Wednesday, January 27, 2016

the tree that won't fall...

 we have passed this tree hundreds of times over the last few years.  we originally commented that this tree would soon fall.  winds would blow, snow would fall and the branch of the tree holding it up would simply give way.  it hasn't.  it has defied common sense.  it stands.
 was raining when i woke so i crawled back into bed.  sorry Speedy.  when i was ready to head out i decided to go check on the tree.  surely a 7.1 quake would have finally brought the tree down.  it hadn't.  you can see below the little limb holding the felled tree up was roughed up by the motion of the tree moving with the quake...but it held.  i told my friends, there must be a story in here...a moral.  a life lesson.
 we all may appear weak and frail.  we can be hurt and damaged, yet, we will prove stronger than expected.
 as i rode the elliptical at the gym, the various tv broadcasts droned on.  like the terrorists...i've decided naming is not only not worthwhile but counter productive. the media attention is more than enough.  why am i piling on?  make up your own minds about who to vote for. i have no influence on anyone.  i have my vote and i will use it.  not really feeling like i will  be happy with any outcome.  hate me if you wish for expressing my opinions, ignore them, be offended by them...i am nothing, this blog is nothing.  i am simply one voice in a world of voices droning on.
today is a day of remembrance for victims of the Holocaust in Germany.  Remember these victims, remember their innocence. remember also their strength.  remember  how many of these people were able to survive and live lives with meaning and happiness.  lives with purpose.
 Remember those who were lost forever.  who were unable to reach their potential because their lives were cut short.
 Remember those who have fought wars to protect our rights and our freedoms.  who have also lost their lives to save others and our nation.  remember that we are all in this together in the end.  we all want many of the same things despite battles over this and that. we want to prosper and we want our nation to prosper.
 none of us want more terrorist attacks, none of us want more school shootings and violence.  we all want peace.  we all want a united nation.
 put down your swords, silence your voices.  feel the sun, the rain,the snow, the wind.
 hear the waves, the birds, the howl of a distant wolf
 make love not war, right?
 can't we all just get along?
thankful for:  A.  readers who come, read and forgive B.  that we are free to disagree in this nation, free to write and speak what we think and feel  C.  for walking in the woods and the peace of nature

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