Sunday, December 4, 2016

trail of puke...

 that is my past 24 hours.  these are from last week on the beach.  the dogs always love it and so do i.  this one is taken from under the big ice chunks on the beach, framed by Ivy Rose
 we had snow which is always great.  was very excited  walked the dogs yesterday up and down the airstrip.  no problems. felt great.  took a nap between that and work and again woke at 5:30 no problem.  this rapidly changed.  dramatically really.  can't say i've ever been hit so fast with something.  thought maybe food poisoning but i really hadn't eaten anything.
 by 6pm as i got ready for work i noticed some abdo cramping, heartburn like.  i took tums.  by 6:30 my gut had that nausea and i puked. felt a bit better after puking as you tend to and i had work. it was too late to really call out and i have been out a few times of late so i know i'm due for a bad employee slap for that.  probably should have called out despite the lateness.  it's a no win at that late time.  we are supposed to call off by 4pm.  i was asleep then anyway.
 at work i was trying to get report and had to keep leaving to hit the head.  both ends at this point.  great...contacted the charge and let her know that i didn't see this getting any better and if they could call and see what shift coordinator could do.  i carried on the best i could, checking patients and giving meds and such.  they got it figured out by 9 or so which was great as my gut was starting to really bite me.
 gave a quick report, grabbed my crap, signed out and headed as fast as i could to my car after one last pit stop.
 didn't make it to my car.  i started puking on the ramp up to my car.  take a few steps puke more...and so on.  so there is literally a trail of bile heading to my car and several more piles of bile at my car.  couldn't leave until this episode of puking/dry heaving/puking ended.   debated just heading to ER for fluids and iv anti-emetics but i just wanted to be home for this hell night.
 thankfully, GI bugs tend to last 12-36 hours i find.  they are brutal though.  i am always wiped out.  makes one appreciate our gastrointestinal system when it's functioning.  we tend to take that for granted.  texted a friend who had had recent bouts of GI bugs so i knew she would understand. after a bout i tend to stock the house with gatorade, 7-up and such, but then it's usually so long between bouts that these items are outdated or just used up over time. she kindly brought me over some stock.  i owe her.  some old zofran i had didn't seem to help last night, but by 3:30 am i think i was able to settle in and actually sleep for a bit.
 these puppies are amazingly calm really.  they have been hanging patiently with me all day.  no walk, no problem.  Tusker and Ivy snuggled with me happily.  my sweet hot water bottles of sorts.  my fever was around 100 much of the night.
 of course, Tusker i think is the one, when i returned home the carpet on the bottom step that had been partially ripped off was completely ripped off.  they are angels but not perfect.  there is always the damage that gets done when you think they are beyond that sort of behaviour.
 so cute walking all over the ice.
 sent some more ashes out that day.  eventually out to sea when the tide returned and these ice bergs would again be floating.
 making cairns gets tougher as the rocks freeze to the earth.
 not sure where we will walk in the morning.  i finally feel like myself right now.  ate some rice this evening.
 was feeling pretty dry last night.  forced myself to sip water in the middle of the night.  better to have something to puke and hopefully keep some fluids down.  you get so weak so fast it seems. i prefer something with flavor but i didn't have anything.
 i had high hopes that i would feel better today and be able to hit the craft favorite ones were today.  at UAA and at the Native Hospital.  i soon realized that i was just too tired for that.  instead i napped and watched movies.  Love Actually, Turner and Hootch and Bridesmaids.  guess i watched a lot of movies.  tonight i tossed in a netflix movie i've had around for awhile but it was long so i hadn't watched it yet.  Boyhood..i think that is what it was called.  they filmed the same actors over many years of their growth. interesting concept.
 also spent some time this evening disinfecting the bathrooms and cleaning.  nothing like a shower after having puke caked to your face.  nothing in my car last night to clean the snot and vomit off.  yes, i was very attractive i'm sure.
 when i am sick is generally one of the times being alone bites.  thankfully, i do have quite the crew of friends to call upon.   thanks Gail!!
 the pups get big bonus points today for their stellar behaviour.

 the tide was out when we arrived at the beach.  the pups aren't as obsessed with water as Blossom or Huey so that may be a good thing.
 i do miss my curly girly though.

 love all the ice formations and details.  such a cool thing.
 the ice wasn't in last time i was out there.

 some meltage at some point caused these cool formations. it seems like it's been awhile since i hit the ice in this condition

 i like to try to get up under the ice and take pictures through the icicles.
 the pups were great at entertaining themselves.

 off the ground.  keep forgetting to get out the gopro which would be perfect in these moments.

 cool icicles...
 even cooler pups

 attempts at under ice shots

 tough to get the level right under the ice.  i have to break off some of the icicles to reach the camera underneath and shoot blind.
 it was pretty cold out that day as well.
 dogs on ice

 well, i really should try and get some sleep.  i know i slept all day really, but i still feel pretty tuckered out.  i got puppies to snuggle
 loved the light here.
thankful A.  that GI bugs are generally short lived  B.  that work was able to get me out pretty fast...or i would have puked all over PCU i fear  C.  good friends that bring you gatorade and sprite!!

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  1. I;m glad you're in recovery and the kids are playing nice as you get to feeling better. Thanks from a ways a way Gail!