Sunday, February 7, 2010

anchorage ski for women....

just a few shots from my meanderings in the woods today and several pictures from earlier today playing with friends at the ski for women.

here is the post group shot. everyone had a great day out there! the ski for women raises money to help women in abuse situations. hopefully, it was a great day for that. they raised over $50,000 last year...hopefully they get at least that.
the group waits for the last of us to make it up the hill and get in the stadium.
there are many ski racks outside the chalet. i just thought it looked cool.
these are backwards of course, but below is a pair who were dressed up as a hippo. they were in this huge refrigerator box and it was great fun watching them try and ski together with this big box on them. the hills were a bit treacherous. they almost lost it on this one and ended up nearly sideways...see above. they were in grand spirits and i was impressed at their skill on ski's.
below is ellen. i just put the camera above my head to get the line up behind us....we are at the start of the ski. we weren't timed and i'm not one to rush hills. it was 5k so just over 2.5 miles. it was rolling hills the entire time, nothing too steep though so pleasant enough.
sandra is one happy potato head. our friend joy had to sit it out. she took a picture in her costume on her couch. she was really bummed. she is the one who torked her back the other day. she's off for a few. the picture was really quite sad and funny though.
here we all are getting set up for the ski in the main stadium. they had real ski races earlier for people who wanted to do more timed events. people do wear costumes in those sometimes as well, but mostly the costume and pageantry comes later on the untimed event. with some of these costumes i have no idea how these people ski'd at all. they are way better skiers than i.

i brought my mr potatohead puppy along for the fun ride.
manuela worked the night before but made it on time for the festivities.
the group checks out others outfits and waits for the parade and contest. below is a group picture. thanks lena! this is a double. ever the airhead. they do deserve another look...though if i'd thought a bit more i would have at least put another look in here and not the same dang picture. still have no idea how to delete a picture once it's loaded in. hmm..
mosquito's and monarch butterflies...the insect world

everyone gets ready in the kincaid chalet. arika above and melissa spud it up for the camera.

of course, i thought it was funny that there was a no dogs sign and i was dressed as a dog. the kids at the event seemed to really like my puppy potatohead.

had a nice relaxing morning planned until sandra called and told me i had to get my bib for the ski for women fun ski by 10 am and it was already 9 am. eek!! the race was on. i quickly fed the dogs, let them out, stuffed the peanut butter and got my stuff together. i made it though in truth the bib lady said it was silly to do it that way and the rule would change next year. you could have gotten them for a bit. so i was unshowered and unfed. the walk i'd planned to take the dogs on before i left didn't get done. poor pooches. i hate being in a rush. once there of course, not much for me to do but wait.

everyone arrived and we tossed on our potato head outfits. i must thank great harvest and other volunteers as there was tasty bread and fruit that i got to munch on for free while i waited. anyway...on with the ski's and off to the main start area of kincaid park for the costume parade and contest. there were many fun and inventive costumes out there. i had fun checking out everyone in thier digs. the monarch butterflies won the contest....they were pretty impressive. guess they spent a month making these outfits. said it was okay skiing in them except when the wind blew.

the day was in the 20's and those potato head costumes actually got pretty hot after going up a few hills. manuela and i lagged behind and the others waited before the finish in the stadium so we could all go in together.

i was happy to get in the shower when i got home, but the pups were anxiously waiting for me to come take them for a walk . we did finally get out at about 3. i decided to head to n. bivouac again. we didn't stay out as long. there were more mushing races going on, we saw them from the road, but they were done by the time i got out there. it snowed all night and continues to snow again tonight. i had every intention of getting to the gym to do my laps, but by the time i got home with the girls and got them fed was getting late. the gym closes early on sundays. i think i got plenty of exercise today though. i went outside and shoveled both decks and the driveway. that should be sufficient for the day.


  1. Wow, that looks awesome! Your costume turned out great! Love that it's a dog. The monarch's were impressive too.

  2. loads of fun...some people are super creative. know anyone who wants to dress up like a potatohead dog next year...hehe...costumes are like bridesmaid dresses. you wear them once and then what??