Wednesday, April 13, 2016

puppies are here..i should be sleeping

 because they are.  having two is keeping me pretty busy.  Blossom was tired tonight as well. i tired to keep them from bothering her. friends came over tonight to play with puppies, Blossom and chat.  it was like a baby shower, many great chew toys.  lots of laughter as well.  thanks everyone for coming by.
 not much sleep last night.  Tusker is the cryer/whiner.  he's pretty dependent on me already.  he's the first one to figure out how to go up the stairs and also the first to take a dip in the tiny creek in the bog  T came over after the puppies got her yesterday and helped with their first walk.  they were not too keen on the collars and leashes.  today, i think lack of sleep helped me to be calm and assertive.  we did the loop of the bog fairly easily...for puppies.  we have been working on sit, gentle (taking treats), walking on leash and distractions.  don't want them getting too rough with each other or bothering Blossom too much.
 Ivy Rose is the yellow and the chocolate is Tusker.  a few accidents today in the house but they haven't done too badly for 7 week old puppies new to a home.  teaching them to eat out of their own bowls as much to learn as a puppy.  i want them to be all trained up, but i know that this will take much time and effort.  it starts as soon as you get a puppy.  crated them seperate last night, partly due to all the stuff about siblings and partly because the one puppy wasn't settling and kept waking the other one.  they are both up in the crate in my room tonight.  took a bit for them both to settle. have talked to many who have had siblings.  some crated together, some seperate, i'll probably do both, change it up.  Tusker seems to have an issue with being away from me more than his sibling.
 hoping that if i just do my best to train them it will all work out.  will be a crazy year i suspect though.  no idea how their coats will turn out, he looks like he will have more curl than she will.
 another friend went with me to pick up the pups so they could ride in my lap.  the books i've read have said for that first ride home that is the best way.  i take information from all over and then find my own path ultimately.
 the breeder was pretty scattered i found when i first met her.  she didn't have little paper like collars to note which pup was going to who?  this backfired on her as she forgot which female i was taking. she'd promised her to someone in Hawaii and was now a yellow female short. i just kept saying i had been promised a yellow female and the chocolate male runt of litter. i think she was kind of flustered after she figured that out. the paper work was sort of tossed my way and we headed out.  i may just check in and text her tomorrow see if there is any more paperwork.  usually they have you sign something saying you will spay/neuter the dogs and given some sort of health check.
 my friend took this on our first walk.  picking up these guys repeatedly is a bit rough on my nurses back.  Ivy Rose is much heavier than Tusker.
 the cats have been in hiding unless pups are in their crate.  i did manage a swim today.  felt great and the pool was nearly empty...hitting the pool around 2 was nice.  i suspect when school lets out that time will be filled with swimming classes.  enjoyed today.  figured i really need to get out of the house so puppies can get trained for when i'm at work.  tomorrow i should hit the gym at some point but i probably should take Blossom for a solo walk as well.  poor girl...this is pretty stressful for the animals of the house.  what have i done!! i know eventually, she will enjoy her new friends, for now they are a bit of the pests in her life.
 they are either in go mode of crashed.  i better run and try to get a wee bit of sleep before some whining starts up. my barricades did not hold up to the puppy pressure while i was swimming but at least there was no major damage done.
thankful for: A.  good friends who enjoy dogs.  :-)  B.  all the new chew guys rock!!  and you all clearly have been through the puppy stages.  C. cost co pizza and cookies...

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