Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Making Merry

 needed to update my Christmas list for cards.  fewer and fewer each year.  many just don't bother with this old tradition.  for me, it's this annual reminder of my mother.  she always sent out the cards.  she'd set up the table and it was this little event for her. she wanted to keep in touch with people.  there are those who do and those who don't in this life i've found.
 my brother Jeff is much better than i am.  he amazes me with his ability to remember dates and get cards/letters.  Mom would be proud.  i try.  it does get tough though.
 friendship was very important to my Mom and she kept in touch with many folks each Christmas especially.  it was nice catching up.  i realize that now we have all sorts of social media now to do this.  i think people falsely believe that if they post on facebook or click like that somehow this equals a phone call or a letter from days gone by.  i think getting a phone call or letter or even a actual texting conversation means more though.  it's one way we let certain folks in our lives know that they have impacted us and we appreciate that they have been in our lives.
 people touch our lives and vice versa and often you just really never realize it. we are all connected though..we come in and out of each others lives.  it seems fleeting but certain people do reach just a bit further into our hearts and change us, alter how we see the world, what we think.  all of the people i have interacted with over the years have impacted me.  i am a better me, i am a better human, i am more caring, i have changed because of little conversations or observations.
 tried to get some photo ops with the puppies.  nothing too spectacular yet.  they are adorable as usual though.
 this collar on Ivy i had actually bought for Blossom.  i got the puppies sweaters and Blossom this collar knowing how beautiful it would look on her for Holiday photos.  kind of forgot i had them until i was getting stuff out for Christmas and rearranging for the tree.
 met Gail out at the coastal refuge for a walk and then after she joined me at Bells.  wanted to just look around and buy some sees candy...!!  everyone was buying trees though so i bought my tree.  put the crate away.  Blossom had been the only dog using it these past months.  seemed the easiest place to put the tree. i have never put it here before.  we shall see.  it is a different type of tree.  not sure what kind.  pretty, but the branches on the lower part of tree are kind of slippery as far as trying to put ornaments on.  with the puppies i figured i'd just put ornaments on the very top part anyway. so it wasn't a very long process.  fragile stuff went on a little fake tree thing i have.
 i also stopped by Pier one.  they always have fun stuff.  time to start the business of Christmas.
 was supposed to grocery shop today but after walking i was chilled...it's close to 10 below zero out there. i curled up under my heated throw and crashed for a bit . wasn't up for going back out in the cold.  will have to and get stuff set up and ready for mailing off.  calendars are ready. my fabric arrived and my sweet sister said she would make me a cool scrub top...even though it's not her turn to have me.  :-)  a walrus scrub top finally.  so excited!!
 my gut seems to be returning to baseline.  seems like i was not the only peds person out this weekend with the GI crud.  at least 3 others that i know of had it.  our Monday walk was short a few who were out.  i thought i may have added to my GI issues this morning.  ate a bit of cottage cheese only to notice that it had expired over a week ago!!
 Skelly was enjoying the sunshine despite the chill.  i finally found a name for him.  will have to plan his next outfit for the New Year! perhaps the cover of next calendar will be Skelly in all seasons!! could work...haha.
 they look sharp in their new sweaters though.  so festive.  they are actually super mellow.  Ivy is still jumping when she is off leash.  it's a bit annoying and today they were barking a bit more than i like.  lots of tweaking and i want to teach them some fun stuff to add to their list of commands as we go forward.  tomorrow is class again and then he just has one more week left.  we start all over again at the start of the new year.  need to put in my schedule again.
 these are from yesterday out at the refuge.  the sun is low this time of year.
 it never gets very high, the moon is always higher.  the days are short, but the light is often amazing.
 the chill does not keep them from having a great time out there.  the pups are discovering ice balls between their toes. we have to stop on occasion and help them get these out.  they do look pretty uncomfortable.
 a bit ago there was someone screaming outside.  always a bit concerning.  she walked past and then a guy ran up.  not sure what was up..was she high.  was he trying to get her back someplace warm.  he later returned back up the road, the puppies were on watch.  she wasn't with him so hopefully she is safe.  people get high, drink and then they can be out in the cold.  people die out there.
 the house is a bit of a mess with the Christmas stuff out.  need to plan a little fun event...let the puppies show off their sweaters..plus it's good for them to have guests over and learn proper behavior.
 long shadows.
 mostly i've eaten rice, snacks.  for sure not back to standard fare.  hopefully tomorrow i'll eat more normal
 watched a few tv shows last night. one was about Pearl Harbor.  tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of that sad event.  nobody won in history on that front it seems.  Japan took over 2000 lives that day, there was also confusion and friendly fire losses.  i guess there were some warning signs but they weren't picked up on.  radar was new and it wasn't believed i guess.  mostly everyone was caught off gaurd. our air carriers were out to sea which was really what Japan had wanted to take out.
