Sunday, December 11, 2016

ending November....

 loved how this shadow shot turned out . such totally long shadows this time of year.
 cute puppies.  hit the dog park a few times i think this week.  one day no walk between shifts.  Ivy woke me up a few times.  was just tired.
 today we hit a loop in North Biv.  always a favorite. the pups seem pretty tuckered out.
 also hit pet smart and braved it with 2 puppies at once.  the cart about went over a few times but we survived.  the clerk finally said to me.  don't you have the dog Blossom?  she'd met Blossom when the place had first opened or something and she totally remembered me and Blossom.  Rio must have been there as well. sweet of her to remember.  i told her that Blossom had recently passed and she was very nice.
 my neighbors also brought over a card this evening. i actually thought it was a christmas card until i came back inside.
 pups on chunks of ice.
 work was fairly uneventful for the week.  ICU-ER-ICU.  it's been a pretty packed house this week.   back log of patients slows everything down.
 was doing holds in the ER the night i was down there.  at least i was with another nurse, Julie.  at one point we see a vented patient brought in and i said something to Julie, like who are they going to get to take care of that one?  she looked at me and said, "probably julie or Betsy" to which i responded, "who are Julie and Betsy?".  us...i have aged but i can still pull off a little blond moment.  she was still laughing about it when i saw her the next night.  haha.
 pups crack me up. they bark from the upstairs window at passers by but if you knock or ring the door barking.  i may actually need to train them to bark at the door.
 ice out on the water.
 dogs lit by sunlight out playing
 hit a few stores.  have a few more packages to mail.  was quite excited to get 9 delivered with minimal line wait the other day.  those are already arriving at their destinations. always nice to get the business of Christmas out of the way so that i can just enjoy the season of it all.  finished up the cards tonight.  well first run anyway.  the numbers of folks actually sending snail mail cards drops each year.  i'm sure it will soon be a thing of the past.  it does seem that each generation has folks like myself and my mother who are the ones who keep in touch and like to sit out and do the cards.  feel bad that i don't have a letter this  year but the printer seems to have blitzed out on me.
 i have a lot of internal debates/dialogs with myself.  i hear something and then have a little conversation with myself.  not sure if others do this or if it's just the result of living alone.
 the politically correct thing comes up a lot of late it seems.  apparently many have felt very hemmed in that they are not able to just say whatever comes to mind no matter who it offends.  this was apparently a plus to Drumpf.  he says it all and cares less who he offends.  it is a funny thing really. i get that it seemed that the whole PC thing had gotten a bit too much at times.  i mean i said in general that people can sometimes be stupid at a gym locker room a while back and a women got very serious and told me that she didn't think we needed to use language like i'd dropped the f-bomb.
 the truth is the origins of most of this PC stuff is actually kindness, respect. when we were kids and we were making fun of people who were not like ourselves.  we'd now call them special needs i wasn't really nice or kind.  when we did this as adults it was not kind or respectful at all. i can see that.  making racist jokes, making fun of the disabled, mocking others for parts of who they are that they can't change or have no desire to's not what Christ would want for us.  we should be kind.  that society had to push back and shame us into doing what we should have done all along is kind of sad.
 it seems some segment of the population are not embarrassed that they were guilty of less than respectful or kind behavior but are pissed that this has been taken away from them, that they are made to feel shame for making racist or unkind and disrespectful comments.  i mean when you really tear it down..that is what it is.  i remember being told as a kid, if you can't say anything nice, then say nothing at all
 it is really that hard for us as adults.  who is whining now.  haha.
 loved this framed shot of ivy and ice.
 every day it seems another frightening thing with this incoming freak of a POTUS.  i'm still hoping that it's all some horrible nightmare and we will wake up and it won't be true at all.  i find myself avoiding news sources because no matter what horrible thing it is coming next it feels like nobody will do anything or question anything.
 the cabinet is a group of old white rich guys.  he has lied and broken promises right and left.  there isn't one in there that is qualified for what ever role this numskull is putting them in for.   quite the opposite really.  it's i believe this guy is.  i just think his power and money have made those around him act as a buffer to keep his insanity safe from public view and now that he is elected to this level it gets harder and harder for them to keep the crazy in the closet.
 that maniac constantly watches tv it seems and twitters.  as cooper pointed out...shouldn't he be reading briefings and trying to prep for this job he wanted. instead he runs off on a victory tour of rallies because the truth is what he actually loved was speaking to crowds and making them react to his crap.
 always love these ice photos.  conditions are not always perfect like it was this day.  not sure anyone else would love the shots like i do.  but i'm keen on them

 more of my beautiful pups on ice.
 running and playing with each other.  they always have fun.  happy at this time that i have the pair of them  i think in a way it's good because Blossom was a tough act to follow and having two probably insulates them from me trying to compare and contrast.  they are very different pups.

 they are both super sweet though.  all the stuff that i had read and been anxious about before i brought them home seems to not be all that much of an issue.  either i responded the way i should have or it just was not that big of a deal having siblings.
 they do seem to have bonded well with me.  do they have some separation issues when they are separated.  i've tried to do those store walks individually and i think that helped.  of course, i think most of those have been before Blossom passed so the left behind puppy had her there.

 they do seem to be settling back in and finding themselves a bit with Blossom gone.
 i tend to call Ivy Blossom a bit more than Tusker.  girl i guess?  i miss her, i'm bummed, sad, maybe even a bit angry that such a healthy girl left me so soon. not really angry...just wishing it wasn't so.
 they are with you always.  there are reminders and memories. places you've been.  find myself a bit jealous of folks who's dogs are 13, 14,'s silly.  it's just a twinge but i wanted more time with that girl.
 overall we are all doing fine though.  moments and memories flood back, and then a wave of sadness really.

 sea of ice and there is a little cairn above and below.  will make another when the opportunity arises.  i have a vial of ashes in my jacket.  i'm ready.
 pups coats may still change a bit as they get older.  fun watching them grow and seeing how they turn out.  Tusker finishes his class this week.  then both pups will be done with puppy 1 and 2.
 still much to learn but they really have come a long ways.  great personalities like Blossom.  love that they get a long with everyone and every dog.  love how unique each is.  very different.
 light on the cairn.
 will need to think of where to walk tomorrow.  temps have dropped down again but the snow remains.  we have a nice base which i hope sticks around for a bit and that we get more snow over it.  need to go sledding this winter.

 the cairn/ashes flooded with light.
 hoping to just make one more trip to the post office.  also want to hit Michaels craft and see if there is some craft i can make that would be fun gift for friends.  last year i made those funky birdhouses which i enjoyed.
 who knows if they liked them i guess.
 the pups leave the ice and take to the sand for more romping and chasing

 they really do love the beach up here

 would love to do a trek down to Homer this winter for fun.
 redoubt in the distance.
 as i left they were making snow in Kincaid for cross country skiing.  liked the pink hue

 and then this guy was munching on the side of the road.
 off to bed. it's late and there are things to do tomorrow.
thankful for:  A.  short lines B. fun to see all the pretty things and shop...not all the time but once a year i allow myself to really just enjoy shopping  C.  when patients are really grateful for your kindness and take the time to tell you.

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  1. I love the pics too, and I'm sure there are many other readers who enjoy the scenes you find. Have a great week! ~Q