Monday, April 25, 2016

work, pups, attempt to sleep

 these guys are growing so fast, don't want to miss out on too much anyway.  Ivy is for sure the leader of the pair.  Tusker is crying right now.  don't think he is liking being alone in his crate upstairs.  i just have them get crated together when i'm at work.  i leave him alone though when i am home.  just easier when i'm at work.  soon they will be too large to leave in a crate together anyway.
 my weak fortress in the element did not hold up.  so far they haven't been bad in the car.  i don't leave them long and tire them out a bit before rides.  they did bite a hole in the gallon jug of water i have in the car for dog water usage.  i say they, but i think it was Ivy.
 it's like living with baracuda's...they are quite mouthy still.  frequent distractions.  i swear i'm probably moaning in my sleep, "leave it" "don't eat the couch" don't eat the boots" "leave it"....
 they are putting on weight, getting taller and they both have some coat changes.  Tusker gets a bit more curl and Ivy is sprouting some tufts of hair here and there.  Blossom did that as she got older too.  will be interesting to see how their coats turn out.
 someone had suggested getting a big stuffed animal and taking monthly photos of the pups with the stuffed toy..realized that i have Blossom.  she is a good object of comparison.
 always love the paw photo's.
 put out a request for vet suggestions.  will probably change up for the next round of vax for puppies.  did chat with my vet.  i think the truth is i haven't totally gotten over how things went down the day Rio needed to be euthanized.  now when the front desk tells me they have no appointments for this long or just re-opens that wound.  i know i should just let it go, but some situations stick with you. it's not like i hate the vets there, just that i am not totally sure that same situation wouldn't happen again and again.
 Ivy seems to be doing well on her AB's, the vets have issued frequent warnings that this UTI may return or last a long time or being on AB's at this young age may have a negative impact on her natural bacteria.  she is acting fine, eating well, gaining weight, active.
 work....yes, 3 nights of work.  fairly steady for all three.  nice week overall.  IMCU, ICU and then ER as a regular ER nurse.
 IMCU was steady but the staff in PCU is generally pretty nice.  i was able to work MIMI's last night last week. lucky girl retired.  ran into a gal who retired not that long ago from ICU on the trails.  she misses working she said.  not sure i'd miss working but i'm sure i'd miss the people.  working in nursing can just be a unique thing.  you are in the trenches a bit together.  dealing with stuff that others outside of medicine just will never totally be able to relate to.
 my night in ICU was busy to say the least.  both my patients were pretty dang sick.  thankfully, i got loads of help.  the eicu doc actually called the charge to come help me.  not that he felt i was incompetent, just that he knew i had 2 sick people and the was getting swamped trying to do all that needed to be done for both.  every time i opened the computer up there were more orders.
 i'd say the long term for both is not good.  it is amazing to watch so many patients who made life choices that are now taking their lives. i seem to have been on a run of many who are younger than you would expect.
 Blossom is loving the pups for the most part i think.  below she shows a wee bit of jealousy.  so cute. she hasn't picked up any of these stuffed toys in the bin for ages but seeing the puppies play with them made her decide i needed to throw toys for her.  so sad to see her joints aching.  will need to set up a vet appointment for her for a check up soon.  get her started on a good medication regime to make her more comfy and let her sweet spirit soar again. the pups have for sure energized her, but she does pay for it.
 anyway, it is amazing how some people can drink or do drugs for decades with really no obvious issues...while another person can do the same thing and pay the ultimate price. genetics i guess.  i see folks in their 20's and 30's who are done for physically from their drug and/or alcohol use.
 always just so sad to me, such a waste of a life.  there is so much joy to experience in see it wasted in the pursuit of drugs and alcohol.  so much lost potential.
 lots of back yard play time.
 so far behind on my newspaper reading...reading in general.  puppies take naps and i try to catch up on other house tasks.  i do know there are already been two non-fatal bear attacks and a few small plane crashes with fatalities.
 pups are both showing interest in the water.  in addition to the regular training, loose leash walking and all that, we are working on "here puppies" a loose come comand, sit and down.  down i just added, they are starting to get pretty good at that.  still need to work on the gentle treat taking...those teeth are sharp!!  haha.
 the pups tend to sneak in and lick out Blossoms food bowl.  this food bowl has been in my canine family for now 3 generations as it were. haha. this was Baby Hueys bowl before Blossoms.  i don't think Butch used it...who can remember though i guess. it's great plastic for teething puppies
 so is Huey's old sled.  yes, that once was a disc sled below.  Huey took it over in Ketchikan when i went sledding with friends.  it became his "frisbee" and he would carry it for miles on winter walks and i'd toss it like a frisbee.  it was pretty impressive on both our parts.  over time he nibbled it down until it broke in pieces.  Blossom also had a turn and actually she still occasionally pulls it out and nibbles on it.  now these new pups have discovered it as well.  beats them chewing on the couch so i encourage it.
 what you see in above picture is about all that is left of it. i think there was another chunk that i gave to someone.  can't even recall who.
 it takes a lot of chewing options to protect your furniture and shoes, but its worth the mess. they have their favorites
 someone has learned how to use the dog door.  she is all over it.  Tusker went through at least once. i swear Ivy held the door open and moved to the side to let him come through.  so sweet of her.  Blossom continues to use it on occasion and then choosing to have me help her other times.  probably just her way of getting my attention.
 apologies for so much dog/puppy talk.  doesn't make to too interesting i guess.  politics is too annoying to talk about anyway.
 a co-worker stopped by with her kids today to play with pups and join us for a walk.  always good to have socialization with all ages!!  pups were tired after their kid play time and walk.  this was her picture of the kids with the puppies. thanks guys. cute kids!!

 took the furs to the sand dunes.  we did a loop walk that included the dunes. i think the pups enjoyed that.
 who doesn't love he dunes, right?  they are still tough to get started walking from the house.  when i drive to trails though, they seem to do fairly well.
 always great to try and get them a varied experience these early months.  so much to see and learn.  fun to watch them stop and with nervousness and excitement check out a bird that made a noise or whatever.  they are just so aware of their surroundings.

 i am getting sleepy

 the tripod moved on the Nenana River so there should be a winner there...and nope, i never did put in a bid.  again!
 the other day as i drove past Potters Marsh there were  a few swans and then..
 there was a car in the marsh.  oops....not sure what had happened there.  i suspect everyone was okay. thankfully, it's not all that deep.  still must have been frightening.
 i shall hopefully sleep well tonight. forgot to put my fit bit on yesterday..sad to lose the documentation of my stellar exercise program despite lack of slee.
thankful for: A.  all the help  from ICU staff dealing with two very sick patients.  great crew!!  B.  getting offered a lunch break in the ER during computer downtime. C.  that the cats are starting to reappear and behave more normally...there is hope for a happy fur family again.

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