 a large number of those lost were unidentified. i guess all these years later they are finally putting names to the bodies and returning many to families who had to just accept loss.  so close to Christmas i can imagine it must have made that day even more devastating.
 war, internment camps...over a million lives lost over the next 4 years and then...the other show i watched was about the bombs that dropped in Japan.
 we like to see ourselves as the good guys of the world, but what we did dropping those bombs was brutal.  100,000 folks killed instantly.  most of those civilians.  others horrible burned and disfigured.  zombies walking in near darkness surrounded by total destruction.  i know the history books we read say they felt this saves thousands more lives than were lost that day but it's very hard to find any way to rationalize what our nation did to those people in those communities.
 we look at the horrible things other nations have done in war and we brush under the rug the horrible things we have done. ( love the picture above of Ivy Rose)
 amazing too when you think that now the two nations that decimated each other in war are now friendly allies.
 sadly most of these horrible events seem like they could be avoided somehow.  those in power often just could care less what happens to all the regular folks like myself.  they will be kept safe in some bunker no matter what hell is released on the rest of us.
 the earth gets filled with too many humans and eventually, those numbers get decreased through events...be they war, famine, disease, natural disaster, genocide...any of these things can happen anywhere, anytime.  the general population is not immune from any of it.  good people or bad people...we will not be judged in that moment.  we just become victims.
 we all want to think we will be saved, spared due to our good works.  that our philosophies or our religions are the ways and means of our salvation.  that we are right and they are wrong.  that we have stronger familes, better morals, that God is on our side.  in truth no one is better or worse.  we are all the same at heart.  impacted by those around us.  driven by pride, manipulated because of our fears, our jealousies, our hate.
 we are the minions though.  there are those who have the power, who control the guns, the military, the food and water sources, the internet even.  all of us minions are in the same boat. taught to see the other as less so those in power can stay in power.
 so those are the thoughts today after watching those tv shows about a few horrible days that impacted so many lives.  people who were here today and gone tomorrow.  who had no chance to say goodbye to anyone.  our lives are fleeting, it should only make us want to live each day with joy and peace.  to not want to tear down others to make ourselves feel better but to build each other up and help each other.
 i am afraid for our nation, afraid for the coming years under this man-child.  he doesn't read, he doesn't know history, he doesn't know events.  those around him seem to just agree, excuse all he does, find fault with all others but him.  these are bad signs, bad omens.  there is too much at stake, too much to lose.  each thing that comes out is simply brushed aside, excused.  this is how it starts i fear.
 how much will be destroyed before there is peace again.  our earth is at a breaking point.  there are too many humans...life for so many cannot be sustained.  there is constant grumbling...this will turn to larger and larger battles.  the big folks in power will not lose it will be us minions that will take the heat.
 the minions will be the ones going to battle, the minions will be the ones who lose their lives, their homes, their children.  the rich will get richer, the poor will suffer more.  the land will be scarred and the animals will be killed.
 makes me want to pack up and move someplace quiet.  some place further from anything and anyone.
 these are back at the beach off kincaid.
 shouldn't depress myself more.  i should try to sleep. the puppies are finally settling down.
 had fun taking icicle shots.
 tough to get the landscape level when i'm taking pictures blind under a chunk of ice.

 we are close to solstice though.  soon the days will again get longer, my heart will probably lighten in mood.
 as long as i get out walking and enjoying the light i tend to do fine.  can't say that is true for all.  suicides, drinking, drugs...if you have no means of coping, those become the means of coping.

 both pups are now in the office with me.  they often take turns monitoring the neighborhood.
 still find myself wanting another mastiff...a guard dog to protect us all.  would it fit through the dog door though?  hmm.  so far i think i'll stick to this pair for now.
 love when the ice looks like this.  smooth, like frosting over the earth.
 the world is not without hope.  there is always hope.  all is never lost. there is light, it shines in the common folks who live simple lives, share what they have, give what they can and love when they can.  with so much hate on this earth i tend to feel that any love should be accepted and celebrated.
 smile, practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty.  in the end some peace will be found.  the simple things seem to be fixed.  the tides come and go.  the sun comes up each day.  rain falls, snow falls and rainbows grace the skies.
 and there are dogs...
grateful for:  A.  water....  B.  beauty, that it returns no matter what humans do to attempt to destroy our earth, the earth seems to find away to make a flower grow again.  C.  kindness.  there are bad people out there, but mostly, there are good people.  smile, let them know you are one of them too.

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