Saturday, April 9, 2016

thoughts on dogs

 first enjoy some of my first snaps off of the walrus web cam at !! so fun to have these guys back and to be able to go visit them anytime!!  wet weather out there today.
 someone caught pics of what appeared to be a fox eating poop right out of a walrus arse....gotta love nature!!
 watching some Cesar Milan and reading through puppy books.  someone had made a comment on a doodle page that i shouldn't get siblings.  too high risk of them bonding with each other and not with me.  sibling syndrome they said.
 i am trying to make sure that when i get the puppies i do try to separate them a bit so i can bond individually with each of them.  was thinking i could even get a baby bjorn and swaddle one while working on the other at times.
 the Cesar cd's helped me to realize that if i treat them like dogs first and foremost it shouldn't be an issue.  i will be the pack leader.
 taking in any dog is a huge commitment if you do it right.  if you spend the time, energy, effort and money needed up front to get the dog/s trained properly you will have a lifetime of pleasure from them.  Blossom is surely an example of this.  a few times folks have made comments that make it seem like they think Blossom just came out as a puppy behaving the way she does.  i spent many hours training her.  yes, it does help to start with dogs who have certain traits, but still, you have to put in the effort to reap the reward.
when i got Rio Catalina i again put in a great deal of extra effort to make sure she was trained.  it's work, but it is work that you really get rewarded for in the end.
 he always preaches that a dog is a dog, then a labradoodle and then Blossom or whatever name you have chosen.  this is true...and easy to forget.  as a single female it's easy to morph your dog into your child.  it is something i have to battle a bit. i feel it's good i'm getting another canine companion if only just to take that pressure off of Blossom.  i am the leader of their pack...but they are still the dogs in our pack.  i feel myself get needy with Blossom from time to time, having human like expectations for her.  it's always good to be reminded of what she is capable of and what she is not capable of.  she is a great dog though....hopefully, these pups will turn out even partly as wonderful as she has been for me.
 i don't think it's wrong to form a bond with canines or felines or whatever it is you end up forming that bond with.  is there something wrong with me that i have bonded with dogs and's just how it worked out.  i do have many friends and believe i'm capable of interhuman relationships.
 my world would be pretty lonely without my pets.  they are steady, constant, trustworthy, attentive, faithful, happy, forgiving...
 is it a trait of females to need to nurture and bond.  i do see some single moms who have grown dependent on their human puts a lot of pressure on those kids or that kid to be everything for this person.  probably healthier to put that on a dog rather than put it on another human.  i've also seen empty nesters turn to canines/felines for that need to nurture/bond.  safety in numbers for me as well i think.  dogs are natural at security and protectiveness.
 hopefully, i can always keep some perspective on my pets.  on my being human and them being canine or feline.  best to be watchful that i don't humanize them too much and put too much pressure on them to fulfill all my needs.  Blossom having other canines to split my time and attention will ultimately benefit her i think.
 for me, this happens more with dogs than cats.  do i just bond differently with dogs than others, or are cats and their natural aloofness safer from these co-dependent human/animal relationships.  i mean i've heard it's very possible that wolves domesticated themselves as they saw how beneficial humans could be in their lives.
 dogs and humans have become co-dependent on each other.
 got my taxes done...only took an hour.  no sweat.  return equals cost of puppies so that is nice.
 i'm on call right now.  it's early still.  may try to sleep.  always fear that if i do fall asleep waking me up could be tough. so i tend to stay up pretty late, dozing, rather than really knocking out.
 kind of a gloomy day out there. we walked though.  Blossom always enjoys her walk.
 these are of the restart.  below you see a skhoop.  don't recall seeing many of these in previous years.  the skhoop has hit the Iditarod.
 i'll probably curl up and watch more dog whisperer tonight.  it is great for perspective.
 i think i'm pretty ready for whatever comes with the puppies..ready to jump in and get started.  i'll be a bit anxious until i have them in my arms coming home.
 Blossom has been wandering into the outdoor kennel on her own to drink from the water bowl i put in there.  i've put a treat in there from time to time as well just to keep it a positive experience.

 would like to get some of those steps up to the bed so she can climb up there.  i think as she's gotten older it's more painful to jump up.  she's never been a dog to want to sleep on the bed, but it's a great vantage point for watching the neighborhood, plus with the puppies crate at the foot of the bed it may be good mentally for her to have that position.
 i better go rest.  feeling sleepy and i can get called in anytime, all night.
grateful for:  A.  friends and family who support me and my bond with the canines, felines and walrus.  :-)  B.  cesar milan.  he's not right on all i'm sure but his show has really helped me be a better dog owner.  C.  to be able to live such a luxurious life that i can indulge myself and buy puppies as companions for many years to come.  who says you can't buy love.  :-)  haha!!

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