Tuesday, April 5, 2016

and then there was a dirty sock...

 these bears entertained the hell out of us the other day.  i really figured they had moved on, but Monday i noticed mama's bum back up in the tree.  as we returned from the final Monday walk of the season, she and her babes had been ;making their way down their tree and across the creek.  they then cruised rapidly to the top of another tree.
 4 bears climbing all the way to the top of this i'd say 60+ foot tree.  the tippy top!!  they were reaching out, grabbing branches and then eating the buds off of them.  so adorable. we were all delighted!!
 didn't see any today....surely they have finally made their way away from the den...
 preparations continue...pups are going to be here soon so much to do.  gotta puppy proof.  remembering how much puppies love shoes and cat toys.  will have to contain those.  all chewable items must be moved before their arrival.
 bought a dog door and now need to find help to get it put in.  also purchased an outdoor dog run. will use as an outdoor run when i'm at work so they can get out eventually when i'm out to do their duty.  i can leave it open when i'm home so they can have access to yard.
 it will be awhile before these pups are to be trusted to roam, but want to get it set up sooner rather than later so that Blossom can get used to it.
 bought the thing at Home Depot, brought it home.  it was heavy and cumbersome so i opened the box by the car and started hauling stuff to the back yard.  at some point i realized the box seemed oddly packed, a mess.  and then i counted and the box was missing at least 4 panels.  at the bottom of the box was a dirty sock!!
 obviously, this product was not the new, never used product that i was given to have assumed i'd bought.  my neighbor noted also that there was dried dog feces on the panels.  nice!!
 back to Home Depot i went.  they didn't have another so after returning this one i had to drive to a different Home Depot to get a new one.  i asked them to put my name on it and make sure it actually had it's pieces.
 brought that home and when i went to set it up today i eventually found that the last panel i was going to hook in was all bent up.  eye roll here. so back to Home Depot.  the first one. i knew there were panels.  i tried to get them to give me two panels for the one bent one...for my trouble, but they wouldn't go for it.  it's mostly set up now.  just want Blossom to get used to it.  voted today, hit pet store again, got dog tags made.  did get a swim in last night, it was kind of crowded.  well, i better get off to work,  my strange schedule the next few weeks.  may work out for the best if i get puppies a few days early.
grateful for:  A.  fun wildlife sightings, i love living in AK  B.  that i can do a few of these projects without help and that other stuff i can find good friends to help me out. C. Blossom, my sweet Princess, I really hope she doesn't feel to upset by the madness of the new puppies.  she is most loved.

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