Wednesday, April 20, 2016

left sunny Anchorage for wet and rainy Girdwood.

 oh well, did see this new cutie out at the Alaska wildlife Conservation center.  a new caribou baby don't think they were expecting a delivery so early, but the little guy looks healthy.
 the puppies were not to be trusted outside of the cat kennel still for the way out.  they again slept on the way back....they did wake up before we got home, but i suspect that was because i hit the conservation center before heading home.
 Blossom and Ivy had a great morning but i could tell Blossom was needing a break by this evening.  i put the kids in crate time nap and headed for the gym.
 Blossom suddenly wanted to play with toys she hasn't shown any interest in for years.  while the puppies were outside i let her fetch for a bit.  a bit jealous i suspect today for her.
 she does the dog door sporatically, no real rhythm or reason to when she will enter or exit on her own or when she will come to door and request assistance.  this again, i suspect is more about attention.  poor girl.  trying to give her loads of affection when i can and protect her from the unwanted puppy advances.  they are so mouthy at this age.
 vet called to say that Ivy's UTI is very resistant and is resistant to the ab's that she is currently on.  she seems to be doing great so  they said just keep giving it.  they want to do labs, my vet friend suggested also we get an xray on her to check for stones.  my poor little pooch!!  hopefully, this just goes away and she is fine otherwise.
 they were pretty good walkers out there today though i suspect they weren't all that thrilled with the raindrops. just another new experience, right.
 there are more interactions with the cats in the house.  not sure how that is going. the cats are establishing themselves.
 not too wet under the cover of the rain forest.
 managed to get a few things accomplished this morning.  still more to get to.  did get the spencer bench cabin cancelled. another time.  got some appointments made/changed
 Tusker just has the sweetest little face, right!!
 for some reason this shot seemed to me to have the feel of some old time photo. not sure why that is.
 always pretty in the rain forest.
 there is my ivy rose.
 a landslide can be seen on the mountain behind the train.
 saw all three brown bears but they weren't in a great place for picture taking, another time.
 this little guy did come out and give me a lovely show.
 baby anything is usually pretty cute, right!
 i'll probably try to get the pups out one more time so that i can get some decent shut eye.  need to do some more training sessions with each pup tomorrow. hopefully, hit the vet and then meet a friend for a short walk.
 she will be with other friends so i'm sure we will be going too slow for them with two pups.  figure i'll turn back early.

 mom looks a bit worn out in these. not sure what day the baby was born .  they are up and running so fast it's hard to tell.

 looks like he could really run

 tried to settle Ivy in the upstairs crate, but the cats kept coming around and she became quite excited. eventually i had to give up and take her down stairs. i'll probably bring tusker upstairs after a little potty break.  he doesn't get as excited about the cats.
 can't tell if Blossom is joining ivy or defending miss breezy chatterbug.
 the moose were close to the fence as well.
 had to snap a few shots of them too

 puppies slept through the conservation center adventures.
 Blossom was excited to be so close to this wolf
 cool looking wolf
 on the drive home i enjoyed the bald eagles on the mud
 the hooligan should start running pretty soon i'd guess.

 paddle boarders
 nice to see some green out there too!!
 i'm feeling ready for bed!!
thankful for:  A.  sighting of the baby caribou, so cute B.  green stuff.  spring is coming C.  sleep....

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  1. Lovely walk in the rain by the looks of it. Fingers crossed for Miss Ivy. As for baby caribou's, they tend to lose that dark coloration very quickly so I'd guess it's only a couple days old at the most.