Sunday, April 3, 2016

lots of Black Bear pictures.

 this guy was climbing around the outside.  someone posted a super fun video of all 4 bears climbing up the tree.  today i saw they were out of the tree and down a ways from the tree.
 a few photographers were being obnoxious and no doubt getting too close today.  i suspect the bears are out for the season at this point.
 i'm chill with being under the tree and watching them up there in the tree.  she looks totally chill here.  i'm sure she knows her cubs are safe up that tree.  once she is on the ground with them, well that is a totally different game. she now has 3 cubs to monitor and will be more on edge.  better to not annoy her or do anything that she may interpret as possibly putting her cubs at risk.
 always fun to catch a glimpse of her up there and if i'm lucky see a cub or two.  she seems to have a bit of a bum eye on the right.
 they all looked healthy.  nice coats.  not bad for the end of winter.
 Blossom and i joined a friend out at Eagle River Nature Center for a lovely walk . always fun.
 laughed as often i find myself wondering about Blossom's attachment.  she's not snuggly like Rio was..but today as i went to get my tag to park there i left her with my friend.  when i came back it was clear that Blossom was keeping an eye on my activities and was over the moon at my return.  like i had worked all night.  she does kinda like her human
 the bear tree is there on the left side of the creek
 mama all snuggled up on the tree.
 probably sniffing us all out below.  you will see bears do this licking thing and it's really just another way for them to collect smells.  i'm pretty sure about that...just remember this is a blog and not some well researched article though.  i can always be wrong.  this is more opinion that fact.  i am wrong at times and have been known to change my mind/opinion.
 of course, it is my opinion that if you never find yourself having a change of opinion than you are stubborn and arrogant.  not everything that comes out of any of our mouths will be right 100% of the time. for me there are generally just so many other factors that work into everything.  always love reading stuff from a different vantage/viewpoint.  you just never know when someone or something will help you see things in a totally different light.
 so mama is above on the branch and that is one of the babies below
 having a good stretch.
 love this cute..until i run into this foursome on the trail.  i am carrying my bear spray and an air horn.  no gun.  not packing.
 i'm not opposed to others having guns, but i am always concerned that if i had a gun either i would use it when i shouldn't be using it, when some other alternative would have sufficed...or doing nothing would have worked.  often in life you can talk your way out of something or just take a breath and make a sensible move.  i have hiked these trails of Alaska since 1995 and i've had a few close encounters with bears and moose.  so far we have all survived.
 i would also be concerned that my own gun would get into the wrong hands with a bad outcome.
 so sweet of mama and baby.
 i only saw 2 cubs that day.  they were far off today so i didn't get a good look/count.  saw at least one cub scampering up a tree, while another was up the tree further, mom at the bottom.  believe she was monitoring those photographers actions.  they were too close i think.  once they come off this tree..leave them in peace.
 fun watching this little one make her way around the tree.
 lots of guns in Alaska. i see folks packing on the trail.  you really don't hear of them being used out there very often.  if you are a good shot and a bear is charging you, it could be helpful if you get it out in time, if you can pull the safety off and if you are a good shot.  often the bears will just do a totally freak you out and make you shit your pants charge and not actually attack/kill you.
 working in the hospital it seems guns end up causing accidental death/injuries or self inflicted injuries more than anything.  alcohol and guns seems to be a poor combination as well.
 sometimes i think i'm either stupid or braver for not carrying on the trails...but here i am still, alive.
 these guys look pretty harmless and sweet sitting up in the tree though, right?
 this shows how large this tree is really.  you can see where they enter above...the little guy is at the opening.
 did make it to the gym today so success this week!! over 15,000 steps today so a good few days.
 that makes my daily average this week nearly 12,000/day.  speedy would be so proud!!
 Monday walks will soon be done for the season.  everyone starts to book in different directions. we bring them back for the fall.
 hopefully, we all get together for a few walks/hikes anyway.
 still not sure if anyone is planning to join me for's May 23-24 if anyone is interested, let me know.  gotta get my train tickets.
 also want to order my little free library. if anyone is artistic i'd love to make it a walrus theme design so we can put our pamphlets in there and bring more love to our walrus population.
 this is a different cub on the other side of the tree.
 the cameras are about set to go live on the excited!! won't be long now before our boys are back on live cam with !!
 everyone needs to check in on them as often as possible so the folks at know they are worthy of attention.  they are our best funding option presently. the state is short of funds and i'm not sure we will be able to convince them to have a change.  need to write the White House often as well and let them know we have walrus in AK that need our protection.
 the rest are from other walks and rambles. hope you enjoyed the bears.
 rain today, but we managed to walk with just a few drops.  Eagle River is starting to open up.  Blossom was able to get in the water and have a good soak.  she also lay down in multiple muddy puddles though as well.
 this lovely moose was on Rovers Run with her baby.  i think this is the same pair i have seen out there many times over the past months.
 she was for sure watching me.  eventually, Blossom and i passed by her.
 made several of my polka dot snowmen out was a lovely day of snow...a rarity this winter.
 enjoyed sitting on the front deck with Blossom today.  nice to be able to chill outside again and not be too chilled.

 some friends were out biking.  stopped to chat and then..on their way.  

 my bestie for sure...Blossom
thankful for:  A.  a cozy home with heat, electric and plumbing.  B.  bear sightings...super fun to watch these guys from a safe distance.  C.  fun chat with my niece..thanks for calling Haley!

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