Monday, December 19, 2016

no sex on the sledding hill!!

 walking and sledding...seems like a perfect day...until some intact male dog tries to impregnate your intact female!!  planning on spay in late Feb or early March.  gotta keep the girl from getting pregnant before then. no heat, but she does look a bit confused in the picture above as i rescue her and save her honor!! haha.
 of course, dogs eat each others poop so honor is really not a thing for them.  the Mc's joined me for the walk.  Scarlet is 6 months old and she will graduate her puppy class tomorrow.  they are also going to AK dog sports.  it's been a good experience for both of us.
 C and H took me up on giving Ivy Rose some fresh color.  it's fun!!
 love when dogs bow...!!
 Scarlet got chilled on occasion and would hide in the coat, but she also loves playing with the other pups out there. gotta watch my wild crew.  they aren't always good at the gentle thing yet.
 great family...happy they could join.  they also helped on the walk by taking Tusker! always great to have help with the puppies.  they are a few arm fulls!!
 Tusker did some training at PetSmart and Ivy took a few spins around Cabella's.  she was a hit with all her colors.
 dog wear...the latest fashion!!

 always love the beach and the tide was headed out.
 cloudy day out there.  chance of snow over the next few days.  i'm ready...more sledding i hope!!  would also love to make more polka dot snowmen.
 one would think the puppies would be tired after their romp today and then training in stores...nope.  they had another wrestle session after we got home and have been outside wrestling again.  they seem to do a session around midnight.
 these pups are looking like they will be incredibly spoiled for Christmas....i just keep finding cute toys for them and they already have a zillion toys.

 watched "Sound of Music" tonight.  been quite awhile since i've seen it.  now i have songs in my head from it.
 haven't opened my newspaper from today.  slacker.  woke up late and wanted to get out on the trail before the light left.  just a few more days until solstice. i'll be working on the shortest day.
 can't believe it's almost Christmas.
 i just have local prezzies to deliver.  small stuff.
 this tree was decorated and C discovered candy in the stocking...score!!
 more sledding.  C took a few runs and then i took a few runs.  will have to have a sledding party one of these nights.
 Russian Jack has does the high school Service i think.
 wipe out!!on my run i released the hounds...figured they would get a more worn out chasing me down the hill
 i'm always packing a sled.  you just never know when the mood will hit you.
 Tusker still has these long curly hairs at the very tip of his tail...much longer than any of his other hair there. kind of funny.
 me taking off
 it worked...the puppies are running

 when i stopped i got some Ivy love. she's a bundle of love bug really.
 not a bad view to sled too
 and then this dog joined in the play

 seemed innocent enough...

 but then...
 proof of his intact maleness!!

 the owner did come to the rescue but i'd already gotten the action stopped and defended poor Ivy.
 explaining to Ivy that this was not acceptable behavior.
 spent some time prepping my balls..hehe...
 plan is to hang tennis balls in the trees on the Monday walk tomorrow.
 a few mixed in from the party at a friends place last night.  these are cute fleece arse warmers.  i do want one..not many left though.
 it was a pajama party i guess i should explain
 some pretty comfy folks
 better for eating good food anyway.
 Ivy and more tennis balls.  takes some time to prep them.
 some bog time.
 a few pics are by SH...thanks...hope it's cool i share them.
 hopefully i crash soon.  don't want to be up until 3 am again. not everyone was in pj's...JM came from another party though.
 i'm sure you will all be happy that i didn't write much.  :-)  good night.
grateful for:  A.  snow and sledding  B.  that nobody got knocked up today  C.  that Tusker is trying to destroy a toy made for puppies to try and destroy and not something in my house.

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