it really just doesn't come out dark enough.  these sno makers would not have enough juice for a thing as large as what i wanted to do on U-lake.  all i got out there was WALRUS.  oh well.
 today i took both dogs out to gasline-powerline-tank.  i suspect Rio regretted her decision to join us.  it's always the coldest in that area and we were for sure near zero if not under zero.
 cool tree by the lagoon, but i just had my little camera and the car and i were both moving.  still kinda cool with the colors i think.
so a kinda busy WARIS week.  haven't mentioned on fb that we have our WARIS twitter up.  still figuring the thing out.  still not really that impressed by it.  oh well.  have to test out the various ways.  really should spend some time working on the web page more.
 did learn there is a way for people to deposit money and tag it for Round Island so that it can bypass our group and go more directly to them.  hopefully i can get that information out soon to folks.

 blue sky day out there.  cold as crap but blue skies.  was worried i'd give Rio some frost bite.  they can get that on their pads.  probably should have put her booties on her.
 it's been so warm though i may have to put some effort into remembering where i last put the dang things.
 Blossom goes without booties. she did have to stop a few times and chew the ice balls out from between her pads.  the snow catches on the hair between her pads and builds up.  poor girl. doesn't stop her from chasing her toy
 the creek was bulldozed this summer but appears to be finding it's way.  figured it would
 an area of frost on the water...looked cool
 we are on the powerline trail here.

 and then back to the tank trail.
 from there we looped to the back trails and over across stumphenge before heading home.
 well to Target.
 in some ways i think i am kind of a born activist.  i speak my mind without concern for consequences. overall that is good.  sometimes i think others probably play nice but i'd rather be the wild card that keeps them guessing.  don't want to alienate anyone though and i need my sources, but i have to just remember that they could use me as well.
 as long as i don't mind taking the hit...we shall see.  hopefully the guy i emailed won't take it out on my Fish and Game guys...or on the walrus.  oh well...3 am irritation will happen from time to time.
 i think it needed to be said.
 will have to wait for the next installment of the gillmore girls.  good to wait, but i also hate waiting.
 pretty snow/ice today, especially against the blue skies and sunlight.
 a niece called today to say they'd be up here for nearly a week.  she has work up here for a few days so will try and stretch it out and play a bit.  so they can crash here. should be fun.
 a few selfies to round out the day.  trying to get the frost in my hair.
 saw lots of folks out there breathing harder with cooler frost.
 then the sunglasses shots...saw the reflection and figured i'd try a few photo's
 kinda cool
off to nap.  thankful for: 1.  friends and family and total strangers for signing the petition.  happy that others like walrus too.  2.  the return of winter.  snow and cold, cold temperatures.  :-)  3.  good clothes to stay warm in out there and a home and bed to come home to.  feel sorry for those homeless folks in the winter.  it's rough out there and some of them don't make it.

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