Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween in the twilight zone!!

another monday walk...always fun. blossom gives loves to sharon and kelly. i think she is actually checking out sharons pockets. she always has hot dog treats as she's still training her malamute. blossom is always first dog back for the treat when she calls cooper, she's such a good girl!!
there is cooper. such a fine looking pup!!

i guess this main loop is 3.7 miles according to sharons pedometer. i really thought this little creek would still be free flowing, it is, but it was covered with ice and there were just a few spots for the dogs to get water. obviously, there had been a little dam break and the bridge got covered with ice as well. it seems to happen every year. paula helps blossom locate the water hole for a sip of water.
of course, as you can see, blossom found another water hole further up the creek and tried to take a soak. she's a water dog, that is for sure.

so here is the crew for this monday's walk...paula, sharon, sandra, kelly and i. we had fun and got some coffee afterwards. i brought some cupcakes as it was sharons birthday a few days ago. i guess i missed kelly's birthday in sept...i put it on the calender now so hopefully, i won't forget next year.

spent alot of time in the bog this week. that cheney, usual hangouts. now that the bog is frozen i tend to let blossom off to chase her tennis ball more. in the summer the open water is just too disgusting.

lots of frost around so i tried to take pictures. most didn't turn out very well. photography is always a trial and error and a learning experience. above is a magpie. they stick around through the winter. they can be annoying birds, but i think they are pretty.

watched a good movie from my netflix. it was called, "sunshine cleaning". i was thinking i wouldn't like it and put it off a few days, but in the end i really quite enjoyed it. sometimes you triumph, sometimes you fail...but you gotta keep plugging away. i also watched, "music and lyrics" last night as i was on call. it was on tv. i've seen it a few times and i really find it a fun flick. hugh grant is always adorable and charming. gotta love the accents.

thought i was going to have to mufasa to sleep the other day. he didn't eat his dinner, which is shocking and a sure sign to me that he is distressed. he began walking with his hind end down, was sore all over back there and i noticed the cats penis was stuck out...for hours. i called and chatted with my vet friend carla in california. i still have no idea what was up with the whole penis thing. we worried that there had been some trauma...most likely that rio had stepped on and broken his pelvis or something. rio is blind and frequently steps on the old and slow cat. i gave him some of rio's metacam and continued chatting with carla. by the end of the conversation the cat's penis was back inside where it belongs and he felt much better. perhaps he's been sneaking himself some viagra. so the ancient cat has yet another cat life up his sleeve and he still lives. the next am, the same thing happened and i gave him more metacam...he's back to eating and cruising about the house. who knows???

i worked halloween night. as i got ready for work i noticed this pretty full moon...i became afraid. halloween night, saturday night, full moon and we had to work the extra hour for the daylight savings changeover. i seem to always work this 13 hour night. it's brutal. not sure that one hour should be so painful, but it really is. as we came out for report a mortician was there picking up a body...his guerney collapsed on one end bringing the dead patient crashing down. the poor guy was so upset and sweating profusing by the time the patient was back loaded. luckily no family about and the person was in the bag already. at one am...the clocks start going bizerk, i guess they can't go back an hour and must therefore go forward 23 hours. it takes a few hours for those to work again and it did feel a bit like some sort of halloween twilight zone. i had brought my halloween ghoul friend with the screaming and flashing red eyes. we played a little trick on the e-icu. it was pretty funny. we clicked the button for the e-icu and then left the ghoul on the bed screaming and all. they got a big kick out of it.

i had a different assignment every night i worked. first night i had yet another possible h1n1 and a crabby ex-nurse. she was kickin at me and trying to pinch me and just cranky. both were ventilated. it was steady, but nothing bad really...aside from cranky. the lady was big with these tiny hands. i know at one point i was in my other room all gown, masked and gloved and i kept hearing the vent alarm going off. the respiratory chick was sitting outside my room doing nothing. i finally came out to look in my other patients room. crabby had slipped her wrist restraint and had her hands at her endotrach tube. i asked the resp therapist to check her. she moved as slow as i was all, "she's going to extubate herself". she still moved slow...luckily my co-workers down the hall heard me and i think they beat her there. i suspect this may have been the same rt that i heard forgot to turn on a vent after attaching a patient to it. sometimes i wonder.

the pictures above and below were taken in n. bivuoac park. we've had lovely clear and cold weather. no snow at my place yet, but it's definitly frozen now.

had sledd patients the next two nights. the first night was a 25 year old with some chronic renal issues...she'll probably have to start on dialysis soon. for now she was fluid overloaded. we slowly removed 7 liters off her through 24 hours. she was oozing blood tons by morning from all over because of some anticoagulants she was on. in the evening i returned to see her room empty. i worried something horrible had happened...but no...she'd been extubated, the sledd stopped and she was off to another unit. wow!! they sent me around to take care of another sledd patient. turns out i knew him from a few weeks ago. he was on the oscillator vent from the h1n1 and now he's still vented, but a conventional one and is in renal failure. they had sent a picu nurse down to learn with me as it's so slow in picu and she is having a hard time getting trained. i think there are loads of benefits to the hospital that i've been doing this every other week picu/acc. i think for some of those learning in picu it's opened the door for them to come learn in acc. the girl is a bit odd and at times i could tell she wanted to start talking about her little life drama's. i've learned to not let those doors open. once you listen to peoples drama's they think you are always willing to listen.

spent time in the bog as usual. a few days back blossom cracked through this bit puddle to find her precious she was unable to get through the ice of the bog...much to her dismay.

was able to join my friend maria for lunch finally. always fun. she lives out in eagle river so we met at the new ihop as it's somewhat between our homes. from there i had this evaluation at a chiropractor. i'm still not sure i'm sold on the whole chiropractor thing. seems a bit like a car salesman or gym membership in that they get you in there and then are all...well, you'll have to come back 3x weekly for who knows how long. he took xrays that show some pretty impressive scoliosis of my lumbar region and a straight cervical area that is supposed to be curved. i was always told to sit up straight. i asked dr gitomer about it and he said everyone has scoliosis and it wasn't much to be too concerned about. i'm kinda with him that probably massages and maybe some acupuncture would be better than the chiropractor. i figure i'll try a bit this week and then see what i think. some people really love thier chiropractor. i guess i have aches that come with aging, but i'm not too uncomfortable for the time being.

so i survived another week and another trek to this chiropractor. i'll give it a bit and see what if anything happens with the tweaking. right now i should feed the dogs and head for the gym for some laps and maybe some weights. it's been awhile since i've done weights. i do enjoy them though. kaladi's we discussed a nurse we work with in peds. she is 78 years old, still works full time night shift and has worked for providence for 50 years. sharon put her in for a nurse award that united way?? gives out. i'd love to see her get that. i can't imagine working 50 years in one place or still working at my job when i'm that close to 80!! some people are just amazing though.

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