Thursday, April 14, 2016

busy few days...

 yesterday i noted that Ivy Rose was peeing every minute at times...urinary tract infection...trip to vet.  they haven't been added yet, dang it!!  it's annoying going to the vet at times.  poor pup was peeing nearly constant at times, trickling out.  they wanted to tap her bladder for clean sample, i get that, but don't like the idea of her getting poked with a needle.  oh well.  so they asked for her to stay there and for me to come back in a few hours.  i really wasn't keen on leaving puppies at any vets office this young...they didn't seem keen on me waiting either so i took Blossom and Tusker for a walk out at Potter to Mchugh.  pups are still small so we just walked up to main trail and then back down to 1 mile.
 poor little miss Ivy got sick from the meds...just puking.  felt so bad for her and the vets office did not return my call, always annoying.  so when she puked more i called back.  they just wanted me to get new ab's, i was asking about some sort of injectable medication and perhaps something to help settle her stomach.  they claimed there was nothing for puppies less than 8 weeks of age.
 admittedly, i was working on very little 3-4 hours per night, broken up.  i'm sure i was a bit testy and annoying to vets office.  seemed ridiculous that they had zero options for my girl.  called my vet friend down in CA...Many Thanks CR!!  she talked me down from my freak out state.  Ivy was active and doing okay other than the frequent urination.  she wasn't going to have some major event from this in the next few hours...besides the Dog ER clinic is open all night so always an option.  it was late and the first vets office was closing.  it would be close, i'd have to haul arse during Anchorage Rush....which is not that bad really but.  the ER vets would charge me a full office visit and no doubt would make me pay for an additional urine test...didn't go to either last night.  slept over 6 hours, interrupted of course, and then just went this morning
 since i was on that end of town again met a friend back at the same place.  puppies are super tired from that, a play session with Blossom after.  i think Blossom decided it was time to let Ivy know she was boss.  she was playful, gentle but also set the Ivy girl down a few times.  poor Tusker got so riled up i had to settle him down and put him in a puppy time out.  reminded me of Ralphie on "a Christmas Story" after the fight where he lost it.  Tusker is generally very mild mannered and Ivy seems to be a bit of a spitfire.
 funny how early their personalities emerge.  they get tired on the walks.  yesterdays bog walk both were tired so i had to carry both, Blossom took advantage of this by taking a soak in some mucky water.  today earlier, Tusker got a lift and so this afternoon i thought i'd try taking the wagon.  figured it would be good for taking turns working with pups.  not so much. both did have some time out walking with Blossom, but they were mostly in the wagon...did make for some cute pictures though.
 the cats are starting to come out of the closets a bit more. this one below is a rare shot of both Pogi and Tusker on my lap.
 didn't take many from the gathering the other to have friends over playing with pups.  everyone just settled on the floor to get their puppy fill.  i'll need to have my carpet really cleaned after these pups are trained.  went swimming today.  my puppy play area plan was destroyed as Blossom did not appreciate that certain areas of house were off limits to her.  she took them down.  when i got home the pups had free reign of the house. not too bad, they probably did sleep for much of the time i was gone.
 swam 100 lengths or 50 laps, which turns out to be 1.6 miles.  my high! last week i had done 40 laps so i just added to that.  the pool in the afternoon is so peaceful.  i'm sure it will get more nuts as soon as schools let out for the summer.
 Ivy meets Miss Breezy went better than expected.
 sorry it's all dog talk.  i will be one track minded for a bit until these guys are a bit more independent.  they are pretty dang cute and sweet.  exhausting too.  we are working on training. best to start as early as possible.  they are learning their names.  loose come, sit, gentle in taking treats. gen walking on leash...all of this to be refined as they get older.  when it goes badly, i know it's because of me and my not being in the best frame of mine.  you really do have to be calm and assertive.  if you are tired and frustrated it will always come through and negatively impact your training.  i sneak in training as often as i can.  making them run to me, sit, and take a treat gently...then i run to another part of the yard or house, get them to run to me, sit and take get it.  it may turn out i can just use them as the ultimate distraction in training.  perhaps you can turn the negative into a positive when it comes to this sibling syndrome.  they do seem to follow me and i they seem fine when i leave them in different areas for naps.  they play independently and together...they can get into trouble fast if you aren't watching them constantly.  those teeth are sharp!!
 guess i should head off to eat something while i have the chance.  i suspect i am a bit lacking on calories in.  i start to get something to eat and then it's left behind.  put in toast and remember it an hour later
 i needed to lose weight anyway. have a friends daughter scheduled to come in the next two nights while i am at work.  it's not ideal having to leave them but ultimately, puppies will adapt to the lifestyle of it's people.  i'll have her come in, let them go outside play. and maybe even given them a small late night meal. still growing. i think the hospital is pretty busy but i can always see if on call is possible.  haha.  i think the pups are enjoying life so far.
thankful for:  A.  friends who support my dog habit  B.  people who are dog people and get me.  C.  the cuteness and laughter of this past week.  puppies are hilarious!!

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  1. Adorable. That darn Blossom, she's going to get your attention one way or the other. If it helps, Emmitt peed on the fosters ball this morning when she upset him.