Monday, January 26, 2015

 a friend is leaving Alaska (AK) next week.  so last night close to midnight we headed out to Knik Bridge to watch the Northern Lights.  it was fun to be out there in the cold with friends.  i took my camera and my tiny tripod and though we didn't get many great shots, we all had great fun.
 this one above was probably my only decent one and also probably the last time i looked in the actual lens to check for any kind of focus.  haha.
 i may have to actually invest in a tripod..i know me..a tripod.  one that i can stand up and look through the lens.  yes, you heard it here. i don't plan on driving miles and miles each day i'm off in search of the lights...but i am not opposed to doing this little jaunt again with friends.
 thankfully the beginnings of a fire were there for us to try and stay not freezing.  as it was negative 18 out there, staying warm wasn't an option.
 we snapped loads of pictures and played but most were not salvagable.  perhaps my next trek out will show some improvement.  the first thing i had to remember to do to get any shots was to remember to take it out of auto focus.  oops!!  thankfully, there are usually a few more experienced photographers out and about so i am not too proud to ask for assistance.
we did several where we all took out our iphones and had the light on.  we were then assigned a letter and spelled out a few things. above is WALRUS...well the S got a bit lost.  hehe!!
 friends, lights and a fire_ laughter and good times.
 i think i got home around 3:30 am.  snuggled into my electric throw on top of my down comforter and tried to reheat and sleep.
 Michelle above, Tiff below.  these were with the little camera.  probably should have pulled that one out a few more times, but everyone was happy with the night and any photo's that came out was just added fun.
 still had my Monday walk to wake up for today, so not too much sleep last night.  we are night owls anyway.
 TD, KP, MT, AB and JA.  braving the sub zero temps of Alaska!!
 trying to keep all our digits by hanging by the fire.
 the petition seems to be coming along. over 70 signatures last time i looked.  it's a good start and the folks noticed our petition and may want to highlight it  i guess. as in all things, i am still trying to learn what i'm doing.  just have to try in my own ways to get attention to Round Island.
 there was an article in the paper today about the boat traffic area north of the island.  apparently, not all boats could pass in the area 3-12 miles outside of the island and that will  be loosening up this year. the area 3 miles around the island will still be closed to boat traffic, though at this time there will be nobody out there to assure that this rule is adhered to.  with no staff on the island curious boaters may be tempted to come in closer and closer to the walrus and beaches and disturbances could increase.  the increased boat traffic may also mean more walrus fatalities i'd guess from boat/walrus encounters.  i'm guessing hitting a large walrus could do some damage to a boat so hopefully that is enough of a deterrent.
 got busy with more art as i waited for Lena to join me...i did not Monday walk alone today.  :-)
 changed "fund" to "protect" in an attempt to avoid the easy change to another "f" word.
 thinking of hitting the beach tomorrow.  will have to check tides.  need to get out a bit.  have possible dinner plans so not sure what is going on
 i'd guess temps out there today were around  ten below zero (-10F) since i woke late-as usual- my hair was wet and so froze pretty quickly.
 Hey Q look what scarf i'm happily wearing this week in these cold temps!!  my friend is a very talented knitter!!  the colors are always awesome and anything he knits is stellar!!
 Blossom was out with her buddy Manny...i think they had fun.  she lost her tennis ball pretty quickly.  she was pretty dang sad about that.  not my best move bringing a tennis ball out's frisbee weather right now
 beautiful day as you can see!!
 nearing the end of PT.  i may even bow out on this weeks next appointment and get out and do something more fun.  if i do i really should cancel tomorrow.  pretty sore today after my activities of this week.  will crash early tonight. maybe pop in a movie and no doubt fall asleep in the middle of it.
 i also had another massage today.  i'm pretty sure i fell asleep during part of it. lots of knots to keep me awake for most of it...but i relaxed and then it was over.  boo hoo.
 always so pretty out  North Bivouac.
 besides all my WARIS stuff i still need to come up with fun stuff to do this summer, maybe see about a cabin or two.
 Just opened my Alaska Magazine for this month.  they have an article on Walrus, which includes a photo from the dragon Spine on Round Island but zero mention of the loss of funding.  will need to write them a note about that!!
 i am a crazy walrus lady...
 this is morphing into the WARIS and WALK blog.
 Manny is on the move.  i am very behind on news of late.  work, walk and WARIS that is what i do right all makes me happy though so i can't say that is a bad thing.
 wrote all those legislatures and got a response from one of them.

 loved this one below...not even sure why.  big ole sun shining out there!
 pretty wispy clouds...! we were out there for the full 2 hours despite the cold.  as long as you are dressed right it's pretty chill.
 all that's left of our decorated tree.  the nutcrackers wait out winter.
 everyone up here actually seems very happy with the fresh snow and even the colder more normal winter temperatures.  not as many on the trails today as it's not a weekend, but yesterday lots of frosty, happy bikers and skiers out there!

 my braid was even more solidly frozen.  was able to show it off a Kaladi's later.  haha. Speedy and syd joined me cocoa was very welcome.

 strange natural circles had formed around this tree trunk.
 we took off across the frozen pond area.
 always good to get a different perspective out there.
 nothing is ever the same...
thankful for 1.  a fun northern lights night with friends 2. sub zero temperatures.  3.  my new life as an activist...not sure i'm the best person for the job but happy my friends and i stepped up to get this started and make the effort.  you never know unless you try!!still love the quote i saw in readers digest about the time i was getting this started, "work begins when the fear of doing nothing at all finally trumps the terror of doing it badly".  ain't that the truth!!

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