Monday, December 19, 2016

tree trimming day...with a little Blossom in mind

 it was our annual tree trimming walk on the Monday walk.  we decided to trim it with tennis balls in memory of our tennis ball loving girl Blossom...and then in memory as well of all our beloved pups at the bridge.  TO was so sweet and smart to create these tennis balls with the names of our lost pups on them.  so cool.
 at Kaladi's afterwards everyone had gotten together and put this amazing fleece quilt filled with pictures of Blossom and Rio and the pups as well.  it must have taken a great deal of time and effort...i'm very touched. it is beautiful and will be cherished.
 we had a great crew out there and i think everyone had fun.  we had many tennis balls to decorate with.  i figure the moose see tennis balls all the time out there so should have any issues with these...i mean i'm sure i've left over 100 lost tennis balls out there over the years haha.
 when i got home, i wanted to lay it out properly on the bed so i could really take it all in.  so many many are favorites.  mostly each picture is a reminder of an adventure or hike we shared.  so many of them.  she really did have a great life. never long enough but we probably all want our dogs to live forever.  they bring us such joy.
 the puppies approve.  i do as well.  didn't sleep much last night and i soon found myself slumbering on the quilt as well with my puppies.
 of course, i woke with a start thinking i'd missed my alarm and was late for the Monday walk..then quickly realized we had already done the walk .
 a few from the bog.
 beautiful sunset.  it's almost solstice.
 things i had planned on doing have not gotten done today, i debated a late night run to the grocery but i have since decided to  post this and then turn in early.
 plan to sled tomorrow and then i'll have a dinner on Saturday night for friends, like  me, who don't really have a lot of options for places on the holidays.  we can hang together, eat,drink and laugh.  i have a new wine glass that i really should try's festive.
 as we were packing up to leave Kaladi's this older guy was standing there.  he kept saying we'd better not forget the cookies someone had brought or he'd eat them.  whatever.  haha...right.  anyway, as we started to walk out he comes to me and is all, "i wanted to be the first to tell you the good news...Trump is officially going to be POTUS".  i just looked at him and said something like, "oh, you think that is good news"  he then went into full trump rally mode.  talking very loudly, lock her up, she's a crook.... no point reasoning with a cult member.  he really did sound nuts.  we just made our way outside.
 no, i don't think it's good news.  i don't think it's good news for our nation at all.  i don't think it's good news for our democracy, i don't think it's good news for race relations, i don't think it's good news for religious relations, i don't think it's good news for our international relations. i don't think it's good news for our earth, for our walrus for all the other animals.  i don't think it's good news for our economy. i don't think it's good news for kindness.  i don't think it's good news for our constitution, for our rights for our peace.  i don't think it's good news for our growth and scientific research, i don't think it's good news for our education, i don't think it's good news for our military, i don't think it's good news for health....i think you get the point.  i didn't say any of that though. he wasn't going to be capable of comprehending it.
 this will get worse in this upcoming administration.  people who hate the political correct world that has been created.  yes, i agree it can go too far, but the truth is being politically correct is equal to being kind.  not making racist comments, not offending others, not making fun of the handicapped...sure all fun when you are 12 but as adults we should probably avoid it.  not grabbing the other sex you are around without permission....not acceptable either.  still pissed that the supposed party that claims to have God on their side has elected a very unGodlike person.  this idiot was going off and he also said, we will have a Christian in the White House again.  he said, She's not a Christian.  judgement day will be fascinating.  this guy, and so many like him...have no understanding clearly of what Christ taught while he was on the earth.  Drumpf has fooled them all.  he is no shining example of Christianity.  he lied and lied and he's admitted it at his victory rallies.  it was all just to get elected. everything they hate about Hillary is the truth about this guy, but they are still fighting Hillary rather than admitting their error.  still screaming about a person who is no longer a threat in their world.  it's time to move on and really look at this nut job...i just hope he gets booted out before he can do much damage.
 a Russian ambassador was gunned down today, several people were mowed over by a truck driven by a random terrorist no doubt.  Drumpf is a puppet of Putin.  Russia influenced our election and it seems most in GOP want to look the other way on this as well.  did Russia influence the Brexit vote as well.  one must wonder.
 anyway...the day was wonderful except this one Drumpf nympho.  i suspect this sort of thing will happen more and more to "libtards" like me.  their rage will never be satisfied.  they will continue to blame everyone else for everything wrong in their little worlds.  they will never see the truth or seek the truth.  as it all unravels under their new leader they will blame us still.
 we must speak though.  we must not be silent and allow our nation to spiral out of control.  of course, it would help immensely if someone would stop the twitter mad man...take it away.  please.  someone in the GOP get some balls immediately.  don't follow the herd.  speak out.  they must control their candidate or find a way to oust him.  it's on them, it's all on them.  the electoral college went as was expected with just a few exceptions.  come on checks and balances...
 the rest are from our tree trimming.
 the pups did attempt to grab a few low hanging tennis balls.  no success.  we hung em high as it were...hehe.
 my tennis since everyone had their own way of making tennis balls into ornaments.

 A joined us again.  our newest Monday walker.  we've been doing it at least since 2005 i think we decided.  people have come and gone.  a few core folks have stuck around all these years and we have really formed a lovely core of friends.  reminds me of books i've read on knitting clubs or sewing clubs.  women always find a way to come together and support each other.
 today was fun...
 TO hangs the beloved puppies tennis ball memorials.  :-)
 little reminders of dogs who have made their way into our hearts
 they are having Monday walks at the bridge together no doubt.

 LS was getting snow down her coat reaching high to get the tree trimmed
 speedy and syd came prepared as well.

 and then came picture time.
 we hit several trees. the place is covered in tennis balls.  hopefully, folks on the trails eventually take them for their dogs to enjoy.
 some have been evacuated from Aleppo.  an orphanage full of little ones was evacuated i read as well so that is small comfort in these times.  the innocent pay the price of terrible leadership.

 another design for the tennis balls.  GT put hers in dog poop bags and tied them up.  not sure i got any of those pics.
 haven't heard from the fish and game crew. i'm hoping we are covered again this year by the Annenberg Foundation and
 i really need to start thinking about next summers holidays.  we do want to get to Iceland for a visit.  T was thinking late June. that could work.

 group pictures..well partial at times. there were quite a few of us out there.
 the pups were running around and now they are sleeping soundly.

 may God keep us all. May we find our way through yet another period of wars and bloodshed.  May we avoid the worst of it.
 i'm happy for my simple life.  nature keeps us all at peace.
 and dogs...gotta love the dogs.  thanks PICU and Monday walk crew for years of fun, friendship, kindness and help in the good times and the rough times.  thanks for this amazing blanket of love.

 time to head to bed.  tomorrow is a new day.  no puppy class tomorrow.  sledding!!  gotta love it
grateful for: A.  sweetest friends who give and give and give.  B. puppies, who bring happiness to our every day  C.  nature, the beauty brings peace to our souls D..bonus...thankful for the season and how most folks are extra kind and generous.

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